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    Diana Dimon Dwyer

    The thugs are moving uptown

  3. 9

    Alex Hapgood

    This keeps up someone is going to get dropped in the front yard before too long

  4. 11

    Marie Ash Jones

    Erika Freeman I guess it is a good thing u guys moved!

  5. 14

    Vickie Williams Perry

    Stockton is Trussville, right off Hwy 12

  6. 15

    Kinzi Tanley

    What they don’t know is there are cameras everywhere so you will eventually be caught!

  7. 17

    Chace Tomlinson

    We bought their house, and nothing happened on our street.

  8. 19

    Desiree' Lane Ellis

    Absolutely. Stay out of Stockton!!

  9. 21

    Sandy Vinson

    Well you do know criminals have cars and feet so running to the next community they can too !! Geez get a clue that this happens everywhere as there is no promise land here on earth

  10. 25

    Charlene Hallman

    Unfortunately, this is about the 3rd time they’ve hit our part of Trussville. We park in our garage, but I hate to hear of this happening to our neighbors, or to anyone for that matter!

  11. 26

    Andrea Bearden Quick

    How do they break the windows out of several cars and no one hears anything? That makes no sense to me 🙁

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  13. 29

    Tracy Burt

    Yep our neighbors about four houses up got hit.

  14. 32

    Erin Key Price

    I know it was my neighborhood on the other side

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