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    Daniel Ingram

    I thought Avondale was all African hair weave shops and adult video stores?

  2. 3

    Kenny Denham

    Clearly you haven’t been downtown in the last 5 years

  3. 4

    Daniel Ingram

    Avondale isn’t downtown. Avondale is just past Eastlake. Downtown wouldn’t be Avondale, it would be Birmingham… clearly.

  4. 5

    Cynthia Ray

    No, Woodlawn is just past Eastlake. Avondale is just next to downtown.

  5. 6

    Daniel Ingram

    Still dirty and ghetto.

  6. 7

    Judy Hulsey Acton

    It’s definitely not what you have in your mind.

  7. 8

    David Hard

    Tommy Alfano Michelle Alfano

  8. 9

    Jo Ann Milam

    Good Lord people!! This is AWESOME news!! So exciting. Actually in Avondale for dinner now; Can’t wait to see this happen! Thanks Mayor!!

  9. 10

    Elizabeth McKee

    Cheryl Stone-Hamilton William McKee Bev Sue Green-Herrington Kathleen Strickland

  10. 11

    Janet Nelson Eubanks

    Obviously, you haven’t been anywhere near Avondale in some time. It’s a growing foodie area with a fair amount of night life. Very community oriented.

  11. 12

    Holly Smith Winslett

    Ummm, we DO NOT want that crap out here!!!!

  12. 13

    Janice Gafnea Gallagher

    Bring it on. Hope happens sooner than Veterans Park. That’s laughable now.

  13. 14

    Hope Herrod

    What crap would that be?

  14. 16

    Holly Smith Winslett

    Hope Herrod oh honey , just by your FB page I’m pretty sure you know.

  15. 17

    Heather Roberson

    Having moved backed to Trussville after living in areas and cities like St. Louis, MO and Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin, TN over the last decade, I find this to be wonderful news! I’ve said for years that we need something like this in Trussville. I would love to know how I can become more involved in this development.

  16. 18

    Branden Saccomani

    I want that crap-lol…have you BEEN to Avondale??

  17. 19

    Eric Gay

    No locally-owned, family and pet-friendly restaurants and shops? No, we surely don’t want that in Trussville.

  18. 20

    Anna Scharf Key

    Branden Saccomani me too! Who cares about bojangles and basically the entire Pinnacle.

  19. 21
  20. 22

    Natalie Adkinson

    I’m pumped! Avondale has some great restaurants. Bring it on!

  21. 23

    Ruth Canterbury

    Don’t care what you think, Avondale is still not safe. Two women carjacked and kidnapped in two years is not safe. No telling what they don’t tell you on the news.

  22. 24

    Shone Foley Waite

    Janna Paseur Godfrey Chris Godfrey Kelli Lane

  23. 25

    Natalie Adkinson

    Cicily Welch Mobley! Brittany Mabe Bryant

  24. 27

    Christian Terrell

    In the nicest way possible Holly Smith Winslett you are ignorant

  25. 29

    Christian Terrell

    Holly Smith Winslett I can’t even believe you have the audacity to speak like that to other human beings. I happen to personally know Hope and this offends the hell out of me.

  26. 30

    Ellen Murphree Morgan

    Bwhahaha I sure hope you’re being compensated to look this dumb. 😂

  27. 31

    Eric Gay

    So did the businesses that are THRIVING in Avondale bring those robberies and kidnappings, or did the residents of Avondale do that? I’m having a hard time making the connection between restaurants and robberies…

  28. 32

    Lanette Milligan Cook

    Perhaps they also have some ideas to get all of the racist bigots out of Trussville while making these awesome improvements.

  29. 34

    Jeanne Anne Driver Mauck

    Trussville made Dr Oneill vacate his building years ago and it still sits there untouched. He was a great oral surgeon and the community suffered a loss when he was forced to leave. Shame on you!

  30. 35

    Connor Heinzman

    The positivity coming from the Avondale downtown is in part due to the planning this firm completed. The security concerns that some of you bring up are not because of the planning and design, they were there before! If anything, they have been made better in the area where progress has been made! Planners aren’t bringing crime with them, they’re bringing the prosperity that they helped foster in Avondale! The crime is askew to this topic.

