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    Christopher Oliver

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  3. 3

    Chele Hicks

    Thank God.. What a nightmare

  4. 4

    Michael Wingate

    Was hoping for a 3 lane to 459 and visa versa….smh

  5. 5

    Briana Moore

    It’s about time. I’ve been wondering why install them if they weren’t going to turn them on. Glad they finally got it worked out!

  6. 6
  7. 7

    Erin Key Price

    Got so excited and then 😑 yay lighting

  8. 8

    Nick Pearson

    Second that! I was like “It’s happening” and only to find out it’s the lights….

  9. 9

    Greg Murphy

    Didn’t fix the park what makes you think they are going to do this

  10. 11

    Justin Williamson

    More like brighter nights

  11. 12

    Jennifer Ball Keller

    I think that when they were in the planning of building The Pinnacle that they should have included an on and off ramp that put you on the Pinnacle property kind of like the round about that comes out on the back side of The Galleria.

  12. 13

    Gene Startley

    Make the fools with 59 tags drive the speed limit or get over.

  13. 14

    Kim Harris Tucker

    What we needed all along and still do is a third lane from 459 all the way to the Trussville-Pinson exit, but instead all we got are lights that don’t work. Woohoo, way to go!!

  14. 15

    Heather Peacock

    I second the three lanes from Pinson-Trussville exit to I-459. Would help rush hour so much

  15. 16

    Scott White

    Awesome.. now I can turn my lights off at night and drive.. what did I ever do driving with my headlights on!!!! Such a waste of money… three lanes would have been better..

  16. 17

    Phyllis Morgan Waldrep

    I’m happy to see the lights turned on (IF that really happens), but good grief, what is needed BADLY is a third lane on 59 approaching 459, and coming off 459 onto 59!!!

  17. 19

    Kevin Berry

    Three lanes would have been better. To be honest, those lights are a waste of money

  18. 20

    LaRita Johnson-South

    I’m not sure if its an issue with needing a 3rd lane as it is an issue with people not knowing how to merge properly. What good is it if a new lane is added but rude drivers don’t allow people to merge in.

  19. 21

    Jennifer Potts

    I did the same.. the photo shows differently. Woo lights. 😩

  20. 22

    Dakota Lee Leslie

    Jefferson County people are just as bad.

  21. 23

    Kevin Berry

    I agree on the merging but when so many vehicles are present… merging becomes an issue even if done correctly.

  22. 24

    LaRita Johnson-South

    I agree. I’m normally coming from the I 59, direction and people are literally making a complete stop just to merge from the 459 entry. Sometimes I get into the merging lanes to reemerge back in and keep moving. Never lose travel time.

  23. 25

    James Wine

    You are going from four lanes into two lanes over a 200 yard stretch of road. Four lanes into three lanes would make it much better.

  24. 26

    Cat Henderson Reid

    This 59 tag driver has to drive that stretch everyday. It’s not just us “fools” that need to know how to merge. A third lane would help with the flow.

  25. 27

    Lamar Adkins

    Look at there traffic at the bottom of the ramp if you think it’s bad now wait till they finished that Northern bypass just north of Trussville and think of how much traffic is going to be on that road they need to start putting another Lane all the way to Argo, Thàt both sides. Time to start is now because it’ll take them years to finish.

  26. 28

    Wanda Nobles Kincaid

    Aw shucks! I was hoping for additional lanes as well!

  27. 29

    Scott Reed

    They should put in an a flyover exit a half mile before the Chalkville exit and run it up through the woods to come out by walmart and chic filet so that everyone doesn’t have to get off at the CROWDED chalkville exit. That road has entirely too many businesses and too much traffic for them not to have another way in or out of that intersection.

  28. 30

    Sam Modder

    You seem to suggest that government should practice a proactive approach over their normal reactive approach.

  29. 31

    Lamar Adkins

    Think positive due to the fact I retired from the Alabama Highway Dept with 26 1/2 years. I know how they can mess thing up ,if they have to must in put about a job from everyone trying to make everyone happy. Just build the thing!!!!! To must ass kissing.

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