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  1. 3

    Kevin Small

    Not surprised. I bought our dishwasher there and swore I would never do business with them again.

  2. 4

    Charles Bush

    I had good experiences there, I will miss them.

  3. 5

    Casie Hardin Bailey

    We had excellent service with them and will hate when they are gone

  4. 6

    Melanie Whitfield

    We had no service there. Not one of the four employees even spoke to us….walked in and around and back out the front door and vowed never again to go in there. No surprise they are closing

  5. 7

    Kay Fochtmann Mickel

    Similar experience to Melanie. We walked in walked around a few minutes all the employees were close to the door talking, saw us, never spoke, we’ve not been back. No other customers were in the store.

  6. 8

    Carol Alldredge

    Thought it had closed a long time ago.

  7. 9

    Kay Hicks

    What happens to all the insurance on their appliances they sold people.

  8. 10

    Chuck Browning

    Funny most people try to avoid the employees come up until They really have a question.

  9. 11

    Markus Jester

    Who the hell still goes there

  10. 12

    Nick Pearson

    They will still be honored. I worked for Circuit City when this happened. The insurance is backed by a third party company. You will probably get something in the mail.

  11. 13

    Jarrod Hill

    Too overpriced and unfriendly employees will get you every time

  12. 14

    Chris Goodwin

    When are they closing the doors

  13. 15

    Rhonda Swatzell Bellew

    They have the closing sign hanging on the building. The one in Trussville

  14. 16

    Chris Goodwin

    I need to go shopping then

  15. 17

    Rhonda Swatzell Bellew

    Me too. Our fridge is about to give out

  16. 19

    Rhonda Swatzell Bellew

    Nope. I’m ready to get a stainless refrigerator. Hoping we will luck up on one

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