  31. 36

    Holly Smith Winslett

    Christian Terrell well, I do declare…. I just did! I can put my opinion out just like everyone else. I live out here to stay safe and away from this kind of mess! Gtfo boy!

  32. 37

    Roxanne Blount

    April Michelle Holcombe

  33. 38

    Holly Smith Winslett

    Ellen Murphree Morgan oh, you’re irrelevant hun

  34. 39

    VaLaine Jones Maxey

    Awesome. We need more local restaurants. Perhaps we’ll even get some that serve local brews.

  35. 41

    Christian Terrell

    Holly Smith Winslett I have zero issues with you wanting to live in a great, safe environment. I was raised here, graduated here, and I love Trussville. My issue lies with how you judged my friend on assuming she knew what “crap” you were speaking of by referring to her fb page? I don’t want to jump to assumptions here because you know what that does and well you’re already half way there.

  36. 42

    Michael W. Tucker

    I wish they’d get us some places like taco mama, Saw’s BBQ and others
    Like we don’t have out here!

  37. 43

    Eric Gay

    Jennie Lowery THANK YOU!

  38. 44

    Judy Williams Coleman

    Sure wish the park would get done!

  39. 46

    VaLaine Jones Maxey

    Totally agree, Taco Mama and Saw’s are great. A wine and craft beer store would be awesome and maybe a high end restaurant.

  40. 48

    Jamie Gay

    I agree 100% with Christian Terrell…. I forget people like Holly Smith Winslett who make comments like that exist.

  41. 49

    Eric Gay

    Ditto! Sign me up!

  42. 50

    Westley Riggs

    Great all we need is more traffic. Let’s build more stores so people that actually live here hate going to the supermarket.

  43. 51

    Holly Smith Winslett

    Christian Terrell I Don’t GIVE A RATS ASS WHAT YOU THINK! I came out here to be safe 16 years ago, have two sons I wanted in a better place! One already graduated, perhaps you know him, Andrew Smith! Have a 17 year old son as well. They have done great out here. We feel safe. You ought to know better! You know EXACTLY why people come out here! I’m proud of Trussville. And I do not want trash out here! So back off , Son! You have no clue!!!!!

  44. 52

    Christian Terrell

    Holly Smith Winslett it’s funny you mention your son Andrew. I do know him he bullied me constantly through high school you can ask plenty of people that were around some of his friends joined as well. I honestly didn’t even know y’all were related until after I replied to your racist comment and I explored YOUR fb page only to come to the conclusion the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I’m not going to continue this anymore and I wasn’t going to mention your son until you did. BUT AGAIN this was about your judgmental racist comment towards someone you DO NOT EVEN KNOW. Have a great day.

  45. 53

    Holly Smith Winslett

    Christian Terrell IF you know any better you should know that it will only bring in unwanted situations and more!

  46. 55
  47. 56

    Ellen Murphree Morgan

    Why am I irrelevant? Because I have all my teeth and an IQ greater than my shoe size? Get real.

  48. 57

    Holly Smith Winslett

    Christian Terrell well then that should be enough to shut your petty little ass up!

  49. 58

    Holly Smith Winslett

    Ellen Murphree Morgan Idiot!

  50. 59

    Leah Scharf Miller

    Support them 5 days a week when they open! #shoplocal

  51. 60

    Christian Terrell

    Holly Smith Winslett I’m lost what will bring that?

  52. 61

    Holly Smith Winslett

    Christian Terrell have a good night little girl!

  53. 62

    Christian Terrell

    Okay y’all I can’t anymore. 😂 she’s literally proving all my points just by responding.

  54. 63

    Leah Scharf Miller

    VaLaine Jones Maxey Raceway for craft beer on tap, hwy 11….you can take it home and enjoy

  55. 64

    Ian Maddox

    There it is! No more waiting, and no more tiptoeing around the subject! This is a gigantic win for Trussville!

  56. 65

    Ellen Murphree Morgan

    Mic drop. It isn’t worth your energy. You’re better than this but you had to have known that already. 😉 Best wishes in a happy life!

  57. 66

    Bradley Sparks

    Great news for trussville. Finally opening its potential away from fast food and chain franchises.

