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  1. 1

    Laura Tarrant Braithwaite

    Oh my goodness Betty Bradley thank you so much I get so tired of all that in my yard!!

  2. 2

    Pat Yarbrough Buzbee

    Does anyone know the phone number you call to stop delivery on these. I get two or three a week it seems.

  3. 3

    Drake Riley

    I wish Trussville would follow

  4. 4

    Sheila Isabell Wood

    I so wish Trussville would do it.

  5. 5

    Perry Seahorn

    Would love for Clay to follow.

  6. 6

    Desiree' Lane Ellis

    I am so tired of them. We pick them up and send straight to recycle bin. Total waste

  7. 7

    Scott Key

    I hate those people! I wouldn’t buy anything from anybody in that plastic bag

  8. 8

    Scott White

    Will Trussville do this? So tired of getting this paper in the blue wrapping.

  9. 9

    Janice Richardson

    I am glad to see this… just leaves a mess in the neighborhood.

  10. 11

    Peggy Wall

    Clay, please stop them

  11. 12

    Joni Waltner Ellington

    I’ve tried stopping and calling does not help. They do it anyway!

  12. 13

    Joni Waltner Ellington

    I wish Trussville would do that!!!

  13. 14

    Lindsey Larson

    Ive called more times than I can count and I have stopped the people as they drive by and tell them stop….I still get them

  14. 15

    Matt Coleman

    Wish trussville would do this also .i consider it littering crap goes right in the trash

  15. 16

    Gerald Hicks

    I am requesting our Mayor and CC to consider the same ordinance. Trash.

  16. 17

    Kathy Sills

    Yayay..i wish trussville would follow

  17. 18

    Mary Sue Stevens Landman

    Trussville needs this also.

  18. 19

    Ruth Breda

    I drive from Clay to Trussville to work. If you live in route of my travel then I would be happy to pick them up out of your yard. I plan my shopping by the sales ads and clip coupons. They aren’t consistent with throwing mine 🙁

  19. 21

    Chuck Biddinger

    I hope they make you opt in to get the paper in your yard.

  20. 22

    Glenda Gilligan

    Come on Trussville do it! We’re up to two a week!

  21. 23

    Gail Smith Wright

    Great idea! Now let’s stop junk mail, and junk phone calls!

  22. 24

    Jan Hudson

    Way to go Argo!!! Trussville needs to do this! I have emailed 3 times and called the Bham News 2 times and told them to stop throwing the junk in my driveway!! Still happening! I’m about ready to sit in my driveway with a baseball bat! Lol!

  23. 25

    Matthew Allen

    Opting in or out does absolutely no good. I get two sales papers a week from them and I’ve asked multiple times to opt out, to no avail.

  24. 27

    Kevin Wilson

    This is good thanks, but now can we work on the overgrown abandoned homes and junk cars in the yards with grass growing up thru them.

  25. 29

    John Patterson

    It IS littering. No other business would be allowed to do it. I do wonder why advertisers continue to buy space. Nobody reads it.. All this said, I do feel sorry for the Birmingham News. Their cheese moved and they didn’t follow.

  26. 30

    Steve Turner

    Trussville needs to do this as well.

  27. 31

    Dave Green

    Take notice City of Pelham and Alabaster!

  28. 32

    Chris Yow

    Hopefully this ordinance will be a way to curb the issue.

  29. 34

    Phillip Nelson

    Thanks for taking action Mayor Bradley. It’s obvious how much you care for Argo and its citizens.

  30. 36

    Chuck Biddinger

    I do NOT click on al..com links. Why give them a link that they can charge for more ads,

  31. 37

    Steve Green

    We have the same thing in Huntsville.

  32. 38

    Richard Hitchcock

    Believe me, if there weren’t enough people who wanted and looked forward to the paper, it wouldn’t be there. As one who advertises I constantly try to monitor the effectiveness of our advertising money (To the best I can. The old quip comes to mind, “Half my advertising works, I just don’t know which half!”)

    As a consumer, I would like all my news sources to be ad free. Why have glaring advertising every time I read the Trussville Tribune, Birmingham News or Wall Street Journal? (Online or print!). But, that’s the engine which keeps my costs down for receiving information. Every time I turn on the TV, drive down the highway or open my mailbox I get unsolicited information. Most of the time I ignore or chunk. However, I consider it a fair part of living in a capitalistic society where businesses are jockeying for my money.

