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    William Kennedy


    Stupid, stupid, stupid.

  2. 3

    Courtney Dean Hallowell

    WHAT!!!!!! You have got to be kidding me… no where is safe anymore

  3. 4

    Jill Mitchell

    Stephanie Dubey this is where all those cops were going. So sad.

  4. 5

    Kaylyn McDaniel

    Loryn McDaniel Groover were we not just saying “bring your gun and the kids”??

  5. 6

    Amy Stewart

    Wendy Armstrong Lorrie Williams Hand Heather Johnson

  6. 7

    Annette Smith Gorham

    Just don’t understand what is wrong with people! Prayers for all these victims and innocent children that witnessed this.

  7. 8

    Tiffany Pannell McCormack

    Robyn Odom Fadlevich AL-Absi maybe this is where the cops were going

  8. 9

    Ashlee Harris Wood

    Candice Vest literally just talked about this today when passing.

  9. 10
  10. 11

    Olivia Olivia

    Shannon N. Jefferson glad you didn’t take Mase!

  11. 12

    Michael Adkins

    Centerpoint has officially been lost to the thugs……maybe they need a MOAB

  12. 13

    Renee Pierce

    Oh my. Praying for all involved.

  13. 14
  14. 16

    Amy Stewart

    Can we park somewhere else now?

  15. 17

    Bama Jason

    Centerpoint is the up and coming Ensly…. enjoy!

  16. 18

    Alexandria Moore

    Honestly I don’t think that was the safest place to hold it.

  17. 19

    Gloria King Bailey Pounds

    It is SO sad you have to think that way today but so true! 😭

  18. 20

    Cecilia Kirk

    NBC13 just reported 4 people shot, including a baby.

  19. 21

    Irene Logajda Haynes

    There were a lot of cops there!!

  20. 24

    Glenda Kelly

    Prayers for all involved!

  21. 25

    Sherina Evins

    Shequanda SoSpooiled Evins Cell Mckenzie this is why I said don’t go!

  22. 26

    Alexandria Moore

    AND! Black people don’t know how to act when something nice comes around. I hate to say it but it’s true. 👎🏾

  23. 27

    Kimberly Julie

    Prayers for all involved ♡ This could have happened anywhere…doesnt matter it was Centerpoint.

  24. 30
  25. 31

    Susanna Renee

    My grandmother wanted to take my two kids and I told her negative for this reason right here!! Nothing is safe anymore especially in Centerpoint!!!

  26. 32

    Amanda Gaines

    Susie Lynn Brown good thing I didn’t keep the kids home and take them tonight!

  27. 36

    Mark Franklin

    Lauren Davis Adam Franklin

  28. 37

    Glenn Franklin

    I remember when i grew up.in Center Point how peaceful it was, no crime….if you needed a deputy, you called Huddle House because they had nothing to do but now CP is as dangerous as any place in Birmingham breaks my heart

  29. 38

    Shane Swann

    Center point was lost years ago. But now is as good a time as any to bring on the MOAB

  30. 39

    Lorrie Williams Hand

    Omg this just crazy, right there everyday where we have to park and walk from our cars Amy Stewart!!!

  31. 40

    Amy Stewart

    Yup. I don’t want to park there anymore

  32. 42

    Shane Swann

    At this point its safe to say that centerpoint should be burned to the ground

  33. 43

    Kimberly Julie

    Sorry you feel that way…but I am right 😉 Bad people live everywhere…could be your neighbors for all you know 😉 Have a blessed evening!

  34. 45

    Greg Widick

    Thank You Jefferson County Sheriffs , Sargent’s , Deputy’s for Your Swift Response and Dedication . We all know your plates are full of it . I hope you all get it sorted out .

  35. 46

    Lorrie Williams Hand

    No doubt this is CRAZY!!!!

  36. 47

    Jennifer Brooks

    Melissa Brooks Tyler Pruitt

  37. 48

    Greg Widick

    Most do , some don’t .

  38. 49

    Shonda René

    This is where I grew up and I am just sick of what Center Point has become. At a damn church no less!!!

  39. 51

    Shonda René

    Yeah it was always safe when I lived there but I guess those days are long gone. I remember the fair and never feared for my life. People shooting each other at a damn church the day before Easter no less…

  40. 52

    JohnLeslie Brown

    I feel you on that one. I grew up in Center Point. It’s heartbreaking to see the state of that town now.

  41. 53

    Que Sum

    Plz don’t join the others on this post downing our people! Its bad ppl in every race our shit is just magnified to make the statistics seem legit.

