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  1. 2

    Kevin Small

    They did the right thing.

  2. 3

    William Bamberg

    Now let’s see if CNN will apologize to the Rodeo Clown they got fired for wearing a mask of Obama, that Tuffy did the announcing for.

  3. 4

    Lori Chandler Pruitt

    Sometimes you just have to suffer the consequences.

  4. 5

    Harry Felter

    But Senator Al Franken will still appear at an event with her.

  5. 6

    William Bamberg

    Haha Franken is a tool bag.

  6. 7

    Scott Key

    Democrats are kinda quiet this week. It’s about time

  7. 9

    Roland Da Flow Hill

    No we’re just sitting back waiting on Dumb Donald to entertain us

  8. 10

    Scott Key

    Roland Da Flow Hill he’s not making you laugh. But you’re right, watching him dismantle the past 8 years is very entertaining

  9. 11

    Evelyn Kelley

    Why put her face in the news?

  10. 12

    Mike Smith

    How does anyone even come up with that idea? Think of all the steps involved before it got to that point and how many people thought it would be funny. Just mind-boggling.

  11. 13

    Richard Norton

    She stepped way over a line and what she did is despicable..just as despicable as Ted Neugent saying that President Obama should “suck on my gun”..also as despicable as the many times that President Obama was hung in effigy. Let’s condemn extremism where ever it is found.

  12. 14

    Richard Norton

    Nope. I and others are condemning this..but where were you when Ted Neugent said President Obama should “suck on my gun”. I remember no outrage on the right.

  13. 15

    Scott Key

    Richard Norton you really want to compare that? Or did you wanna research comments from Hollywood liberals? Actors? Rosie ODonnell whatever her role is these days? Any episode of the View? Any given night on Rachel Maddie. The truth is a liberal finally got called out.

  14. 16

    Cliff Bagwell

    They waited to see which way public opinion was going before cutting her loose. Not done for principles or morals. Fired because they were losing sponsors. Never about right or wrong for that rag of a “news” outlet.

  15. 17

    Doris Franklin

    Whatever she is still sicko!!

  16. 18

    Richard Norton

    Scott..a question..Why can’t you just say right out loud that Neugent was wrong..as is Kathy Griffin..or maybe what he said was ok with you.

  17. 19

    Scott Key

    Richard Norton I’ll say it was disrespectful. If Neugent was a comedian it would be humorous I suppose by liberal standards but since he’s a redneck Rock legend he’s disrespectful. Why can’t you admit that? Liberal comedians get a pass when they say things like that. It’s art

  18. 20

    Richard Norton

    My last comment Scott..once again..she got no pass from me or any of my liberal friends. You never get a pass from me or most people for any threat against ANY US President, whether you come from far left or far right. We are better than that.

  19. 21

    Jill Shoun

    She wanted attention. She got it.

  20. 22

    Matt Coleman

    She’s a vial excuse of a human being wasting good air

  21. 23

    Scott Key

    Richard Norton I will 100% agree

  22. 24

    Scott Key

    Check out what Rosie just said about Barron Trump. Nobody will protest her. Nobody will boycott her product affiliation. She’s a comedian! Everything she says is funny. That’s her profession. That’s the point

  23. 25

    John King

    Here’s the difference …. what she did was called “art” only because she hates him …… Nugents words were extreme BUT they were in response to Obama wanting to change the Constitutional right to bear arms.

  24. 26

    Richard Norton

    John King motives do not matter when it comes to threats against a US President. Wrong is wrong..

  25. 27

    Maria Lucrecia Greguol

    Where were all these coments when a dummy that looked like president Obama was being burned, or when they hunged him. I dont like what she did, it is too much, but I also hate double standards

  26. 28

    Susan Williams

    Honestly, is anyone even surprised when it comes to this vial scum? The only thing that surprised me was that she didn’t have one of Barron’s head in the other hand while she was smoking crack while naked. And I still would not be shocked.

  27. 29

    Susan Williams

    What movie star or comedian in the public eye did that? Name one!!!!

  28. 30

    Joey Blalock

    I ain’t no doctor but I question this woman’s mental health ! When I was a kid this stunt would have landed you in a federal penitentiary! Wait I thought these morons were leaving the country if Trump won!