    There is a lot of unsolicited information we receive that, at one point in time, does not impact 98% of the people. But the 2% who want and/or need that unsolicited information at that moment pay the bills. Think, no one pays attention to ads for new roofs until the day after a hail storm.

    I’m going to assume most Argo shopping dollars are spent outside of Argo. So there won’t be any local complaint to stopping this form of advertising. But, take away all unsolicited advertising and we will be living in a different society. Watch what you wish.

    Ya’ get a free newspaper in your yard? Throw it away. It’s not a big deal. And, there are enough who like it.

  33. 39

    John Patterson

    Thanks for the other view Richard. It did make me think. By the way, I know you are out of town. If you wish, I will run by your house and pick up those papers so it won’t be so obvious you aren’t home. 😉

  34. 40

    Tim Cole

    Trussville Mayor Buddy Choat – get this done! Tired of picking this crap up out of my driveway!

  35. 41

    Richard Hitchcock

    Thanks. Put them on my front door…my wife will be looking for them!

  36. 42

    Ryan Jennings

    People ask me all the time why the Tribune is in old classic newstand boxes, and the schools and city halls and chambers. THIS is the reason. Our print circ numbers may not be through the roof, but the ones we print get taken by choice which is better for the advertisers. The more I talk to people in Trussville Pinson and Clay, the more I realize we are becoming their number 1 source for local news. My HOA president told me 3 days ago about getting stuck in an accident on 59, and without hesitation he went to the Tribune Facebook page because he knew for a fact we would already be on top of it. This is one of many stories Ive heard from our residents. These papers being thrown in our driveways (in my opinion) are a huge hastle. If I stopped at the mailbox every day like people did 20 years ago, it would be easy to grab the paper while i was out of my car. Now all my bills are paid online, so i check the mailbox once or twice a week at random. So its even more frustrating having to walk out there only to chunk it. Also very selfishly, getting rid of this in Trussville would actually help our paper continue becoming more people’s number one source of local news. As always Mr. Hitchcock, you are very appreciated and your ad dollars are as well. The new building and location is a great benefit for our community!

  37. 43

    Richard Hitchcock

    Ryan, you are welcome and thanks for the compliment.

    The Trussville Tribune is a wonderful addition for Trussville. And we like being part of what you’re doing. My comments had no quibble with it. My observations were to give another take on another paper (like you admitted, your competitor).

    There are times when your coverage of news has to be very careful – like when you’re commenting on another paper. As one said it, “Truth is a fickle damsel; she may be wedded to accuracy but often consorts with legend”.

    I should have also said that I’m a paid subscriber to the Birmingham News and have been for 27 years. I don’t receive a “free” unsolicited paper so maybe my opinion is jaded.

    Again, thanks for what you do. Keep up the good work!

  38. 44

    Ryan Jennings

    We are working hard every day to take it to the next level! Thanks for your support and belief in us! And . . . . Was a pleasure to finally meet you weekend before last. Casa Fiesta is one of our favorites.

  39. 45

    Maria Walters Guttery

    Wish Trussville would do this

  40. 46

    Nita Stabile Jones

    Can Trussville do this too???

  41. 47

    Scott Buttram

    Just to clarify, I’m not sure these are actual newspapers being thrown in the yards. I think, for the most part, they’re just sales circulars wrapped in a single piece of broadsheet.

  42. 48

    Ryan Jennings

    Well Ive got 3 in my driveway right now. I’ll let you know.

  43. 49

    Matthew Allen

    There aren’t many true newspapers being tossed in yards that are unsolicited. Over the Mountain Journal is a notable exception, but of course, it’s not thrown north of Red Mountain. We get two throw each week from AMG, one in a blue bag and another in a pink bag. I just pick them up and throw them away. It’s annoying, but I’m generally not in favor of government regulations that adversely affect the newspaper industry (and, yes, I realize there are non-media companies that can throw crap in our yards as well).

  44. 50

    James D. Dunn

    Tuscaloosa News got on that kick a few years ago. I requested they stop , to no avail. i finally collected about twenty of these fish wrappers and went to the TNews office and threw them in the door. They got the message.

  45. 51

    Kelly Gramling Till

    The best part of my dog’s day is playing with the newspaper in the yard

  46. 52

    Angie Foust

    Can we Please Please get that passed in Trussville/Clay

  47. 53

    Leslie Speakman

    Birmingham news. Call them and tell them you don’t want it at your house anymore​.

  48. 54

    Leslie Speakman

    Call the Birmingham news. They are the ones doing this. Tell them you no longer want the EXTRA paper.

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