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  1. 1

    Crystal Duncan

    Suesan Dobbins Flowers, this is what you passed this morning.

  2. 2

    Ashley LyShea Farmer

    Brian Jones tell paw paw no more

  3. 3

    Patricia Padgett Towles

    Very sad but not surprised. Stay prayed up!!

  4. 4

    Katrina Hays

    Becca Bradford Reeves

  5. 5

    John Elmore

    Not a surprise. Guess the mayor could watch this from his window across the street.

  6. 6

    Harold Clements

    Pat Clements here’s your answer .

  7. 8

    Suesan Dobbins Flowers

    YUP. Sad that things like this happen in our surrounding communities.

  8. 9

    Melodie Griffin Garner

    So sad to see this area deteriorate. I grew up there and it was a wonderful place at the time. Prayers for the victim of this senseless crime.

  9. 10

    Glenda Weaver Johnson

    It’s getting not safe to even drive thru Center Point any more.

  10. 11

    Scott White

    Center Point has become North Birmingham.. no value for life and nothing but drugs and crime.

  11. 12

    Brian Jones

    I will..that’s why I don’t like him going to that ghetto JetPep across from the rock school to save a penny on gas. Scott and I went there once an African American drove up radio blasting. Got out of car and TWO handguns fell out of car on the ground! Scott said get us the fuck out of here! You can get surrounded by all those ghetto loud cars there.

  12. 13

    Jennifer McRae Copeland

    My daughter worked right there near the jet pep last year at a dental office…was soooo glad when she quit and went somewhere else!!!

  13. 15

    Amy Nesbitt Brackett

    I will never go to CenterPoint for anything again!! Its not even safe to drive thru there much less shop there . They have hardly any places to shop bc businesses are either going under or do not want to go there in the first place.

  14. 16

    Bob Hood

    Teresa Williams Hood

  15. 17

    Kevin Small

    Maybe if the Mayor and Council cared as much about public safety as they did who’s running the stop sign on Polly Reed road…
    They are supposedly making a killing off of the scameras. Maybe they could use some of that money and actually protect their citizens instead of claiming all this crime is in Birmingham and not CP.

  16. 18

    Gwen Lackey

    Can t even find words to describe this town or any other place in Birmingham, it is real sad , people go and Rob kill and destroy to see some action , and get away with, oh Lord help these people to wake up and make American nice again, the Cry for these battles

  17. 19

    William Hawkins

    Center Point has gone to hell what a shame was a sweet little town to grow up inbreaks my heart to see how bad is now

  18. 20

    Myla Thomas

    And there are still great folks living there, know quite a few. Worry about them a lot.

  19. 21

    Greg Widick

    If they haven’t caught the perpetrator and know where he is from yet what does It have to do with Centerpoint? People travel to do crime in all places .

  20. 22

    Wesley Gooch

    Just hoping he’s not a Claytition

  21. 23

    Greg Widick

    We have our share I’m sure . Lol .

  22. 24

    Cherri Barrett

    First Center Point…then Pinson…then Clay…get ready Trussville. Spoke to a young man in Moody yesterday at a gas station. He needed money for gas. He was on the way to Carrington to get his drugs.

  23. 26

    Vickie Cobb

    They need to quit worrying about monuments and straighten out their hoods,

  24. 28

    Chuck Browning

    Agree but it does aggravate me when crime happens in Huffman and they report CP

  25. 31

    Amy Stewart

    I’m sure the mayor is shocked

  26. 32

    Wrandy Sasser

    Who ever it was probably lived close by. He knew what time the clerk would be opening the store. Probably not coincidental.

  27. 33

    Sam Modder

    That’s terrible. I only like stories where the good guys shoot the bad guys.

  28. 34

    Briana Moore

    Curious how many of those traffic tickets are actually paid. Issuing them and actually collecting on them are two totally different things.

  29. 35

    Kevin Small

    Most everyone I know throws them away since the private company had not authority to collect other than threatening letters and harassing phone calls.

  30. 36

    Charles McDaniel

    Would love to see a reverse situation.

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