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    Chuck Biddinger

    “The list of those who tried to save him is long. His former wife of 50 years, Dianne Bentley, tried to save him. Her chief-of-staff Heather Hannah tried. His sons tried. His preacher tried. The top law enforcement officials in the state, Bentley’s staff members, former legislative colleagues and longtime friends from Tuscaloosa all tried.”

    You can save a 70 year old man, who has a hot chick. Sex over common sense.

    Question is, will he go to prison?

  2. 4

    Bedeah Waters

    I read the report when it came out, this article tells me nothing I don’t already know lol

  3. 5

    Jennifer Chinnis Lawley

    I couldn’t love this commentary more! Well said, Scott Buttram!! I’m glad to see this clown go.

  4. 6

    Scott Buttram

    Thank you, Jennifer. We’re now hearing an official resignation could come as early as this afternoon. We’re staying on top of the story.

  5. 7

    Randall Ray Pearcy

    Now if he’ll just go ahead and resign and save the state the trouble of impeachment

  6. 9

    Vaughn Harris

    One of the first quotes I learned when I entered into the world of sales 22 years ago was, “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.” Grocers mark down meats for a reason: it’s outdated and about to go bad. Such was true of our bargain governor. Best op/ed I’ve read this far on the topic. Great work, Scott!

  7. 10

    Joe Cochran

    Well said Scott, Alabamian’s like most around the country typically are disengaged from the actual goings on with politics and only have slick adds and rhetoric to use to disseminate their choices.
    Insane social media and saber rattling have landed us in this embarrassing scenario and it only gets worse from here, Kay, really? Sad.

  8. 11

    Ian Maddox

    “The bumbling, fumbling, arrogant narcissist didn’t want to be saved. Overcome by delusion and generic Viagra, the clown governor has hung on to his fantasy of relevance.”

    That. Says. It. All.

  9. 12

    Jamie Lankford Chappell

    The rumor mill has it that will happen by mid week.

  10. 14

    Sharon Mcclung Bahm

    Why do voters in Alabama continue to vote republican each and every time without looking at the candidate? Yes, I’m republican but this is ridiculous

  11. 15

    Kathryn Smith

    Prayers for our state.
    Your sins will always find u out. How we need good leadership.
    I’m republican but the democrats don’t put up good candidates either.

  12. 16

    Debbie Chamblee

    Sometimes our options are just limited

  13. 17

    Michelle Quick

    I could really care less about his sex life. If he’s committed any theft of funds etc, he should be prosecuted.

  14. 18

    Reggie Wright

    Reports are he will resign this week if he can work out a deal

  15. 20

    Bill Dooley

    Why print he is finished he ain’t gone nowhere. Wait till it happens then print it.

  16. 21

    Lenard Rutledge

    Hate to break this to you, republican’s don’t have a lock in corruption. Remember Don Sigleman?
    I just wish we had a better lot to choose from.

  17. 22

    Sharon Mcclung Bahm

    I do believe in looking at the individual not party. Republican democrat or independent who cares. ? How about someone who just won’t embarrass this state any further.

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    Scott Wheeler

    Now well get a governor to push the lottery bill,legalize gambling, and then the real corruption begins,,

  19. 25

    Mark Spitzer

    Lynyrd Skynyrd says that Birmingham loves the governor, listen to the song Sweet Home Alabama.

  20. 26

    Ryan Fitzwater

    He got Jeff Sessions in the White House. That is all he wanted to get accomplished anyway wether it was himself or Sessions.

  21. 27

    Bill Dooley

    They were singing about George Wallace

  22. 28

    Robb Nestor

    Where’s positivity at?

  23. 29

    Scott Wheeler

    I have none for the state and local government

  24. 30

    Robb Nestor

    I’m on the fence about the lottery… I mean if it’s going to be used for it’s intended purposes I’m all for it, but if it is going to be where everybody has their hand in the pot like Siegelman and his cronies then I am against it.

  25. 31

    Robb Nestor

    I thought Trump wanted sessions? Watch him get pardoned…

  26. 32

    Robb Nestor

    Scott Wheeler, Tubbs ain’t looking so bad now is he?

  27. 33

    Scott Wheeler

    I’ll take,Tubbs over any of then any day

  28. 34

    Scott Wheeler

    And you know all the rest of those tater heads going to stick their hand in the pot and as usual,The schools end up broke again..

  29. 35

    James D. Dunn

    The shame is that Jezebel, the defacto governor walks free!

  30. 36

    Robb Nestor

    My wife is a teacher. I know how much I spend every year on classrooms and sponsoring the occasional student for athletics etc…

  31. 37

    Scott White

    See Don Seigleman.. Question answered

  32. 38

    Scott Wheeler

    Then you know everyone the,state raises ad valorem taxes for roads and schools,teachers salaries, some politician is not going to vote for it until he gets his cut for his district and,so on and so on, till there is,nothing left for the teachers,schools,and roads..then it all starts over next election time the endless worthless promises…

  33. 39

    Robb Nestor

    The state allots money every fiscal year to counties and cities for road repairs and bridges etc…, but they can opt to use it for something else like if they so choose.

