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    Ashley Strickland

    Natalie Strickland Lisa Crosby Strickland

  2. 6

    April Maddox Silas

    Ashleigh Silas I’m moving in

  3. 7
  4. 8

    Beth Childers Hoffman

    Ashli Watson Posey Melanie Boone Hiott. Oh my. I see Italian cream cake in your future.

  5. 9

    Gloria Garrison McHugh

    Oh, wow! My Trussville friends will be pleased. We love our Huntsville Edgar’s.

  6. 11

    Kayla Strickland

    Karan Keim Lindsay Danielle Keim!!

  7. 16

    Cindy Meneely Brown

    Oh hell….there goes my diet! Lol

  8. 17

    Tynesheia N. Freeman

    LaShaundra Owens Waites girl look!!!

  9. 18

    Kathy Fowler Bessiere

    Oh my. I’m in trouble. #strawberrycake

  10. 19

    Kishawn Hollins Smith

    Yes lawd!!!!! Meghan Shanice…I’m still waiting for my lil slice of heaven my friend…

  11. 21

    Jennifer Chinnis Lawley

    We’re going to have to make way for a new gym and possibly a weight watchers.

  12. 22

    Meghan Shanice

    😂😂😂 if I get out he house today I’ll get you one

  13. 24

    Ceil Tarwater

    OMGOSH! Are we the luckiest or what? ‘t wait!

  14. 25

    Kishawn Hollins Smith

    Makayla Smith….soon we will be able to enjoy an unlimited amount of Strawberry cake

  15. 28

    Jennifer Waller

    Lauren Srofe Loren Henderson

  16. 29

    Lani Jebeles McCrorie

    Jennifer Jebeles Beaver Jennifer Henderson Lee

  17. 32

    Allison Smith

    needs to be we have donuts!!!

  18. 33

    Barbie MrsToro

    Jessica Toro Hardisson

  19. 34

    Dawn Brannon Butler

    Amber Chesser we are in trouble!

  20. 37

    Shelbi Nicolle

    Stop it. Joy Nabers Askins Josh Tinnell

  21. 39

    Adrienne Maddox Haynes

    Kathy Haynes #strawberrycake

  22. 41
  23. 42

    Treasha Reaves

    Pam Mitchell Reaves Hathcock

  24. 43

    Ma Li

    😵 hay que ir. !!

  25. 45

    Ashleigh Silas

    If I didn’t think we made the right decision already, this would confirm that we did. I’m about to get so fat.

  26. 46

    Jacki Bailey Riley

    Doesn’t The Three Earred Rabbit bake a delicious strawberry cake already?

  27. 47

    Kellie Wozniak Ewing Rohm

    As good as it is, I must admit…. $30 bucks for a cake 🎂 is a little pricey.

  28. 49
  29. 50
  30. 51

    Katie Guillot

    Keely Valentino Guillot

  31. 52

    Sheila Isabell Wood

    Jennifer Moore this isn’t good. Lol

  32. 57

    Tyler Shunnarah Reid

    Teresa Dollar Shunnarah
    Brenda Jones Reid
    Hannah Golden Shunnarah
    Valerie Desiree Reed
    Alana Reid Henderson

  33. 59

    Jennifer Aldridge

    This is not good for me!

  34. 60

    Kaylee Baswell

    Just saw this and I’ve already texted Kelly 😂😂

  35. 61

    Rachel Holt Cushing

    Yay!!! Best strawberry cake around.

  36. 62

    Kellie Wozniak Ewing Rohm

    I know, I know….to heck with the cake part! 😋😋

  37. 64

    Meredith Brown Jierski

    Joy Triggs Tyner their strawberry cupcake it to die for!

  38. 66

    Vonne McDonald McAnnally

    I am concerned for the Three Earred Rabbit. We don’t need multiples of the same type business within a mile from each other. I wish the council would monitor this and have some loyalty to the small businesses that have remained downtown through thick and thin.

  39. 67

    Joy Nabers Askins

    I am lost for words! I’m doomed! I will soon be on my 600 lb life!

  40. 68

    Brenda Vines Long

    Jimmie Vines Tina Vines Hill

  41. 73

    Vickie Cobb

    I agree Vonne! Many of the small business who have tried to stay open during down economic times will probably go under with bigger businesses coming in and competing with them. You may get a Edgar’s but lose three earned rabbit and chocolate biscuit. People who have been in Trussville for years and supported Trussville!

  42. 79

    Lauren Harris

    Gina Pickett Harris !!!

  43. 82

    Beth Jordan Creel

    I think Three Earred Rabbit and Edgar’s can exist together peacefully. Each have unique things that they do well. Who can be against getting rid of the “parking lot” that used to be Sticks and Stuff. I was afraid that’s what it was going to become. Better ideas? Go to a City Council meeting.

  44. 83

    Kim Williams Bentley

    It’s like a dream come true

  45. 84

    Bonnie Melendez Arnold

    This excites me so and yet I’m afraid for my behind… #edgarsstrawberrycake #thiswillruinmydiet

  46. 85

    Peggy Head Seahorn

    Oh, exciting. Can’t wait.