  58. 67

    Christian Terrell

    Ellen Murphree Morgan You too beautiful!

  59. 71

    April Wallace

    According to your criteria, a carjacking a year, Trussville is already not a safe place.

  60. 72

    Warren Turner McMillan

    Lock & Load !! It’s A War Zone !!

  61. 73

    Heather Roberson

    Thanks, that’s basically a given. I was looking for a little more than that, i.e. development, planning and promotion.

  62. 74

    Caroline Lopez Spears

    This is awesome, despite the negativity in this thread.. I’m hopeful and very excited about what’s to come for Trussville!

  63. 75

    Mae Rich

    Some of these comments! Ignorance @ it’s best ..

  64. 78

    Kimberly Hazel Johnson

    I’d like to reserve a table with this crew 👆🏼

  65. 79

    Shone Foley Waite

    Kimberly Hazel Johnson DONE!!

  66. 81

    Christian Terrell

    I second this! I was shocked honestly…wait no I wasn’t.

  67. 83

    Chris Godfrey

    Great job, Mr. Mayor and City Council! The downtown area has so much potential. Very excited about this news!

  68. 84

    Adam Anderson

    I see the only business I come to in trussville moving. Motorvations is the only reason I travel back to the town I grew up in. Well and Ginni G’s

  69. 85

    John N Keegan Lewis

    This is awesome , keep increasing my home value so I can sell and move somewhere less busy.

  70. 87

    Brad Williams

    First of all Chris Donaldson is one of the greatest kindest giving guys I know and nothing he is associated with is crapt ..why not do a little research and u might find this will be huge for the city of Trussville

  71. 88

    Deborah Renee Tolbert

    Sooo did they ever find the lady that went missing from Trussville?

  72. 89

    Bently Parkhill Butler Hess

    Congrats Donaldson!!!!! Best of luck!!!!

  73. 90

    Jennifer Chinnis Lawley

    Wow. Shone, you are really ignorant. 😂 jk. You know I love you.

  74. 91

    Eric Gay

    Haha, well that’s one way to look at it!

  75. 92

    Brad Williams

    It could not be done by a better person. You can not find a more solid person that cares for his city more than Chris Donaldson . They could have done this development any where and been successful . Chris loves his town and community and that’s why he chose here . He has roots here and family here . He is already involved in the community.His wife is involved with the schools . His children go to school in trussville . He wants nothing more to see this city succeed . Trust me before this project was even proposed there was months of planning and hard work to make sure everything would be right . Chris is a perfectionist and nothing would fall short of that on this project . I’m very proud of him and it’s honor not only to call him family but a friend as well. Treat everyone from the janitor up like the CEO and he practices that everyday . His motto is the greatest blessing is helping those that can never pay you back . That’s what type of guy he is.

  76. 95

    Cicily Welch Mobley

    This is fantastic news. I’m so excited about the idea that we won’t have to drive out of Trussville to get something of great quality (that’s not a chain) to eat!! Jeff Mobley Brandon Peters

  77. 97

    Wil Brownell III

    Kena Brownell looks like A & A is gonna have to find a new place to set up shop since Trussville is kicking y’all out…

  78. 98

    Ian Maddox

    Brandon Peters you were actually excited about this Brandon? I would’ve never guessed…

  79. 99

    Lori Leopard

    I would LOVE to see Wasabi Juan’s in Trussville!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hoping, hoping, hoping……

  80. 101

    Eric Gay

    Why would they move?

  81. 102

    Daniel Courington

    If they do for Trussville home values what they did for Avondale’s… the naysayers will be nowhere to be found.

  82. 103

    Tammy McCown

    Well, I have always said that bullies learn it at home. I think we can see this here.

  83. 104

    Shannon VanderWall Dean

    I live in Springville which means I come to Trussville for anything I can’t find at Wal-Mart (ahhh, country life ), but before they start building new things it seems they would want to fill the empty retail space that already exists. I’m not a developer but just makes sense to me.

