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    Patricia Hill Canning

    What do you like to eat there?

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  5. 15

    Lauren Elise Tatum

    I just read it and it is tomorrow and here I thought I was going to bring my lunch? πŸ™„

  6. 17

    Tara Shinkle

    Joshua Hunt!!!!! We must go soon!!!

  7. 18

    Kathleen Alfano Latham

    Jeri Bagley Sharen Street Alfano!!!!

  8. 19

    Marie Ash Jones

    Kristin Best Thrasher & Stacey Capps Tucker it will now Panera Friday’s!

  9. 20

    Debby Pearson

    What is good there? Suggestions?

  10. 23

    Markitha HarrIs

    They cinnamon crunch bagels is the best with walnut cream cheese

  11. 24

    Michelle Burr Crocker

    Yasssss!!!!!!!!!! Bring it on Panera!!!!!

  12. 26

    Denika Whitt-McCall

    I am excited lol

  13. 29

    Kristin Best Thrasher

    Heck yeah love it 😍😍

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    Lydia Christina

    Roy Clarkson opens tomorrow

  16. 32

    Teresa Spann Hames

    Everything, broccoli and cheese soup is my favorite and their turkey bravo sandwich is delicious just to name a few

  17. 34

    Shelia Livingston Lowery

    Have wanted this to happen in Trussville for years!!!! Finally!!

  18. 38

    Danielle McCoy

    Oh Lawd!! I can taste the asiago bagels now

  19. 39

    Jennifer Miller

    Lunch after Ulta Friday πŸ™‚

  20. 41

    Scott Key

    Oh I see me some bagels coming

  21. 42

    Debby Pearson

    Teresa Spann Hames thanks!

  22. 43

    SueAnn McQuade Ballard

    I heard the soups are awesome… I’m looking forward to trying them.

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    Teresa Hutson

    Pam Kennedy Friday’s lunch

  25. 48

    Janice Gafnea Gallagher

    Looking so forward to eating at Panera..

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    Janet Nelson Eubanks

    Love the broccoli cheese soup, and bakery goods!

  27. 53

    Janet Nelson Eubanks

    SueAnn, the broccoli-cheese is the best.

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    Debbie Goins Baker

    Dawn Baker Dawana Kat Baker

  29. 56

    Lauren Suttle Gilmer

    Emily Hurst Perry I hope you’re going to try the mac n cheese

  30. 58

    Janet Wages Cisco

    Cinnamon crunch bagels are scrumptious!!

  31. 62

    Scott White

    They are also putting in a Edgar’s Bakery where the old Stix & Stuff was

  32. 63

    Patience Kleber Itson

    Todd Itson weekend food set!

  33. 64

    April McCoy Rundle

    The soups are fantastic! Try them all.

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    Tonya Taylor

    Stephanie Adair you probably already saw this but just in case.

  36. 68

    Deidra Smith

    Jeannie Alsabrook Greer

  37. 69

    Sherina Evins

    Cinnamon crunch bagels

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