  34. 40

    Robb Nestor

    Bentley was pushing for the downtown and malfunction junction bridges, i-20/59 and I-65 to be complete before his term is up, so he can put his name on it when the 2019 world games comes to Alabama. Someone is probably going to be parking their Bentley in his garage…

  35. 41

    Scott Wheeler

    Yea, in jail they will be parking the ” Bentley”

  36. 42

    Scott Crooks

    Look at state and cities run by Democrats….

  37. 43

    Sharon Mcclung Bahm

    Or republicans,or independents. The only solution is term limits that the voters impose.

  38. 44

    Diann Payton Fulton

    He had nothing to do with Jeff Session being the AG…He actually supported Kasich…In the long run, a State has been embarassed, a family has been torn apart, a man has been ruined all by his own hand. He has no one to blame but himself. And at this point he has no one to lean on. A party that has turned on him. A state that has turned on him.

  39. 45

    Lewis Allen

    Should’ve never been crooked mr burns looking ass.

  40. 46

    Janice Geeter Bunt

    Maybe now our schools and teachers can get some help

  41. 47
  42. 48
  43. 50

    Bedeah Waters

    He’s about to resign now! 😁

  44. 51

    Kimberly Chrisenberry Trull


  45. 52

    Cynthia Lowery Layton

    He is a joke and an embarrassment . He should be sent to prison!

  46. 53

    Rita Wall Wilson

    They are pretty bad here in NC too

  47. 54

    George Duke

    I don’t want to hear another Republican talk about family values. He should be in jail.

  48. 56

    Richard Rice

    Another Alabama governor with a mugshot. How special for us…..NOT

  49. 57

    Diane Davis Hebert

    We rank right up there with the 3 political crooks from Illinois who are in jail.

  50. 58

    Ruth Hudson

    Dude…it crosses party lines.

  51. 60

    Lisa Overton Champion

    Corruption has no boundaries or party preferences

  52. 61

    Scott Reed

    Democrats are crooked ,too. Crooks are in all parties.

  53. 62

    Jacob Allen Hudson

    Lets elect nothing but democrats and shutdown this state already. Heck we can be as good as chicago. Or maybe if were lucky detroit. Heck. Theyll throw flint michigan water into the picture if we elect them next round

  54. 64

    John Otter Workman

    When are people going to realize we have a 1 party system in alabama? If a democrat wants to win all he has to do is run as a republican. People will vote for him either way.

  55. 66

    Shirley Jackson Grimmett

    Maybe worse than Bill Clinton?!?
    I see what he saw in the mistress but I can’t for the life of me see what she saw in him.

  56. 68

    Laura Motes

    Alesha Motes Poarch…these comments and memes!

  57. 69

    Laura Motes

    Alesha Motes Poarch…these comments and memes!

  58. 70

    Shane Swann

    Sounds wonderful! We need gambling and the lottery.

  59. 71

    Shane Swann

    Sounds wonderful! We need gambling and the lottery.

  60. 72

    Shane Swann

    Should have voted for sparks. This wouldn’t be an issue and we would have had a man that cares about our state

  61. 73

    Shane Swann

    Should have voted for sparks. This wouldn’t be an issue and we would have had a man that cares about our state

  62. 74

    Shane Swann

    I’d be on the first train out of Alabama. What a disaster that idiot would be. A man who doesn’t understand the difference between his personal beliefs and actual laws has no business in any office

  63. 75

    Shane Swann

    I’d be on the first train out of Alabama. What a disaster that idiot would be. A man who doesn’t understand the difference between his personal beliefs and actual laws has no business in any office

  64. 80

    Susan Graham Reymann

    That woman should pay also. Well just look at the Clintons then you should feel better.

  65. 81

    Manant Palber

    I told you mr governor….and you never called Alexander Shunara ..

  66. 85

    Susan Graham Reymann

    I’m way over it.Just saying!

  67. 87

    Deborah Fazekas Clough

    Did not come as a surprise to me at all.

  68. 89

    Tjo Johnson

    Well….one thing is for sure….ol Kay is going to bring the party……

  69. 90

    Pat Atchley

    He asked for forgiveness ❤️

  70. 91

    Susan Graham Reymann

    Yep he did wrong for sure but look at what the others have done. His wife will be better off without him. It’s sad.

  71. 92

    Terry Johnson

    He was hard to bring down. Lol

  72. 93

    Vickie Persall

    Good Bye !!!! You cheater !

