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  1. 2

    Kathy Sills

    Whatever ….yall keep him

  2. 3

    Rick Brown

    Must have been a slow night in Trussville. And, more unmasking with exposure is needed.

  3. 4

    Matt Coleman

    I see why it says trussville person now .i wouldn’t know what to call it either geez what is it ? Lol

  4. 5

    Scott White

    That’s a guy? Benjamin or Benji?

  5. 6

    Terri Allen Finlay

    I thought that was a girl when I saw the video.

  6. 8

    Kim Esary

    Can we get a better pic of its hair

  7. 9

    Pat Sullivan

    Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Sure that’s a person? Let’s not offend.

  8. 11

    Amy Perry Long

    He must be a transgender. The makeup probably made people think he was a girl! Guys don’t wear makeup! Just sayin.

  9. 12

    Mickey Greer

    Next stop….Target!!!!!

  10. 13

    Kathy Sills

    It is what it is ..no pun intended

  11. 14

    Phillip Acton

    Sooooo, he was wearing a fanny pack and using a scarf as a weapon….

  12. 16

    Becky Kirbow

    Very hateful comments on here about a human being. The story isn’t about what this person looks like. It must feel good for some of y’all to sit back and laugh and judge at other people’s expense and hide behind social media to do so. What we call you in school is a BULLY.

  13. 17

    Cindy McCarty Hudson

    I thought it was a girl too until I saw his name.

  14. 18

    Becky Kirbow

    No problem with that. Just no need for people to make hateful comments.

  15. 20

    Anna Kathryn Greer

    I agree with Becky. This is a person, with a family. Parents, brothers, sisters. If you want to comment on the act, fine, but don’t make it personal. Don’t be cruel.

  16. 22

    Cameron Ferguson

    “but I just want to protest and stuff”

  17. 26

    Savannah Best

    I know!!! I cannot believe that is benji.

  18. 27

    Alexis Little

    Such hateful people with nothing going on I’m their lives so they resort to being high school bullies.

  19. 28

    Baylee Johnson

    I saw him last year at school. All the comments about him are pissing me off. What did he do? Just protest?

  20. 29

    Savannah Best

    Aubrey Nicole Best remember him?

  21. 30

    Savannah Best

    Me too! Judgmental, hateful people. Yeah he protested and attacked the guy.

  22. 31

    Savannah Best

    It has the video on there

  23. 32

    Baylee Johnson

    I’ll watch the video!

  24. 33

    Savannah Best

    He is a person with feelings, yeah. Keep your hateful comments to yourself.

  25. 34

    Baylee Johnson

    What part of the video?

  26. 35

    Savannah Best

    It’s the video at the bottom. Not the first one of the speech

  27. 36

    Ted Swartz

    Thats supposed to be a dude?

  28. 37

    Baylee Johnson

    Just saw it. He didn’t do much. It’s sad.

  29. 38

    Cameron Ferguson

    Kinda got the business in the front party in the back going on

  30. 39

    Khalia Kennedy

    Good to know I live in a world where white supremacy is acceptable but not following gender norms isn’t.

  31. 40

    Baylee Johnson

    All the hateful comments towards his looks are unnecessary.

  32. 41

    Maria Lucrecia Greguol

    let’s not forget that this person is someone’s relative.

  33. 42

    Linda Taylor

    Don’t pretend any of this is acceptable!!

  34. 43

    Jennifer Leathers George

    I agree Becky Kirbow… what’s so sad though is these kids are sooo uneducated about things

  35. 45

    Pat Sullivan

    I’m just ahead of the curve in terms of self identification. Cool it lady.

  36. 46
  37. 47

    Steven Allen

    Don’t let all these hateful comments distract you from how awesome his fanny pack is.

  38. 49

    Scott Clements

    If you don’t want people commenting on how he looks maybe he should try not get arrested and have his pic posted all over fb cause after that all bets are off.

  39. 51

    Blake Hunter

    Dang, super harsh man(?). You should take that comedy on the road! Very funny and totally original, I love it!

  40. 53

    Barry Vickery

    Thought that was a chic

  41. 54

    Cindy Wood

    Gee I wonder where all the kids in school bullying get it from……..

  42. 55

    Mike Clark

    The article said he was swinging a cloth with a padlock attached and hitting people with it. Did he? That doesn’t sound like “He didn’t do much”.

  43. 56

    Gerald Hicks

    This “person” should be charged with assault with a deadly weapon. Punk.

  44. 57

    Mickey Greer

    Would you want to be hit with a padlock???

  45. 58

    Jerry Rambin

    Why did the headline say “person”? Has even small town USA papers gone completely PC liberal?