  47. 86
  48. 89

    Beth Jordan Creel

    Agreed,we don’t multiples of certain types of businesses. So why are there a cluster of auto repair places in downtown. Why was a Chipotle and a Mattress Firm built right across the street from Habaneros and Bedzz Express? I know that part of town is probably B’ham.

  49. 90
  50. 91

    Mark Franklin

    Pamela Taylor Franklin

  51. 92

    Lauren Carmichael

    Lindsey Maddox Bowman, Freda Maddox Carmichael All the strawberry cake!!!

  52. 94

    Brenda Jones Reid

    😱 oh no, that’s not good for me-I have such a sweet tooth and they have all the things I love!🙈

  53. 96

    Amber Chesser

    You have no idea how much that excites me!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  54. 97

    Brandi Parker Gudwien

    Oh this could make for a bad habit! 😀

  55. 98

    LaShaundra Owens Waites

    Omg!!! That’s awesome but damn…… there goes my diet.

  56. 99

    Joy Denise

    Christy Carr and you still live there!!! Hahahaha good luck!!

  57. 104

    Shelia Livingston Lowery

    Fantastic!!! I am one of the people that have been asking them to come to Trussville. Please make this work out. We need a bakery!!! Thanks!!

  58. 105
  59. 106

    Lydia Christina

    Well the Trussville Weight Watchers staff should be thrilled today with this announcement !! Lol

  60. 109
  61. 112

    Renee Schmitt

    Hey Jo Ann. I’ve thought often about all the folks from Chalkvilke.

  62. 114

    Angela T Moore

    I love the strawberry cake and the B. L T green tomatoes.

  63. 115

    Beverly Elders Cross

    So excited to have Quiche for lunch.

  64. 119

    Jennifer Jebeles Beaver

    I know!!! We are in so much trouble… I can walk there for lunch! They have amazing chicken salad too!!

  65. 120

    Myla Thomas

    I will still go to The Three Eared Rabbit. It’s special in it’s own way.

  66. 123

    Reese Levert

    I love Edgar’s Bakery! I’m joining Weight Watchers in Trussville before the grand opening!

  67. 124

    Sarah Turner

    🤣there goes my diet!!!

  68. 125

    Susan Harper

    Lyn Mardant Between Edgar’s and Panera Bread, my world is complete!

  69. 126
  70. 128

    Mckenzi Mindler

    Considering they can barely handle the stores they have open now, I don’t see how they can handle this. Oh well, not my problem 😉

  71. 130

    Geoff White

    Excellent choice for the type of business downtown needs to attract. Kristy

  72. 134

    Valerie Johns Manning


  73. 135

    Lani Jebeles McCrorie

    Chloe will be wanting to come stay every day! 😂

  74. 136

    Lorena John Anspach

    Judy Barnes! Oohhh no!! Lol

  75. 138

    Patricia Matthews

    As I sit here eating a thumbprint from Edgar’s, I am glad to hear this!

  76. 140

    Lisa King Roberts

    This makes me sooo happy!

  77. 141

    Janice Underwood Evans

    Oh no, I can feel the pounds already!

  78. 142

    Mary Wood

    I shop in Trussville often so this makes me happy!

  79. 143

    Dee Gunthorpe Crigler

    Yum. I loved Edgar’s when we lived in b’ham

  80. 144
  81. 145

    Heather Mitchell

    With that type of thinking we need to remove at least half the banks. Do we really need a Regions less than a mile from another Regions? Do we really need 6 banks within a mile of each other?

  82. 146

    Vickie Cobb

    Yes it is! If Trussville residents will support Trussville businesses the way Homewood does every business would prosper

  83. 147

    Vonne McDonald McAnnally

    Hey, I am thrilled about Edgar’s but I don’t want
    anything to happen to the businesses that have always been here.

  84. 148

    Lisa McCarty

    There goes my beach body

  85. 150

    Emily Hurst Perry

    Jake Perry Amanda Glidewell Stephanie Mattox Hurst Samantha M. Hurst

  86. 151

    Amanda Glidewell

    Just read that! Tracy Mattox McDonald

  87. 152

    Sonya Smith

    Crystal Morgan Walker don’t tell Josh!

  88. 153

    Crystal Morgan Walker

    He already knows! I’m doomed.

  89. 154

    Marc Ward

    Love that last line!

  90. 155
  91. 158

    Donna Ogle Earwood

    I found the article Avivi Osborne Behel, it will be where Sticks and Stuff was.

  92. 159

    La'Shara Gentry Long

    Mac Gentry-Stinson April Pinkie I’m bout sick of y’all!

  93. 160

    Sandra Long

    I might be in trouble now!!!

  94. 162

    Leah Scharf Miller

    Yes! Not artificial strawberry flavor either. I’d rather have the good, quality stuff😜

  95. 166

    Gina Atkins

    It’s about time! Glad it’ll be downtown.

