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    Chuck Browning

    He can’t do anything to stop it anyway, CP is a lost cause. CP didn’t want to incorporate till it was too late and that was and still is the problem.

  2. 3

    Kevin Small

    Maybe if the mayor had made public safety a priority this last 3 or so years rather than his revenue generating stop sign cameras, this city would not be the dumpster fire it is.
    If he was concerned, he’d be putting deputies on the street rather than “public safety” officers watching stop sign footage.

  3. 4

    Susan Stubblefield Jacobs

    No wonder the money has come from traffic cams, I don’t come to a complete stop due to the violence in Center Point. It doesn’t have any well known gas stations and is run over with Title loan and pawn shops. It is sad and depressing to ride through there.

  4. 5

    Daniel Ingram

    Payday loans, pawn shops, and crappy fastfood. And all the little shops that feed on all the welfare money paid out in Centerpoint. Too much section 8 housing. You have too many people that didn’t earn anything they have, so they don’t value anything. Greater police presence is what’s needed.

  5. 6

    Lance Moon

    Center point became Birmingham ‘s bitch

  6. 7

    Lance Moon

    Birmingham had to get rid of the low income house before they could start marketing the lofts so they made a deal with Centerpoint leadership. They sold the city like slaves. When I sold my house I should have made about 50 thousand on that investment but after the city’s actions I cleared 1000 after closing. City leader should be ashamed.

  7. 8

    Ethan Sullens

    Laughable. He’s only speaking because… How can he not? It’s in the spotlight. He’ll forgot about the people again. What a chump.

  8. 9

    Eric Price

    We need more traffic cameras.

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