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  1. 1

    Kevin Mousseau

    Keep up that good work sir, great job

  2. 2

    Don Baker

    Why should a citizen be required to purchase a permit at all?? That’s the better question.

  3. 3

    Darryl Glass

    A permit is only required for those who want to carry a concealed firearm. Open carry of a firearm does not require a permit. In either case one must know the law that applies to open or concealed carry.



  4. 4

    Joey Blalock

    Need to impeach the pervert

  5. 5

    Don Baker

    I’m aware of the law but I disagree that a permit must be bought for concealed carry. It only serves the purpose of collecting yet another fee for a human right that is guaranteed by the Constitution

  6. 6

    Don Baker

    And I agree Joey!!!

  7. 7

    Darryl Glass

    I don’t disagree with you Don. I think Vermont is the only state that does not require a permit for concealed carry, but it causes a few problems in reciprocity with other states. I don’t know of a consolidated history of concealed carry laws, but most were first enacted in the southern states in the early 1800s when most weapons carried were generally open carry. Concealed carry was considered something done by criminals (firearms & knives) and not something done by honorable men of good character. It’s always interesting, the historical context and how a society thought about things more than 150 years ago. Also interesting how when our elected state and federal governments chip away at and limit freedoms, they almost never consider investing time and thought to expanding or giving them back.

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