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  1. 5

    Bridget Ryals

    Current pictures as of today. does that look like its grown up to anyone?

  2. 6

    Bridget Ryals

    and lets not forget that the permit was good for 1 year not 180 days!

  3. 7

    Will Stewart

    Stray Cats Home Decor

  4. 8

    Chuck Biddinger

    They are going to spend that money when they could just burn it down. Wait, Clay has a no burn law. 🙂 I am so happy I live 1/2 mile outside of Clay.

  5. 9

    Scott White

    They never think right. All about throwing money away.
    I will burn it down for a 1,000 and shovel it up…. but what do you expect from a city that spent 62,000 dollars on the bathrooms at Cosby Lake…

  6. 10

    Chuck Biddinger

    Serious, they spent 62K for bathrooms?

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