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    Ron Hyche

    This is one messed up area. These little pop up cities are unique.Gardendale does not want the DOJ in their business but Center Point invites the DOJ in their business. I wonder if the City of Pinson could get the DOJ to be at the head of the table also., Then we would be one happy family in the pop up city connection.

  2. 2

    Kevin Small

    I don’t think this city has 12 to 26 months. What a ridiculous do nothing Mayor and council.
    And while it is easy to look down our noses at Centerpoint, this failed leadership is putting residents lives in danger and hurst the surrounding cities who are trying to do right by their citizens.

  3. 3

    Paul Pale Coney

    Too many Blacks in Centerpoint

  4. 4

    Sharon Blackwood Wilbourn

    Ridiculous, if Barlow doesn’t like what you say he threatens to throw you out. I’d like to thank Raymond Olan for sticking up for me and others when Barlow tried his bullying. Some of us aren’t intimidated by him. After the meeting our Mayor said on 42news that we all just need to settle down.

  5. 5

    Matthew Richardson

    Just 3 shooting incidents this year brings DOJ to Center Point? Yet Birmingham has had dozens.

  6. 6

    Matthew Richardson

    It used to be an awesome place. Skate Haven was the place to be back in the day. Hit the 25¢ Hamburger Stand and cruise the parkway. Sure there were usually a couple parking lot fights every weekend. We were kids that fought like men. We didn’t need guns. It’s a damn shame what has become of Center Point!!

  7. 7

    Matthew Richardson

    Is there anything that all these shootings have in common? I know the mayor says “This could have been any city”, but I can’t help but think that all these shootings have some common link.

  8. 8

    Sharon Blackwood Wilbourn

    A mayor and most of the council that don’t care. Also while the city of Birmingham is cleaning up their city they are giving vouchers for section 8 housing to those that lived In the public housing there and sending them to CP. Get ready cause Birmingham is shutting down another and sending more to CP.

  9. 9

    Matthew Richardson

    While I agree the people running the city seem like kids playing house, I think your second explanation is the bigger issue.

  10. 10

    Laura Wilson

    These are all kids who think it’s “cool” to have, show off and play with guns. These are kids who to “fit in” are expected or dared to carry a gun, or even shoot someone and if they don’t they are “gay” or “soft” etc. This is the problem and this is a problem that I don’t think a city can fix. I don’t think a city should have to fix it. When I was younger, my parents taught me not to play with guns and also WHY I shouldn’t play with guns…and I didn’t. I understand having them for protection or for hunting, but just to have a 14 year old carrying around a gun to look cool in front of their friends? That’s where the problem is.

  11. 11

    Kevin Small

    This could have happened in any city? Really? The. mayor Tom, why doesn’t it happen in other cities. It’s not happening in Clay or Pinson or Fultondale or any of the bigger cities. It is happening in Centerpoint while you guys are focusing on stop signs, people are getting killed.

  12. 12

    Tere Vermillion Sizemore

    My parents were forced out of their neighborhood in 2000. They didn’t want to leave just because the neighborhood was changing but the new “neighbors” didn’t like them and started spray painting nasty graffiti in front of the house. Graffiti that the grandkids could not be exposed to. They had to leave after 31 years in CP. The new type of neighbors were and are the issue.
    Get rid of section 8 and bad mortgages to people who can’t afford them.

  13. 13

    Scott White

    What do you suggest?

  14. 14

    Scott White

    Three in the last couple of weeks.

  15. 15

    Scott White

    Get out if the Birmingham city corporation. I lived at RainTree in the 80’s. I would not drive through it now in a armored vehicle

  16. 16

    Joe Domnanovich

    Center Point could move their Revenue Cams to the high crime areas where they will do some good.

  17. 17

    Gwendolyn Wardlow

    It’s going to get bad everywhere people. You can’t run from it. You can’t outspend it. Mankind cannot direct their own steps, mankind will dominate mankind to his injury and the love of your fellow man will continue to cool off. People move to a “better” neighborhood just to exchange one type of crime for another. Living next door to someone who swindles folks out of their retirement is no more no honorable than living next door to someone who’s a purse snatcher in the “hood”.

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