  46. 59

    Aubrey Nicole Best

    TF?! That’s not the benji I knew!

  47. 60

    Gail Smith Wright

    I am feeling bad for his parents. This has to be very hurtful for them.

  48. 61

    Jerry Rambin

    White supremacy is NOT acceptable, but free speech IS.

  49. 62

    Baylee Johnson

    I’ve known him since I was young and he’s a good guy. Just not in with a good crowd and I will stand up for him. He made a bad decision. Obviously no one would want to be hit with a padlock unless they had sadistic tendencies so that’s really an illogical question to be asking. And compared to the other guy, it doesn’t look like he did much. I don’t actually sit down and dissect complete video’s and articles because I have a job and a life. All I said is it was sad. Which it is. Now I’m gonna go back to my life and my job.

  50. 63

    Lonnie LaShum

    Good, I guess his parents failed to teach him right from wrong. I wonder just how they feel about his protesting?

  51. 64

    Joel Kimbrough

    This will get thrown out court in a heartbeat..it is not against the law to assault Auburn fans…………..o com’ on folks have a since of humor!

  52. 65

    Matthew Norman

    Everyone be careful so as not to hurt anyone’s feelings. Anyone stop to wonder why the kid has views like they do? They’ve been coddled their whole life and now people take a sad situation and make jokes about them and people are worried about others sensibilities. That is the biggest joke of all. Little Billy that always got the free pass and never learned about the hardships in life or cruel they can sometimes be is usually the little a hole that winds up shooting up a school. The kid is a prime example of what’s wrong with today’s youth. Don’t want to be the butt of a joke? Then don’t make an ass of yourself.

  53. 66

    Hillary Miranda

    I mean what’s up with the fanny pack?!?! lol 😂

  54. 67

    Phillip Alford

    Looks like he’d hold one in his mouth, for sure.

  55. 68

    Brad Brewer

    Till the swelling went down!

  56. 69
  57. 70

    CeeJae Eckiwaudah

    Obviously, this kid has many issues.

  58. 71

    Hud Harris

    The snowflake sure threw a mean, but limp left handed punch.

  59. 73

    Joey Blalock

    If he wasn’t a student and went down there then he was looking for trouble! The best thing any of us could have done was to stay away! The idiot giving the speech was only seeking attention! GOD is and will be his judge!

  60. 74

    Stormy Walker

    He looks like a damn girl!

  61. 77

    Kenny Aldridge

    You know why it says trussville person. Because no one knows what the hell that is!

  62. 78
  63. 79

    David Passmore

    That “good guy” was beating the crap out of someone until the police stopped him.
    Next time you’re in target pick up padlock and think about getting hit with it when it is attached to something that can multiply the force and speed of the impact. With a few good hits, it could kill.

  64. 81

    Joey Cobb

    Mike Mccaleb it was Alabama lol

  65. 82

    Thomas Bagby

    Looked like it had Itty Bitty Boobies in the video. Transgender?

  66. 83

    Tracy Hallmark Todd

    Keep hateful comments to yourself? Did you see the video that showed this whatever it is, slinging a cloth with a padlock in it at people?

  67. 84

    Tracy Hallmark Todd

    Speaking of bullies – it was assaulting people with a sling with a padlock in it! Fair game!

  68. 85

    Matt Phillips

    You assumed this person’s gender you asshole

  69. 86

    Mike Mccaleb

    Even worse!! But I live in Clay so HA!

  70. 87

    Pat Sullivan

    I would say this person is was intending to harm people.

  71. 88

    Khalia Kennedy

    Brandenburg v. Ohio. SCOTUS ruled that free speech has exceptions. It is also important to know that this decision was made after a Klan member made a speech at a Klan rally that promoted white supremacy and advocated for violence.

  72. 89

    Kayti Quick

    Love how everyone comments on someone’s sexuality, but the white supremist giving a speech at a local university is free game. That’s Lily white Trussville for you. Just saying. All of you look ridiculous. Even if what he was doing wasn’t necessary, none of these comments have any relevance to anything going on here.

  73. 90

    Kayti Quick

    Remember, violence is only okay if it favors their side of the argument. The rest of us are snowflakes. The fact everyone here made it fit to comment on his sexuality before asking why a white supremacist is speaking at a University I’m sure many people here have children with says all you need to know about hillbilly, Lily white Trussville. I don’t know what happened, I’m not saying I condone what this person did, but some of these comments were sickening and downright unnecessary. People hide behind their “free speech” and then their kids get bullied or become bullies and they can’t figure out where it starts.

  74. 94

    Michelle Quick

    I got it, State Farm commercial lol

  75. 96

    Gretchen Vann

    Another one that doesnt know which bathroom to use. You will be a girl in prison.

