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    Ron Hyche

    Captain Chris Horn, I would like to ask a question? A statement was made, “Safety is our biggest concern.”. I am glad that all of this cancer causing agents are going to be addressed. The article said this, “To combat that issue, the department has purchased a heavy-duty washing machine known as an extractor.” If the washing machine is an extractor for the cancer causing agents then were does the water with the cancer causing agents in it go? Back to the filter plant and water works,on the ground to get in the water table, or to a self contained holding tank to be pumped out and dumped as toxic waste? With all this protection going on from cancer causing agents why not protect the general public also? Has this even been thought of. This reminds me of when toxic waste was dumped in the wells of Camp Lejeune and the wells were capped off in the 80’s.A lot of marines have gotten cancer from drinking the water over decades.We are talking about five fire stations.

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