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  1. 1

    Cathy Scheile Beasley

    Another example of criminals preying on the elderly. He got what he deserved.

  2. 2

    Kat Wilson

    So glad he could get to his gun. Crime is out of control. They knew at that time of night someone was home and they just didn’t care. Probably knew he was an elderly man.

  3. 5

    Elizabeth Bell Pridgen

    Proud to know my neighbors are keeping themselves and their property protected- which keeps all of us safer! Sorry for the loss of life.. but grateful that Homeowner is safe!

  4. 7

    Elliene Jackson

    Wish he had gotten all three. If he hadn’t had his gun close, the ending would have been very different.

  5. 8

    Sheree McCain Cook

    Way to go to the homeowner praying for speedy recovery.

  6. 10

    Betty Gilchrist Penuel

    Good for the home owner. More home owners need to do this and maybe the thugs breaking in would get a message.

  7. 11

    Maggie Beard

    I live in Centerpoint and I hate it I would do the same thing if you come to my house and try to hurt meyou won’t walk away

  8. 12

    Sandy Walters Dempsey

    This is the area Vader going to Jessica Bryant Smith

  9. 13

    Janice Richardson

    These people are animals….and that’s an insult to real animals.

  10. 14

    Terrie Dollar

    Good for him. Do not go into someone elses house unless invited. He got what he deserved.

  11. 16

    Christina Parker Miller

    Hope the homeowner has a speedy recovery! Glad he was able to defend his own. I hope this is a warning to these clowns that our neighborhood is full of good people prepared and willing to do what it takes!!!

  12. 17

    Steve Smith

    Wow. That’s close to home

  13. 19

    Michelle Carroll Ward

    If not, he would probably be dead. They knew he was home, they intended to harm him. Had they not, they would have fled once they saw him.

  14. 20

    Patricia Gabler

    He wont do that again. And if caught the other two suspects will be charged with the deads mans death, along with other charges.. And yes too close to home.

  15. 22

    Sabrina Millwee Meeks

    Doors are not locked for my protection, they are locked for yours. Come in and you will receive a parting gift.

  16. 24

    Anna Kathryn Greer

    He fought off not one, but two intruders. That’s amazing, so glad he wasn’t too seriously injured!

  17. 25

    Chuck Browning

    Sorry and not very Christian of me but I’m not sorry

  18. 26

    Elizabeth Bell Pridgen

    Choices have consequences- they made a choice and suffered earthly and eternal consequences!

  19. 27

    Chuck Browning

    Not really center point to me that’s more like clay

  20. 28

    Chuck Maske

    Hooray for him defending himself. Sucks that the intruder died, but that’s the chance you take when you live that life.

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