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    Mark Kelly

    Don’t you have to know what leadership is in order to exercise it? Hint: Eight years of saying no to the black guy is not leadership. Especially when you have no ideas of your own that don’t involve killing people.

  2. 2

    Scott Buttram

    The fact that the former president happened to be black is of no consequence.

    The fact that the former president had 7 years to fix his badly flawed signature legislation and stubbornly refused to do so is a stain on his administration. The fact that he routinely pushed back the consequences of his flawed legislation until he no longer had to worry about re-election was either genius or diabolical, depending on whether it’s viewed from the right or the left.

    The fact that Republicans had 7 years to develop a workable alternative and failed to do so is demonstrative of their complete inability to lead. The fact that the failed AHCA also had miserable consequences that would have kicked several years down the road proves that neither major party cares one iota about the well being of the American people.

  3. 3

    Mark Kelly

    The fact that the former President happened to be black is of huge consequence.

  4. 5

    Ron Hollingsworth

    Well said Scott Buttram, and maybe your statements of fact substantiate that the federal government has no business being involved in healthcare!

  5. 6

    Scott Buttram

    If the former president being black is factor for you, Mark, I’m in no position to dispute that. It isn’t a factor for most people that I know. President Obama’s skin color doesn’t change the facts.

  6. 7

    Mark Kelly

    I guess that depends on who you are. Whatever pseudo-intellectual gymnastics “conservatives” need to contort themselves through to avoid the fact of racism — which it real, I guess, only to the extent that you have to live with it every day, or that you decide to confront the facts of it in your own life and the life of your community and country — are between each person and their conscience.

  7. 8

    Mark Kelly

    Personally, I take consolation where I can find it. Right now, I’m somewhat consoled by the fact that one thing I don’t have to reconcile is that I voted for a racist.

  8. 9

    Ron Hollingsworth

    Aren’t you disparaging the racial heritage of his mother? What’s your endgame for all this racisim talk? What do you suggest we, who were born to a white mother and a white father do about our situation?

  9. 10

    Mark Kelly

    Being white doesn’t make you racist.

  10. 11

    Ron Hollingsworth

    Our white elected leaders “have no thoughts of their own that don’t involve killing people!” Your words!

  11. 12

    Larry Mcanally Jr

    Mark Kelly, Please elaborate.

  12. 13

    Chris Shelton

    Racism begins when you constantly identify everyone by their race… not when you disagree with them because you think they’re a stuttering lunatic.

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