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  1. 1

    Carol Hill Megginson

    Great! Hope it won’t require a second mortgage for an oil change.

  2. 2

    Kendall Younger

    We hope that our quality of service will be more than worth whatever price you pay:) We are very excited to be in Trussville.

  3. 4

    Kendall Younger

    We will begin the hiring process closer to when the store opens.

  4. 6

    Matt Griffith

    Yeah Andy sent me this earlier, I think they’ll do well here.

  5. 7

    Faye Palumbo

    I am very excited to hear this. I live in this area and need a good mechanic.

  6. 8

    Kendall Younger

    Hey Faye! We open this fall and are excited to meet you!

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