  29. 31

    Joey Blalock

    Bullseye! They spend every minute going after Trump! Nothing ever about News. Libtards

  30. 32

    Michael Blankenship

    Considering at one point in her career she use to work for Trump International.

  31. 33

    Joey Blalock

    She can’t! The only people that have double standards call themselves democrats! Jeff Sessions needs to grow a pair and file felony charges against Griffin.

  32. 34

    Joey Blalock

    Your right! Probably got fired

  33. 35

    Jill Faucett Clark

    Did you hear the apology? She was practically laughing to herself thru it like she couldn’t believe someone was making her read it. I didn’t even know she was still alive. Trash.

  34. 36

    Charles Bush

    She is like most other liberals, trash!

  35. 39

    Christina Wood

    Richard Norton neugent did that in response to obama’s stand on gun control. Not a direct death threat to Obama but more of a “kiss his ass on his stance” with guns. To depict a picture of a slain president speaks volumes. Neugent may have lost his message in the way he went about Obama opposing his views.
    I don’t necessarily agree with how he tried to make a point but I see where his message was missed and made something that it wasn’t.

  36. 40

    Michelle Quick

    She’s only sorry she got fired

  37. 41

    Marie Caffrey

    Think you have too far this time Cathy. I no longer think you are funny.

  38. 42

    Scott Key

    Christina Wood I agree completely. May not exactly been his ass he was referencing. It was disrespectful but absolutely not a threat or implication of harm. Just a rather rude comment that lost its message

  39. 43

    Desiree' Lane Ellis

    Unacceptable. She is vile and should be arrested

  40. 44

    Richard Norton

    Christina Wood over the line is over the line, whether extreme right or extreme left..Motives do not matter when it comes to the despicable behavior of both individuals.

  41. 45

    Tjo Johnson

    When trying to stay relevant when you’re career is past its prime cost you your spot in a Squatty Potty commercial that’s your sign that you’ve hit the bottom of the pot…

  42. 46

    John King

    Motives do matter when one tries to take away our given rights. Remember we fought a revolution over taxes and trying to take our firearms away by the King of England. It wasn’t fought over him not being liked

  43. 47

    Scott Key

    Richard Norton I think despicable gets called a lot faster and louder when a republican is over the line but I do agree with you. Put the line at the same level and call the foul. Didn’t notice many people calling out Rosie or Jim Carrey for their despicable remarks today. You’ll probably have to dig deep or troll a conservative page to find them. Rosie going all in on an 11 year old . Carrey suggested doubling down with a severed leg but they’re comedians so it’s all in fun.

  44. 48

    Richard Norton

    John King Mr. King I think the US Secret Service would disagree with your comment about motives..in fact a little research will find Mr. Neugent received a visit from them about another comment he made threatening the President.
    I have found that those who only see extremism from “the other side” as wrong do not really want a dialogue with others. They are right and everyone else is wrong…so that being said you have a nice night.

  45. 49

    John King

    IFFFFF you’d read my original post I said it was extreme. Apparently YOU can’t see there is a small difference between your comparisons, I hope you have a nice night on the “other side”

  46. 50

    David Garrard

    Felony charges? For what? She didn’t break any laws. I suppose ted nuget’s comments about Obama were ok thought right? That was a threat. This was just distasteful ignorance on her part

  47. 51

    Maria Lucrecia Greguol

    I agree with you David Garrard, I dont like these pics either. Poor choice, I guess. And about her being a public figure, we are all public figures now a days. Social media can go farther then Hollywood.

  48. 52

    Richard Norton

    There is a double standard..The right had little or nothing to say about the ugliness and threats of Ted Neugent and other extreme attacks on President Obama. What Kathy Griffin did was despicable, as were the words of Ted Neugent. Extremism should be called out no matter where it comes from..right or left.

  49. 53

    Richard Norton

    Joey Blalock Mr. Blalock..you cannot file felony charges unless a felony is committed. Just because you and I dislike what she did, or just because it is bad taste does not mean she committed a felony.

  50. 54

    Maria Lucrecia Greguol

    and that is all I am saying. Everybody seems so outraige for the pics, but bet you they were probablly laughing at Obamas treats.

  51. 55

    Sid Minton

    Just doesn’t get it.

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