  42. 54

    Kathe Hardimon Rutledge

    Prayers for the victims, especially the child. It’s a shame you can’t be safe even at a church function/Easter celebration.

  43. 56

    Laurie Pryor Brockman

    More likely to happen in C.P. No reason needed in that area. Happens just about every night !! Best thing city council can do for Center Point is quit having these “events” at night. Period. May not have happened in the daylight.

  44. 59

    Amanda Jordan

    What time did this happen???

  45. 60

    Christie RD

    Omg!!!! That is crazy!! People do entirely too much and with tons of kids out there I’m sure! 😡

  46. 61

    Clay Saab

    Just before 9:35 p.m.

  47. 62

    Amanda Jordan

    I saw a ton of police cars racing down the parkway on my way home from the Barons game. This explains it. Awful.

  48. 63

    Roman Brasfield

    Just saw this. People just can’t use their brains.

  49. 65
  50. 66

    Debbie Russo

    I told my husband this week there was going to be a shooting at the Carnival! ..Sad to say I was right…Why are people shooting one another??..So sad!..You cannot have fun anymore even at a Carnival and feeling safe!…Violence is everywhere!!

  51. 67

    Angelo Denison Roberson

    You are correct It could happen anywhere. However, you imply that it is “just as likely” to happen in any area and that a high crime rate inconsequential. If you believe this then you are a dangerously naive person…”your assertions are wrong”. It is what it is.

  52. 68

    Chris Clark

    I guess if you play odds yes it could theoretically happen anywhere. However centerpoint has become trash end of story. My wife was robbed at work there a couple years ago so I may have a skewed view on the subject.

  53. 70

    Caroline Armstrong Amaral

    What is wrong with people? Centerpoint just has some really bad and evil people.

  54. 71

    Shannon N. Jefferson

    Seee!!!! Omg my gut was telling me not to go!! I’m so glad I didn’t 😩🙌🏽

  55. 73

    Julia Randolph

    Poor Center Point….ruined since we moved away. 🙁

  56. 74

    Greg Gunter


  57. 75

    Dennis Tina Spencer

    So mayor Tom Henderson’s statement was that he was disappointed! Not sure why he is surprised that this happened. Center Point has become a crime ridden city under his watch. Generations of families once lived in CP. Home values have gone down drastically. People forced to sell and move away before they become victims of crime. Tom Henderson must go but sad to say I think CP is a lost cause. Maybe Clay, Pinson, and Trussville should build a wall!

  58. 76

    Leigh Teer

    I know, I’m glad y’all didn’t go.

  59. 77
  60. 78

    Alexandria Moore

    My husband and I drove by tonight and he said he was surprised that there hadn’t been one. I couldn’t believe how packed it was. It was bound to happen in my opinion. And it is sad!

  61. 79

    Kathleen Marino

    I agree-! Let’s have a merry go round– and they will come– duh

  62. 82

    Debbie Russo

    Lol!!..Greg ..,you are funny!

  63. 84

    David C Reid

    Mid to late 70’s was a great time from Roebuck to Pinson. It is a shame this really brings tears. What went wrong

  64. 85

    Michael Karhan

    Probly some lil white gangster over a girl or drugs

  65. 86

    Michelle Allen Olson

    It’s so sad and scary! I have a teenage daughter and thought about taking her the carnival tonight. We have done this every spring and fall. Not once have I feared that something like this could or would happen. It breaks my heart that our children can’t even go to a church carnival and be kids anymore. Prayers to the victims and their family as well as all of the innocent children and parents who have been traumatized by this event.

  66. 87

    Chuck Browning

    Sadly that’s where I grew up and went to school, not the same and it’s lost.

  67. 88

    Chuck Browning

    Very sad but I think it is already like that

  68. 89

    Misti Stupp Garrison

    This is absolutely ridiculous. These people should be ashamed of themselves doing something so evil at a church.

  69. 90

    Eloise Julian

    Yes I saw that after I read more comments. There is other Centerpoint churches so didn’t know. Thank you. So terrible.

  70. 91

    Gwen Lackey

    Center point has always been crazy that’s I moved a long time ago before it got worser!!!!

  71. 92

    Chuck Browning

    In a PC way you’re correct but I grew up there in the 70s & 80s and we didn’t lock our doors and I remember riding bikes as kids down the parkway from CP to Huffman. Wake up please, and yes it could happen anywhere and CP is where most of the crime comes from in other areas now.

  72. 93

    Chuck Browning

    Sadly CP did it to their selves and were to late becoming their own city.