  84. 105

    Zack Velasquez

    Your home value is shooting up sell your house and move somewhere else. Tarrant had the same mind set back in the day to not grow and to stay secluded

  85. 108

    Westley Riggs

    Tarrant went downhill when people moved out to the outlying areas. The only thing all this development brings is traffic and congestion. Who cares about property values when it takes 20 minutes to travel 2-1/2 miles and it’s easier to go to Springville to the grocery store. If I wanted high property values and traffic I would move to Shelby county.

  86. 109

    Ruwena Healy

    Ginni closed her retail store.

  87. 110

    Logan Creel

    Hopefully project number one is widen Main Street(all the way to I-459) to 6 lanes and widen the part From civitan park to deerfoot to AT LEAST 4 lanes…. THEN build whatever you want. But traffic is bad enough as it is. The infrastructure is not up to par to keep up with what we already have (and what we keep adding) and now they want to add and renovate more? PLEASE hear the cries of people who have to drive up and down Hwy 11 every day and WIDEN THE ROAD!!

  88. 111

    Ruwena Healy

    Don’t make this Hoover or Center Point and just keep widening the roads. Use Homewood as our model. They don’t widen every darn road.

  89. 112

    Khalia Kennedy

    It’s really sad to see this kind of behavior from adults.

  90. 113

    Logan Creel

    I’m not talking about “every darn road” I’m talking about a road that is ridiculously clogged with traffic from before 5 till after 7 every day during the week and for most of the day on the weekends. And using homewood for a model is a terrible idea bc they have exactly the problem I’m talking about… probably even worse.

  91. 114

    Logan Creel

    Please enlighten me on how widening the road is a bad idea in any way?

  92. 115

    Perri Glover

    Ashleigh Sims Marilyn Cooper

  93. 116

    Trey Isbell

    And racist of the year award for the trussville/clay/pinson area goes to Holly Smith Winslett.

    You should be ashamed of yourself. Just because the electoral college gave an Overgrown Oompa Loompa the spotlight doesn’t mean that gives you ground to publicly vocalize your racism and put yourself back into the 1950s

    “Oh my stars! THOSE people are moving in now? We’re doomed”

    Just shut your stupid mouth. You’re outdated. You’re like Nokia phones. Cool when they first came out, but irrelevant now.

  94. 117

    Trey Isbell

    I’m sure Jesus is extremely proud of you

  95. 119

    Jameshia Miller

    Neal Miller Shatittla Eubanks SmithAntonio Smith

  96. 120

    Neal Miller

    Boom! I can’t wait!

  97. 121

    Sam Modder

    Coby Lake is a guy who gets things done! I think Trussville will be very happy!

  98. 122

    Brent Buzbee

    Holly, your thinly veiled racism is really sad. Maybe you should wait for this entertainment district to be built, and instead of seeing someone and judging them, try buying them a beer and starting up a conversation. I bet you’ll find you have more in common than you ever thought possible. When you remove all the bullshit labels, we’re all a lot more similar than we are different. Try some love and positivity, it’ll change your life.

  99. 123

    Holly Smith Winslett

    Trey Isbell I think you know what you can go do with yourself

  100. 124

    Holly Smith Winslett

    Didn’t know there were so many butt hurt snowflakes in Trussville! Immature and clueless!

  101. 125

    Holly Smith Winslett

    I love people , absolutely! But when I get attacked by a bunch of little idiots who still have so much to learn I WILL defend myself. I am entitled to my opinion just like the rest of you without all your idiotic remarks. Goes to show how many of you need to learn how to shut your mouths when need be and maybe even some of you need to go back to school. You are all little rotten brats!

  102. 126

    Trey Isbell

    Holly Smith Winslett what I can do with myself?

    You’re so mature. So advanced. So much better than the rest of us.

    And considering you’re the only one who is against this, I believe that makes you the snowflake, sweetheart.

    “You are not special. You’re not a beautiful and unique snowflake. You’re the same decaying organic matter as everything else. We’re all part of the same compost heap. We’re all singing, all dancing crap of the world.”

    You’ll choose to see that quote as backing you up. But it doesn’t back you or liberals up. It puts all in the same category. You’re not special. You will decompose in the same ground that we all will decompose in. So stop acting like you’re better than everyone else. And realize that there are more people on this planet than just you. You are ignorant. You’re a coward. Your oldest son is apparently a pos bully. I hope your youngest son is better than that and realizes what a bigot you are so he can change the opinions of your family. Because you’re a terrible human being. Sit in a tub with a toaster and leave the rest of us alone already

  103. 127

    Trey Isbell

    Btw, Holly, you do realize that there are people older than you on this post who think this is a great move right? Are they “little rotten brats” too? Or are you just someone who doesn’t know the Bible at all?

