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  1. 2

    Anthony Catalano

    😮😮😮well well!!

  2. 3

    Scott White

    These girls deserve to finish win or lose.. glad it worked out..

  3. 6

    Melissa Watson Boshell

    The ability to compromise is a great human quality!

  4. 7

    Angela Bright-tatum

    That’s would’ve been a hard decision! Glad Gardendale let them reschedule.

  5. 8

    Scott Crooks

    Do they only have 11 players on the team ?

  6. 9

    Stacey Porter Smith

    Yes we only have 11 players on varsity and one of them is a 8th grader.

  7. 10

    Samantha Ballard Tingle

    One eighth grader is not terrible though! Our oak grove team starts 3 eighth graders on varsity on regular basis we only have 3 upper class men on the team of 11!

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