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    Michele Pond Byars

    Debbie Richardson Conner, have you seen this?

  2. 6

    Philip Sharpe

    Isn’t he one of the ones the kids protested over being let go last year? Kids duped by a “friendly” teacher and some parents who blindly support their kids.

  3. 7

    Dana Lardent

    Bad reporting. The superintendent said there is no real evidence of wrong-doing. The parents may not be so “blind”.

  4. 8

    Maggie Thomas

    Really…you just assume the parents “blindly” support their kids or that the kids were duped?

  5. 9

    Maggie Thomas

    Another article states “Superintendent Pouncey said there was no real evidence of wrongdoing, but he did say there was poor judgment used and immature behavior on the part of the teacher.”

  6. 10

    Maggie Thomas

    This article even says the reason for his resignation hasn’t been confirmed at this time.

  7. 11

    Angela Kiker

    As one of the parents, I know I was not being blindly supportive, as I did have a problem with his age and, AT TIMES, his maturity level. I also know the kids weren’t duped by the teacher. There is a lot left out of this story, so don’t be so quick to judge if you don’t know the situation.

  8. 12

    Jennifer Johnston Langley

    Mike Butts Wendy Schuffert Butts

  9. 13

    Tristin LaBree Farley

    I knew there was something sketchy about him.

  10. 17

    Ashley Wilhite Hunt

    Melissa Gilmore Clark did you see this?

  11. 18

    Ashley Wilhite Hunt

    Melissa Gilmore Clark did you see this?

  12. 19

    Andrea Sivley

    Sarah Fry Hickman Robyn Ferguson Beasley have y’all seen this??

  13. 20

    Andrea Sivley

    Sarah Fry Hickman Robyn Ferguson Beasley have y’all seen this??

  14. 25

    Melissa Gilmore Clark

    I did Ashley Wilhite Hunt. We actually found out about it earlier in the week before this aired. Its very sad but unfortunately true.

  15. 26

    Bill Dooley

    The Sheriffs Dept got to do a investigation now

  16. 27

    Philip Sharpe

    Poor judgement and immature behavior, I’m not referring to anything else.
    And yes anyone who protested in support of him being rehired last year were duped. As proven by the fact he is being fired by the school and now investigated by law enforcement. Let’s just hope “poor judgement” and “immature behavior” is all they find.

  17. 28

    Bill Dooley

    This is not bad reporting it’s on the tv stations. Tribune didn’t make this up

  18. 31

    Stephanie Day

    i know him! lol i wonder what he did

  19. 32

    Dana Lardent

    Philip Sharpe I could make false reports about you and you be investigated….being investigated isn’t equitable with guilt. Why don’t you ask your friend who knows him if the parents were “duped”. You have direct access to someone that KNOWS.

  20. 34

    Janice Archer Thomas

    Philip Sharpe where does it say he was fired? Maybe he just wants to move on.

  21. 35

    Philip Sharpe

    We can play the ignorant word game and you can play stupid if you want Janice.
    Inappropriate and immature behavior, as stated by the school board, which has lead to an investigation by authorities is why he no longer has a job.
    Dana you are right, investigated does not equal guilt. Those findings will come out later. Also I do not need to “phone a friend” to form my opinion based on the facts we now know. Just goes to show goes kids opinions should not be the deciding factor of ones character. And it seems some adults also.

  22. 36

    Stephanie Day

    He’s a really nice guy. Idk what he supposed did but I hope it isn’t anything drastic.

  23. 37

    Philip Sharpe

    I heard he’s a nice guy too. But apparently he has issues in exactly where to draw the line in the teacher/student relationship. And I’m not implying anything more than that before someone tries to state otherwise.

  24. 39

    Linda D. Crumpton

    IF this is true, what in the world is happening to our adults? These young ladies and young men AREN’T that “hot” that you can’t stop yourself from making sexual overtures! Most of these teachers and principals are married so that is not an excuse!

  25. 42

    Paul Pale Coney

    Physiognomy is real.

  26. 43

    Ronda Minnifield Henderson

    Titus Minnifield Trey Minnifield Debra Jem

  27. 45

    Jamie Lynn Naumann

    It is just so sad. He is an amazing teacher and hate this is happening to him

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