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    Christina Parker Miller

    The escalation rate of things with some of our youth is disturbing.

  2. 4

    Steven Hendrickson

    More reason to conceal carry . 🔫🔫

  3. 5

    Paul Tucker

    SMH…we have a family problem…

  4. 6

    Heather Sims

    So sad..I used to play at this park when I was little..not even safe in our own backyard anymore..

  5. 7

    Whitney Overstreet

    Sara did y’all hear gun fire at work. Someone got shot and it grazed her eye how does a bullet graze someone’s eye?!

  6. 10

    Terrie Dollar

    So sad but not suprising

  7. 12

    Laura Lopresti

    Amanda Kennemur McLaughlin

  8. 14

    Khalia Kennedy

    Actually, it wasn’t the kids that were shooting

  9. 17

    Delane HoneyCutt Parker

    Lesson of the day ….. Never take water balloons and eggs to a gunfight.

  10. 18

    Kati Jenkins Bullock

    Way too close TTawanna Lacresia MitchellKKeri RoeKKayla Barnes

  11. 19

    Christina Parker Miller

    Oh I didnt know the shooter was an adult. I guess the same applies to our youth and adults 😕

  12. 20

    Jarrod Hill

    Same here. That giant slide they used to have was fun

  13. 21

    Vickie Cobb

    That park is not safe anymore!

  14. 22

    Felicia Strader

    So very sad. Where were the parents at?

  15. 24

    Scott White

    Did you read the article? It was senior skip day. I doubt parents were involved.

  16. 25
  17. 26

    Ethan Sentelle

    Kalyn King Tim King Alec King luckily we weren’t there playing tennis lol

  18. 27

    Brenda Johnson Horne

    I don’t guess they will be throwing any more eggs!

  19. 28

    Glenda Kelly

    Such a shame! We drove by just about that time and the park was full.

  20. 29

    Felicia Strader

    You’re right! However, why do teenagers have a gun? Parenting has a lot to do with the way our young generation acts.

  21. 30

    Kathryn Smith

    There’s no safe place anymore. I spent many hours at that place with my grandkids.

  22. 31

    Kevin Small

    The giant slide was the best

  23. 32

    Cara Sullivan Lindsey

    It says adult in the car and then someone from the balloon fight fired back so I assumed one of the kids had a gun as well

  24. 33

    Christina Parker Miller

    Yes those details have been added/updated to the original story that was posted

  25. 34

    Lauren Chiarella Johnson

    I e thought about taking Reagan to this park because I grew up going there. Not now!!

  26. 35

    Delane HoneyCutt Parker

    If you build it they will come, JS.

  27. 36

    Danny Evans

    A few years ago on a senior skip day, there was someone murdered at East Lake Park.

  28. 41

    Andrew Simmons

    I was just about to tag u. This is crazy

  29. 42
  30. 44

    Emma Belcher

    This is why I moved to Hoover

  31. 45

    Chuck Browning

    This park has always been a h311 hole, I remember back when in late 80s a teenage couple kidnapped at gun point girl died and boy barely survived. Sad beautiful park but to close to the trash

  32. 46

    Chuck Browning

    I remember great memories of eastlake park too but you won’t catch me there either

  33. 47

    Chuck Browning

    Sadly Hoover is not immune to this horrible plague either. Remember the husband shot dead walking out of his house to go work out by these cowardly thugs.

  34. 48

    Carol Barber

    What is. Wrong with people

  35. 49

    Cathy Tucker Hopkins

    So glad to be away from there

  36. 50

    Ronald Scott

    I heard a tale long ago. As was custom on Halloween night. There was a water balloon battle on the mall in Trussville. The police came up . They made one mistake. They opened their car door , and got drenched. They were good cops , and just laughed it off.

  37. 55

    John Tolar

    Here is the scanner feed of the shooting… I took out all the dead space and other calls going on to shorten the whole thing.

  38. 57

    Laura Long Goolsby

    I took from it an adult opened fire on the kids claiming their vehicle was hit with eggs.

  39. 58

    Laura Long Goolsby

    I’ve taken my kids on weekends and it’s normally fine. Lots of families playing with their kids.

  40. 59

    Laura Long Goolsby

    Because there is no crime in Hoover…😯

  41. 60

    Susan Thomas

    I remember that too. In fact, I went to the same school as the killer but this was a few years after graduating.

  42. 61

    Chuck Browning

    Yea my mother worked with the girls Father, he was a doctor and I wont mention his name. Your right I think it was a few years after I graduated

  43. 62

    John Alexander

    Where did they learn this disrespect for the peaceful message of Jesus

  44. 64

    Judy AndBob Ping

    Moral of this story: water balloons are dangerous!

  45. 66

    Deadra Mikale

    Just when I thought this was one of the safest parks I’m proved wrong

  46. 68

    Zygi Hudson

    But like East lake Park, don’t go there after dark. If you’re lucky the police will make you leave

  47. 69

    Tim Hollis

    That’s just a few miles from my house. I can walk there in about 30 min.

  48. 71

    JoAnn Hapgood

    Wow! I thought parks were for enjoying and having fun. Really , like water balloons are going to damage a car🙄

  49. 72

    Chuck Biddinger

    Vickie, name a safe park today!

  50. 73

    Vickie Cobb

    InthinkmTrussvile has safe parks. Let’s hope it stays that way!

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