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    Andrea Catalano

    Denise Bell this is what we talking about at the game.

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    Georgie Rowan Allen

    The poor kid was naive to give strangers a ride to dangerous these days!

  4. 5

    Louis Souleotes

    Well there’s a Jefferson County sheriff camera in that parking lot, so they should know something on finding these two quickly. Hope so.

  5. 7

    Allen Pugh

    Picking up people you don’t know with facial tattoos not a good idea.

  6. 8

    Wesley Fitzpatrick

    I know what facial tattoos are, but what are deadlocks?

  7. 12

    Terri Shirley

    Is there a picture of his car anywhere on fb? I assume it hasn’t been found yet… at least I’m not aware if it has been found. I saw the pic of what a 2006 Honda Accord looks like but I’m wondering about his actual car.

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