  73. 94

    Chuck Browning

    Clay is starting to come in second to CP

  74. 95
  75. 96

    Janina J Larsen

    Trussville is getting bad also, It’s all moving up towards Pinson also

  76. 97

    Michael Adkins

    Where i went to school also

  77. 98

    Janina J Larsen

    As we were driving by it the other morning i said to my husband, there is no way I would go to that here in this town, something bad is going to happen you watch. So sad that it did It’s just the times we are living in.

  78. 99

    Stephanie Statham

    Yep, I agree. I grew up going to Food Giant/Winn Dixie with my Mom to shop, even worked at both, as a teenager.
    Now when I go with my 9 year old daughter (which I try to avoid) I feel like I have to watch my back. I hate that feeling.
    Pinson is terrible (in my opinion).
    My husband and I went through Clay/Trussville today, and were talking about how bad it is in that area now. It’s not terrible. But it definitely is not what it used to be…

  79. 101

    Cindy Buckner

    I’m sure you hit the nail on the head

  80. 102

    Michael Karhan

    Outreach is working that’s where the poor and fatherless are

  81. 103

    Wallace Wahd

    Umm. Are you sure you don’t know ?

  82. 105

    Brian Bradley

    I knew it was gonna happen.

  83. 106

    Brian Bradley

    Center Point started to change in 95 and went down hill from then. It is called the new West End by 95.7 Jamz.

  84. 107

    Christy Rainwater

    Pinson is not “terrible”. I’ve been living in Pinson for 15 plus years and never experienced any issues. We have our own police officers that patrol Pinson and I see them around on a regular basis. I feel safe here.

  85. 108

    Kimberley Brown Aids

    There had to be! There several hundred people at that thing.

  86. 109

    Christy Rainwater

    Oh and my home value here in Pinson has been increasing steadily over the past couple of years. 😉

  87. 110

    Kimberley Brown Aids

    Center Point is definitely a higher crime area – and seems to have a larger volume of violent crimes. While something like this could happen elsewhere, it seems to be far more common in Center Point. I try to avoid that area at night.

  88. 112

    Ann Benson-Richardson McCutcheon

    West End has definitely moved to Center Point. So sad, little children trying to have some fun, and the thugs have to ruin it. WHY CAN’T THERE BE PEACE PEOPLE???

  89. 113

    Kris Payne Boyle

    Pray for the families, the community. This is so sad!

  90. 114
  91. 117

    Dennis Tina Spencer

    And that’s great. I do not want Pinson Clay area to turn out like Center Point. We have to be proactive on crime to keep that from happening. I grew up in CP. Stayed longer than I should. Watched the entire neighborhood turn to a slum. Still have family living on the same street. One of them had her car window shot out, witnessed a drive by shooting. Last week my uncle was a victim of some thugs trying to knock him out in his front yard. I guess my point is I once lived in a place just like you are describing. Feeling safe, great home value and then watched it all go!

  92. 118

    Chele Hicks

    Sad… Sadder that it doesnt have to be like this.. Its a choice of a few bad people that ruin it for good people.. I dont go to center point..

  93. 120

    Rusty Rings

    *worse. Worser isn’t a word.

  94. 121

    Rusty Rings

    *worse. Worser isn’t a word.

  95. 122

    Rusty Rings

    CP is a dangerous place. Don’t act shocked you guys. Last time I went through there. I saw vacant buildings everywhere, almost all of them where for sale. Business owners have been cashing out for years in CP. It’s done, at least until rich people come in and gentrify it.

  96. 123

    Rusty Rings

    CP is a dangerous place. Don’t act shocked you guys. Last time I went through there. I saw vacant buildings everywhere, almost all of them where for sale. Business owners have been cashing out for years in CP. It’s done, at least until rich people come in and gentrify it.

  97. 124

    Joyce M Ashley

    We will probably find out that the trouble makers were not from Center Point they just came into the area.

  98. 125

    Lori LeCompte Christopher

    I agree, move there about 27 yrs. ago & have watched it go down hill since the early 90’s…luckily where I live, it stays quiet & we have good neighbors who look out for each other too, all different races too. The thugs aren’t running me out!!!!

  99. 126

    Lori LeCompte Christopher

    Lots of them have been vacant since the tornado went through there…

  100. 127

    Rusty Rings

    I grew up there. I started noticing businesses leaving when I was 13. That’d be ’95. By 98-99 CiCi’s Pizza was the only thing worth going to in CP. Most of the fun happened over in Trussville.

  101. 128

    Christy Rainwater

    I agree. It takes a community that cares about their area to keep things in check.

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