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  1. 1

    Jeremy Bank Cash

    Colt Reese Are you participating in this?

  2. 3

    Terra McLaughlin

    Stephanie Rutter Natasha W. Frantz Natalie Hinds

  3. 6

    Danielle Howard

    Yessss! Stephanie Lovelady

  4. 9

    Kameron Perkins

    Jill Perkins Cary Perkins

  5. 10

    Stephanie Rutter

    Omg yay! Yesss lets go!!

  6. 13

    Shelly Wiles Smith

    Taylor Brooke Smith Les Smith Haley Jordan Smith

  7. 14

    Casey Corcoran McFarling

    Maggie Reddick Corcoran we can take the kids

  8. 16

    Lori Bowers Tucker

    Jessica Pickering Jacob Pickering

  9. 17

    Jennifer Bishop Meadows

    Carley Beth Earnest Casey Downey Schleicher lets take the kiddos!

  10. 18

    T'Mya R. Cunningham

    Tanisha Danzy Toniesha Johnson Keke Cunningham Kiera Fitts Cynthia Carroll

  11. 20

    Lauren McKenzie Helms

    Haleigh MaryAnna Mitchell Claire Brien we should go this summer!

  12. 21

    Toniesha Johnson

    Brittney M. Williams Erica Oliver

  13. 25

    Cicily Welch Mobley

    Something To Do In Birmingham

  14. 27

    Anna Smith Shaw

    Oh my! We must go to this!! 🍴

  15. 32

    Something To Do In Birmingham

    Yes! We read about this exciting news this evening!!

  16. 34

    Gregory L Varner

    Amanda Jordan Jonathan Smith

  17. 37

    Schelereia Perry

    I saw this last night lol ill be there

  18. 40

    Neal Miller

    Jameshia Miller Shatittla Eubanks Smith Antonio Smith

  19. 42
  20. 47

    Laura McCants Reddick- Reichert

    The one in August will be on August 19 and the theme will be on art. Any artists in about the Trussville area: if you are interested in showing/selling your art work contact me via email at artypants@aol.com

  21. 48

    JaKiria Jordan

    Ima check again to see the actual dates

  22. 49

    Kaytlin Hanson

    so are you all involved in this event? like what? prophetic reading? or just being there?

  23. 50

    Shatittla Eubanks Smith

    Yes! 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾

  24. 53

    Janina J Larsen

    I’m sure it will be extremely crowded and to stand in a long line in the hot summer, I will probably pass. Too bad it’s not in the Fall. Hopefully maybe?

  25. 54

    Jesse Cole Bonham

    Jennifer Bonham Reeves Dana Kilcoyne White

  26. 55

    Ashleigh Silas

    Daniele Flaccavento Duke

  27. 56

    Ashleigh Silas

    Daniele Flaccavento Duke

  28. 57

    Ashley Nicole

    Audry Jelks-Montgomery

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