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    Harriet Marrs Mattox

    Philip Jones, Taylor Palmer, Parker Jones

  2. 3

    John Alex Floyd

    We were in the top 10. What happened?

  3. 4

    Scott Buttram

    At least once in the last two years, we weren’t ranked at all because the data was not available to meet the criteria. Also, in years past, magnet schools were not included. This year there are 4 magnet schools in the top 10. That’s rather ironic since the article says, “RTI implemented the U.S. News comprehensive rankings methodology, which is based on these key principles: that a great high school must serve all of its students well, not just those who are college bound…”

  4. 5

    John Alex Floyd

    Good pints but we were at one time number 6 in the state. I do not want our academics to slip. As you know we need to be a leader not a follower of great education progress in this state.

  5. 6

    Meg O'Neal Pritchard

    Awesome job teachers and administrators!

  6. 7

    Brenda Townsend

    Great !!!!! Wonderful school !!

  7. 8

    Lynn Speck Brown

    Cheryl Speck Schoen good picture of the high school

  8. 9

    Scott Walls

    They were just twelve off. Not too bad.

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  10. 13

    Sandy Parker

    Long time go I was here in school 1987

  11. 15

    Kim Parrish

    We all know it’s better than 13th…IJS ☺️

  12. 16

    Carl Musulman

    if anyone remembersthe planning meetings for wen we broke away from jeff county…the goal based on income of trussville and other factors was between 6th to 8th in the state….so we are kind of under achieving. good news is the system as a whole is usually in the top ten!!

  13. 17

    Barry Wilson

    …but there’s only 13 high schools in Alabama!

  14. 18

    Niki Dill

    Hate to burst anyone’s bubble, but my freshman year we were #5….and there are only 13 high schools in Alabama…

  15. 19

    Niki Dill

    Further, every year after we were AT LEAST in the top 10…not to mention the legendary Dr. Mark Kirkemier was the Principal at the time…Come on Huskies, you can do better than that!!!

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