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    Neal Miller

    Shatittla Eubanks Smith

  2. 6

    Faye Palumbo

    I love living in Trussville…

  3. 7

    Angela Wright Osborn

    Trussville is already too crowded, and lacks diversity.

  4. 8

    Gloria Garrison McHugh

    We love living in Madison but Trussville will always be “home.”

  5. 9

    Joy Dunn Dumes

    Living in Madison now but moved from Trussville. Love both areas!

  6. 10

    Charlene Wilson Scharf

    As a person that is not from Trussville & does not live in Trussville you have no right to judge our city.

  7. 11

    Carolyn Morrison Ford

    Our family loves Trussville. It will always be home sweet home for us.

  8. 12

    Tim Parrish

    Just don’t get caught DWB in Trussville…

  9. 13

    Austin Bobo

    As someone born and raised in Trussville I can agree with the too crowded part.

  10. 14

    Angela Wright Osborn

    I lived in Trussville. Went to school in Trussville. Worked in Trussville. I think I have every right.

  11. 15

    Angela Wright Osborn

    Now see, if you had been a non white woman to make that comment you may have have had at least a half leg to stand on.

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