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  1. 8

    Teresa Harlow West

    One of my favorite stores!!

  2. 9

    Debbie Goins Baker

    Dawn Baker I can’t wait

  3. 11

    Joann Tipton Lawrence

    Cant wait to go Lauren Lawrence Taylor

  4. 12

    Patricia Stover

    Will make sure I’m no where in the vicinity on the 23rd!

  5. 15

    LaToya Freeman

    Joann Tipton Lawrence I was going to tag you but I see you already knew about this☺

  6. 16

    Linda Forrest

    Whoa Check this out Jessica Peterson!

  7. 17

    Angela Griffith

    Lexie Butler Lindsey Mayson!!!!

  8. 18

    Angela Griffith

    We gotta be there, lol!!!

  9. 19

    Lexie Butler

    I’m so ready! 💸💳🛍🛒 AngeAngela GriffithindLindsey Mayson

  10. 23

    Alexis Colvin

    Christine Henwood Colvin

  11. 26

    Brandy Bailey Valentini

    Sherry Cole Valentini…it will be like Christmas morning TTrey Valentini

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