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  1. 1

    Carl Crow

    The Caesar bat mix is the best

  2. 3

    Drake Riley

    Bethany Serafin Riley

  3. 6

    Katrina Hays

    It’s still at the Walmart in Trussville, I bought it today before I saw this.

  4. 7

    Alicia N Casey

    I love bat salad…You gotta clip the wings though, their boney with no meat…

  5. 10

    Cynthia Williams

    Who says salad is good for you? Oh wait protein too. My bad

  6. 11

    David Graves

    Marketing opportunity with Ozzy?

  7. 12

    Briana Moore

    Loving the comments for this ridiculousness…Do they susoect that someone packaging the salads showed up to work with a whole bag of dead bats or something?

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