  104. 128

    Trey Isbell

    If you “love everyone, absolutely”, you wouldn’t post the things you do.

    1 John 4:8

    “Whoever does not love, does not know God, for God is Love”

    That verse doesn’t have asterisks. It is straight forward. Love as God loves, or you don’t know God. Does God discriminate? Does God say the things you do? No. God loves unconditionally. You obviously don’t. You need to reread your bible

  105. 129

    Trey Isbell

    Holly Smith Winslett and since you took that first step, in creeping on my friend’s profile, allow me to do the same.

    Your youngest son looks pretty cool. You look like someone who would get shamed by video for the entire world to see for being an extreme bigot. Your oldest son definitely looks like a bully who once he’s out of college will get jumped and beaten to a pulp by people who are sick of his shit. I bet you’re real proud of that. And I bet when your youngest son speaks out against you, you’ll disown him. Because you look like that type of low life human being.

    Feels good to have people creep your profile and generalize you like you did to Hope, doesn’t it?

  106. 130

    Bill Lowery

    Great news for the city!

  107. 131

    Barbara Hamill McGee

    I think it sounds awesome! Congrats, city council and Mayor Buddy Choat!

  108. 132

    Tammy McCown

    Not sure where this person ASSumed she was the mature person on this thread, but I am a grandmother and I applaud the younger ones that show common sense and decency. Maybe you are the one that needs a lesson.

  109. 134

    Eric Gay

    Ruwena Healy or Mtn Brook or Crestline or English Village. Agreed.

  110. 135

    Christian Terrell

    Holly Go back to school for what? To learn how to act and treat people like you do? Just like you stated your opinions you’re now seeing everyone else’s opinion on YOU and your actions towards people you don’t even know. This world has enough problems, open your eyes and be a solution.

  111. 136

    Logan Creel

    Why are we trying to be any of them? Or Hoover? Or homewood? Why not just be Trussville? And someone still hasn’t told me why widening the road is a bad idea, they’ve only named places who also have not widened their roads.

  112. 137
  113. 138

    Jamie Reid

    The only thing that ever brings me back to Trussville is Joel’s. Just don’t touch Joel’s.

    *Side note: I wish I could count or recall how many different “redevelopment plans” there have been over the years for downtown Trussville. From turning the old Food World into something “spectacular” to completely knocking out everything on Main Street…I think I’ve heard it all. All they’ve ever managed to actually do is repaint the 90 year old facades of these buildings about 67 times. Maybe stop with all of the “talks” and actually break ground on something – Lord knows the property taxes for all of the cookie-cutter homes (literally as far as the eye can see) alone will easily pay for it. If FBC Trussville can practically turn into its own city…I do believe something more could have been done with downtown by this point.

    Do SOMETHING and stop “talking”.

  114. 139

    Ruwena Healy

    Eric Gay Yes, that’s what I’m talking about. Shopping and community lifestyle… not expanded roadways that look like highways… let’s keep Trussville charming and not make it all asphalt and pavement.

  115. 140

    Adam Bryant McAllister

    That’s part of their plan.

  116. 141

    Adam Bryant McAllister

    Who cares about property values?!? Lol. People who own their homes… if you dont, and are in city limits, ill make you a heck of a deal, to get you out of this horrible situation…

  117. 142

    Eric Gay

    Logan Creel I think the point is those are thriving communities and still have 2-lane roads going in and out. People still live there and choose to drive on those roads. Doesn’t hurt anyone.

  118. 143

    Logan Creel

    This is a cyclical conversation going nowhere… and Ruwena your last sentence there is a contradiction of your previous point. If you’re willing to have new shops put in and renovated (thus automatically bringing more parking lots, which means more pavement and/or asphalt) then what is the problem with some of that asphalt being used for roads rather than further clogging what’s already there and already congested?! The charm in trussville is supposed to be the downtown area itself (which would not be affected by it) and the PEOPLE in it. The “charm of Trussville” should have absolutely nothing to do with the width of the roadways. If it does, then whoever is deciding that is reaching and nitpicking.