  96. 167

    Mac Gentry-Stinson

    LOL!!! Weezzzzz about to blow up over here on the Eastside of town!!! 💰💰💰 April P. she can’t stop our stunting!!! LOL!!!!! La’La’Shara Gentry Long

  97. 168

    April Pinkie

    Mac Gentry-Stinson They didn’t like us when we were grinding like Puff… now we are shining like Diddy 😂😂😂

  98. 169

    Joe Ellis

    Can’t wait!!!

  99. 170

    La'Shara Gentry Long

    Fink I am dead!!! 😂😂😂

  100. 171

    Mac Gentry-Stinson

    April…….I’m screaming!!! Too darn funny & so true!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  101. 173
  102. 174

    Ann Brown

    Great News Thanks Tribune!!!!

  103. 175

    Jocelyn James

    Yeah I saw this! Excited !!

  104. 177

    Jennifer Ford Snyder

    Well…we are in lease negotiations right now to open a Great Harvest Bread Co downtown as well…so I guess there will be lots to choose from!

  105. 178

    Sharon Deason Davis

    I know!! And we have a Panera bread opening soon, and a Zoe’s! And hobby lobby and ulta already opened!!

  106. 179

    Laura Wilson

    Sharon Deason Davis I’ll be going SHOPPING when I come visit!

  107. 180

    Sharon Deason Davis

    I don’t believe you anymore when you say you’re going to visit. You tease me.

  108. 181

    Laura Wilson

    Sharon Deason Davis girl, don’t think I’ve cancelled because I wanted to. I just don’t have any money so come to think of it, i won’t be shopping because we will have to save up to even get there first. lol

  109. 182

    Sharon Deason Davis

    lol I get it. Been borrowing from peter to pay Paul myself.

  110. 183

    Amanda Wideman

    Renee Gordon Boshell
    Emily Wideman

  111. 184
  112. 185

    Robbie Inabnit Lynch

    Yes The Rabbit’s strawberry cake is the best thing I’ve ever tasted!!! 😋

  113. 188
  114. 189

    Cynthia Toole Woodfin

    Cindy Shackelford dies this make you happy?

  115. 190

    Cindy Shackelford

    Indeed!!! 😍😍😍😍

  116. 191

    Cindy Graves Carroll

    Woo Hoo, I can hardly wait! Love to bake but the older I get the better I love just letting Edgar’s do it!

  117. 194

    Kathy H. Williams

    Sharon, this is going to be great.

  118. 196

    Joy Reaves Dollar

    Me, too…Cindy Cindy Newsome Holley! i have been craving petit fours for a while and havent been able to find one.

  119. 197

    Cherie Noel Billingsley

    We have them at The Three Earred Rabbit

  120. 199

    Emily Fields

    The Three Eared Rabbit has a great bakery with amazing baker.

  121. 200

    Susan Underwood Fuller

    This is fantastic news!!! Trussville needs a bakery in the worst way!!! I never can find a place close by to get high quality baked goods!

  122. 201

    Susan Underwood Fuller

    I have lived in Trussville for 43 years and have never been to the Three Eared Rabbit and did not know that they made cakes. Actually, I don’t know what they have there. Do they advertise? I have looked for places to get good quality cakes and never knew that they made cakes.

  123. 203

    Ian Maddox

    There is another way of looking at this. More business coming to Trussville period and downtown specifically is exactly one of the reasons the city is able to push forward its downtown redevelopment plan that includes massive infrastructure improvements. Sidewalks, parking, lighting, a grant program for facade improvements for existing business. An eventual amphitheater for small, outdoor performances right on Pinchgut creek. All of this means lots of people coming downtown to shop, eat, play. From that perspective the city is bending over backwards to help drive business (for old/existing and new) and create a new culture downtown.

  124. 204

    Joy Thompson Smith

    When God answers prayers but you’re back on weight watchers! I’ll take still lol! Angela McRae-Hooks

  125. 205

    Shelia Livingston Lowery

    Agree. I’ve eaten there many times. Thanks.

  126. 206

    Tina Marbut Bowlin

    Woo hoo! Won’t have to drive so far!

  127. 207

    Josh Juli Turner

    Jodi Billings yeah they are opening up one close to me!:)

  128. 208

    Shante Ross

    LaShundra Atkins Giles

  129. 209

    Angela McRae-Hooks

    I saw that and thought about you 😂

  130. 210

    Jodi Billings

    I cannot wait!!!!! Will be open by the end of May? Lol! I’m pretty jealous

  131. 211

    Josh Juli Turner

    Unfortunately not until 2018.

  132. 212

    Jodi Billings

    Whoa that’s way too far away

  133. 213
  134. 214

    Beverly Elders Cross

    I think where sticks and stuff use to be

  135. 215

    Amanda Viikinsalo

    Kristen Knight Viikinsalo walking distance!!

  136. 217

    Kristen Knight Viikinsalo

    I smell BIG TROUBLE Amanda Viikinsalo!!!

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