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    Pamela Bihun

    Renee Hicks Holloway

  3. 12

    Tamieka Croskey

    Wonder why the schools hadn’t sent an automated message

  4. 13

    MrsNette Dowdell

    Oh my !!! I didn’t get a call or nothing… 😑😑😑

  5. 14

    Sherina Evins

    That’s why I tagged you. My first thought…..I wonder if she know what’s going on!

  6. 15

    MrsNette Dowdell

    Thank you girl, I just call the school , they put me on hold.. 😑😑😑

  7. 20

    Kim Nguyen

    Hau Ant Huynh have you heard anything about this?

  8. 21

    Beth Wycoff Louden

    I just saw an email from the elementary school that the soft lock down was lifted at 8:50

  9. 22

    LaKesha Jackson

    Y didn’t they call? Normally Mr. Lee records a msg & sends it out. I’m not surprised tho. They drop the ball on several important issues.

  10. 23

    Chris Clark

    Have they caught the person yet?

  11. 27

    Tara Monk Preston

    Was wondering if there was any updates? My dad called me when he heard about it this morning, worried about my kids. I only got an email from the school say they had the lock down.

  12. 28

    Chris Clark

    Thanks it sounded way to close se to my house.

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