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    Sonya Yarbrough

    Best news I have heard for the last 2 years. She deserves what she gets. She is the most spiteful unprofessional teacher I have ever been around. The success was the players not her for sure. They couldn’t stand her but no student or parent had the guts to confront her. If u did u would have the same consequences as my child did. No she wasn’t the strongest ball player on the team but she damn sure wasn’t the weakest. From playing since she was 4yo until being bullied by this witch it changed her whole life. It changed her friends and basically devastated her. So, yes karma came bank around. Ms laurin watts u got what u so deserved.

  2. 3

    Georgie Rowan Allen

    WOW Pinson is cleaning house!

  3. 4

    Jeff Mills

    What happened to the soccer coaches?

  4. 6

    Faye Asmus

    They also did it this time last year.

  5. 7

    Angelica Headley

    Jill Cook Rutledgeabout time

  6. 8

    Kimberley Brown Aids

    Last year ended up being around 50% turnover…

  7. 9

    Curtis May

    If I were Ms. Yarbourgh, I would apologize for her hateful and venom filled stmts. While she has freedom to speak as she pleases, making statements such as these smell of a personal vendetta and could be seen as on the verge libel. I wonder what she is really upset about?

    The coach won games at a place that had struggled before. The real question should be asked of the school leaders. Seems that building another successful football program is taking at the expense of the non-revenue producing sports.

    The coach will be okay. After reading Ms. Yarbourgh’s comments, if I were a coach or teacher, I would be weary of the support they might or might not receive.

  8. 10

    Sonya Yarbrough

    U spoke ur opinion I spoke mine. I don’t have to apologize for anything I meant every word I said. Have a good day

  9. 11

    Kathy Reeves

    With all due respect… they let a winning coach go with two area titles, made it to regionals and has the most successful program in the history of the school! Seems like the football program is the focus and new coaches need positions.

  10. 15

    Ron Hyche

    Since the softball program had the upgrade in 2013 it looks like they would want a successful coach for the program. At least the people do not have to walk in mud to watch a softball game now. With no help from the City of Pinson for the upgrades.

  11. 16

    Frankie Urueta

    Coach Rodriquez will no longer be at the school next year because his Police program was cut and Coach Mason stepped down as girls coach.

  12. 17

    Kevin Small

    Is it just me or has PV been firing people like crazy

  13. 18

    Nicole Fisher

    She’s a terrible coach and a terrible person. I was a player for 2 years, I know from experience.

  14. 19

    Dawn Gamble

    I haven’t heard of anyone else being fired.

  15. 20

    Kevin Small

    They fired the band director and last year the fine arts teacher.

  16. 22

    Ron Hyche

    Ronda Minnifield Henderson Did you read where his attorney has filed papers? Maybe all the teachers at this school should wear body cameras and record all school activity during the day.

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