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Amerex awarded prestigious safety award in Alabama

From Trussville Tribune staff reports

TRUSSVILLEAmerex was awarded April 28 for its outstanding 2016 worker safety record by the Alabama Department of Labor and Manufacture Alabama, the state’s manufacturing trade association.

The awards were presented at Manufacture Alabama’s Safety/Human Resources/Health Conference, an annual event providing instructions and demonstrations to manufacturers on how to improve safety programs.

“No element of the manufacturing process is more important than worker safety, and this Manufacture Alabama safety conference and awards program is in line with our association’s commitment to helping our member companies achieve competitive excellence in all areas,” George Clark, Manufacture Alabama’s president, said.

“We’re proud of the outstanding record of Alabama’s manufacturing community in providing employees with a safe and healthy working environment. And we congratulate Amerex on its safety achievements, along with the many others with superb safety records who participate in our safety awards program.”

Of the 57 awards program participants, Amerex is one of 31 companies that received an award for operating the most divisional hours with the fewest accidents in the state of Alabama.


  1. Mike Michael Boatwright

  2. Our company just celebrated 11 years accident free.

  3. Logan Johnson needs to show them what he has to offer!

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