  73. 95

    Connie Sharritt Ezekiel

    As he should be . All he is is a two faced adulterer. Shame on him for doing his sweet wife that way. Good Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. 96

    Brent Rivers

    Bentley, Trump, Obama. One of those men has family values. Guess which one.

  75. 97

    Stephanie Amos

    What a disgrace to his family.His poor kids.

  76. 98

    Stephanie Amos

    And his grandkids knowing their Grandpa is a perverte

  77. 100

    Toni H. Ayers

    You can’t get any worse than a democrat / communist!

  78. 101

    Toni H. Ayers

    In Montgomery Al, it’s all about “the good ole boys looking out for their friends”!!!!! Probably that way more than we know!!!

  79. 102

    Kelly Fazekas

    Now can we put someone in office who actually has Alabama citizen’s best interests at heart?

  80. 103

    Carson Cairnes


  81. 104

    David Lee

    He denied poor people insurance by not expanding Medicaid. He should be hung.

  82. 105

    David Lee

    He and his girlfriend stand to make millions off of deals for private prisons in Alabama

  83. 107
  84. 109

    Tracy Breitsprecher

    This is just embarrassing for Alabama!! He should have bowed out gracefully, in the beginning!!

  85. 110
  86. 111

    Meme Terrell

    Sad 4 him.he doesn’t have anything 4 the choices he made.Sad….

  87. 115

    Patricia Paige

    I’m glad it’s over. Why did it take so long for him to resign knowing he was GUILTY? My only disappointment is that he should have gone to PRISON like all the other corrupt officials did.

  88. 116

    Pat Cannon

    He is gutter garbage. I feel sorry for his former wife and all that he has put her and their children through.

  89. 117

    Patricia Paige

    You call a liar, adulterous and a thief a man of integrity. Look up the word integrity. Alabama judicial system give people too much authority. And some wonder why many refuse to vote. Ex governor Bentley and so many others are the reason. GOD will FOREVER be my LEADER whom I trust completely. This is just my opinion not for debate.

  90. 118

    Tina Ross

    Gail Jordan Johnson good governor?😂

  91. 119

    Frank Davis

    Now let go Luther Strange for helping him

  92. 120

    Buddy Johnson

    Be gone and thank u 4 nothing but more pain 4 Alabama??? U. Ass

  93. 121

    Annette Merrill Linder

    Should have been 2 ago before he trashed Alabama.

  94. 122

    Mary Hagler

    Well he will be ok he is not the first person in politics that made mistakes pray for all

  95. 123

    Gene Ray

    Again he is one of Alabama’s famous hypocrites.Dont do as I do,do as I say.I am so sick of the two face assholes in this state goverment.

  96. 124

    Debbie Chapman

    You nailed it, Joe Howle!

  97. 125

    Nora Robertson

    Why are people so quick to judge others the bible says who that is without sin cast the first stone and everyone of us have hidden secrets in our pass. There are some people out there have done worst are the same and got prison time and get nothing they allowed Trump to take office as the president he never paid taxes so what’s the difference but we have to sit back and wait on God to work it out he is the judge we are not wish them well and keep it moving there is a higher calling

  98. 126

    Kecia Reese Clark

    He needed to park his “Bentley” at home…..lol

  99. 128

    Glenda Reeves

    Good needs to learn he was a married man and had no respect for anyone especially for the people of Alabama !!

  100. 129

    Kecia Reese Clark

    And you know for a FACT Trump never paid taxes? Your good maybe you should run for office..

  101. 131

    Susan Dashner

    Wow. Talk about quick to judge. Didn’t you just do that to Trump. Talk about a hypocrite.

  102. 132

    Fred Ward

    He needs to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law… Politicians use the law for their personal gain, and when they break the law, they are not held to the same standards of the law… Don Siegelman was an example of Alabama Republican party abuse with the law. This state is REPUBLICAN CORRUPT.

  103. 133

    Annie Jackson Thompson

    Send him to prison like they did all the other ones. Corrupt Republican and thief and whore. His wife left him after 50 years. Using state money. Send Rebecca ass yo prison too. Her husband pimped both of them. All he wanted was money too.send him to prison take his retirement and pension that’s Ala money.

  104. 136

    Diann Carlton

    He made a bad choice he did it his self got to pay the price

  105. 140

    Shirley Jackson Grimmett

    Angela, nothing dumb about my comment. Bill Clinton was impeached, but not removed from office, for lying under oath about his afair with Monica Lewinsky, a 20-something White House intern.

  106. 141

    Phillip Allen Hickman

    Founding fathers couldnt understand the difference between their personal beliefs and actual laws as well. Thats why sodomy laws were on the books in ALL thirteen states. Even Thomas Jefferson recommend castration for homosexuals. You act like it would be ‘Thunderdome’ anarchy if we didnt have same sex marriage. Reality is it would be just like 2015 when gay marriage magically came into existence for the first time in forever. Its a johnny come lately institution. But your welcome to leave now.

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