  76. 98

    Eryn Ray

    Does it really matter

  77. 99

    Eryn Ray

    Mileia Ray is that Benji??

  78. 100

    Faith Brewster Summers

    Well I just would like to call him or she

  79. 101

    Josie Smith

    I thought he was a girl

  80. 103

    Mileia Ray

    How about you just don’t refer anything and mind your own business.

  81. 104

    Mileia Ray

    You have no idea about his home life or anything? How could you assume so much and be so naive.

  82. 105

    Catherine McCown

    Brooke Carr Andy Binion Ashley McCown Sprague please just read what the wonderful “adults” in this wonderful town have to say. #bigots

  83. 106

    Catherine McCown

    Tammy McCown where ya atttt

  84. 109

    Karson Moore

    Christy Chambers Kelsey Falkner comments

  85. 110

    Kelsey Falkner

    I have a problem that people are talking about someone’s gender and not what was happening but whatever….

  86. 111

    Christy Chambers


  87. 112

    Christy Chambers

    ROLLING MY DAMN EYES AT 98% OF THE PEOPLE ON THIS THREAD. Those so claimed “adults” who should be tending to their families & not worrying about how someone looks or dresses….

  88. 113

    Kelsey Falkner

    Everyone I’ve looked at is also posting pictures about Jesus loving everyone on their page…. but where’s the compassion and love from them?? I’ll wait…

  89. 114

    Christy Chambers

    Kelsey Falkner me waiting

  90. 115

    Christy Chambers

    Can you not focus on the bigger issue than looks? Ya know, like what the arrest was actually for? I’m prettttty sure it wasn’t looks….

  91. 116

    Christy Chambers

    Or we could worry about the actual arrest and not the hair. Just a little food for thought.

  92. 117

    Faith Brewster Summers


  93. 118

    Andrew Smith

    Why y’all even post stuff like this? She got n trouble big deal but don’t have to let the whole world know especially for something this stupid smh

  94. 119

    Destini Goodwin

    It’s pathetic how you guys can’t see the bigger picture here. All you see is an opportunity to make fun of someone… Feeling a little low in life? He maybe an idiot.. but if he was your child you wouldn’t want all this shit being said? His life choices aren’t effecting you. The poor boy deleted his facebook because grown Ass adults can’t seem to keep their mouth shut. Grow up. See the bigger picture or move the fuck on.

  95. 120

    Destini Goodwin

    The Trussville Tribune it’s pretty pathetic that you guys are even allowing all this. Freedom of speech? Maybe. Yet you guys are keeping this post up letting grown members of your own town attack and bully a child. All of you should be ashamed of yourself. If this kid hurts him self, it’s on y’all.

  96. 121

    David Garrard

    And you’re a narrow minded bigot

  97. 123
  98. 125

    Chuck Biddinger

    I thought he was a girl. My bad.

  99. 126

    Cecil Sharps

    a 19 year old assaulting people with a lethal weapon is many things. A child it is not. or did you miss the bit about wrapping a padlock in a scarf and swinging it at people?

  100. 127

    Destini Goodwin

    I never said his actions were great. He’s was acting like an idiot. But that doesn’t mean society needs to go this far either.

  101. 128

    Laura W Garner

    I wonder if he dressed up like a woman so he wouldn’t be attacked. He was hitting with a padlock. What a coward piece of crap. Or he is a Target tranny, who knows. Just another piece of crap!

  102. 130

    Laura W Garner

    Destini Goodwin get a clue.

  103. 131

    Laura W Garner

    He/she is not a child. So you condone violence, why? Because you are ignorant?

  104. 132

    Laura W Garner

    She? Really, he was hitting people with a padlock. So you promote violence? How ignorant!

  105. 133

    Laura W Garner

    Hmmm, yeah I’m all for people being beat with a padlock…? How ignorant

  106. 135

    Destini Goodwin

    I’m glad you can read😂👍

  107. 136

    Kelsey Falkner

    Not once did any of us say that beating someone with a padlock was okay??? What we have a problem with is that no one talked about the facts of what happened and almost everyone decided to ONLY speak about the persons gender.

    Unless you read something we wrote that said we agree with being hit with a padlock than I really don’t why you decided to call us ignorant, let alone comment at all…

  108. 137

    Karson Moore

    “I have a problem that people are talking about someone’s gender and not what was happening but whatever….” sounds A LOT like “I’m for people beating someone with a padlock” to me too!! How dare you Kelsey Falkner

  109. 139

    Christy Chambers

    You’re right…. I’m ignorant… because I can separate what someone looks like vs. what someone did to be arrested. But I’m the ignorant here.

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