  119. 144

    Logan Creel

    That’s just my opinion… you’re entitled to yours but that’s what I feel makes the most sense. I’ll read and consider whatever points you will make, but I won’t respond bc clearly we are rooted in our respective opinions and not willing to budge. Which is perfectly okay. Whatever happens with the city I hop you and others enjoy it and have a good day…

  120. 147

    John N Keegan Lewis

    Christian Terrell 😂😂😂😂😂 boom roasted

  121. 149

    Sondra Martin

    Boom! Did you hear that?!? It’s the sound of my property value going up!

  122. 150
  123. 151

    Mel Houk

    Kevin Houk!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ekkkk

  124. 152
  125. 153

    Jai Lynne Davis

    Wish they would come to Pinson.

  126. 154

    Gary Bowers

    The resisters must be dying out. This has been tried over and over starting in the mid-80s. Without mentioning names, there have been certain individuals who have fought every effort to make Trussville look good.

  127. 155

    Lee Brewer

    They really need the Corps of Engineers to fix downtown, it is a mess. What downtown needs is a F5 tornado.

  128. 156

    Lee Brewer

    Not to mention the park that has been under construction and an eyesore for YEARS.

  129. 157

    Paul Pale Coney

    The reason Avondale turned a corner is because a better, brighter and Whiter population is moving in. The reason why Trussville is going down is because it has attracted a louder, brasher and darker population.

  130. 158

    Kathryn Love Parks

    I think what they’re saying is that widening the roads to make hwy 11 look like most of the roads in Hoover with all the chain stores and restaurants takes away from the “small town charm” Trussville has because nothing is “charming” about a 6 lane highway. I get where they’re coming from, but I also get where you’re coming from. I don’t live in Trussville anymore, but I visit my parents who do live there enough to know when to avoid 11 because it’s a nightmare trying to get through it. The main difference between that stretch of 11 and places like Mountain Brook and Homewood is that those places actually have, for the most part, accessible back roads that split up the traffic when Trussville really doesn’t.

  131. 159

    Kevin Houk

    Nice! Supa excited!!

  132. 161

    Logan Creel

    Not to get to where I live… and the whole “small town charm” went out the window (in my opinion at least) somewhere between the 5th and the 8th huge shopping strip that got put in the city limits.

  133. 162

    Jennifer Chinnis Lawley

    And is now almost finished.

  134. 163

    Jennifer Chinnis Lawley

    So much for The Trussville Tribune removing comments for people being “jerks”.

  135. 164

    Laura Livesay

    Susan Fendley – Raughton Cindyand Jimmy Pilley David Livesay Jr.

  136. 165

    Paul Pale Coney

    Sometimes the truth is ugly

  137. 167

    Krista Jarvis Doss

    I heard he was in the service and moved to Washington state.

  138. 168

    Jeanne Anne Driver Mauck

    My regular dentist told me he got a wonderful offer out of state and took it even though he loved trussville and didn’t want to leave but needed a job. It bothers me every time I drive by that building to remember how the city treated him.

  139. 169

    Alicia Thorn Chambless

    We are still waiting on the “new” street signs (that are not so new anymore) to replace our old ones in the Mountain Ridge subdivision. The last mayor promised they’d be replaced four years ago. It’s the little things that count. Take care of your constituents, the homeowners. Before you make more plans, finish the jobs that haven’t been finished or just flat out ignored.

  140. 170

    Luis E Toro

    Me too….. going to try to get a spot….🤐

  141. 171

    Luis E Toro

    Me too….. going to try to get a spot….🤐

  142. 172

    Tammy McCown

    I agree wholeheartedly, Logan Creel. We have 2 blocks left of that charm. The rest are strip malls and subdivisions

  143. 174
  144. 175

    Lily Young Dixon

    Austin Maverick Garst Liza Young Sherrer Lauren Smith Hornbuckle

  145. 176

    Ron Jewell III

    Yay more traffic, god I love traffic can’t wait too be stuck in more traffic….

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