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    Jennifer McRae Copeland

    Why would she die from just a gunshot wound to the leg???

  2. 3

    Jennifer McRae Copeland

    Only thing I can figure is loss of blood. That is just strange..sad but strange

  3. 4

    Jonathan Orr

    You have a main artery in both legs more than likely the bullet hit that artery and she bled out

  4. 5

    Sam Modder

    There is a large blood vessel called the Femoral Artery in the upper leg. Perforate that artery and unless there is a field medic nearby, your odds of survival are not good.

  5. 6

    Susanna Renee

    Another woman was shot last night on 1st ave and its life threatening she was also shot in leg

  6. 9

    Laurie Pryor Brockman

    Not strange at all !! As the man said above, you have main arteries running from the heart. If one if those is punctured, perforated….or shot…..the leg will bleed profusely , unless it is stopped quickly !! It doesn’t take long with the heart continually pumping the blood

  7. 10

    Laurie Pryor Brockman

    It’s tragic that at a family gathering, people can’t put their guns away in a safe place. That’s what is crazy ! So sorry for the loss of this girls life.

  8. 11

    Jennifer McRae Copeland

    Yeah makes sense.. didn’t think of it like that..so sad

  9. 13

    Susan Morris

    So very sad. Shootings have got to stop!

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