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  1. 2

    Deborah Killian Kilgo

    Yvette Mason y’all moving?

  2. 3

    Nick Rutledge

    So the recruiting has begun.

  3. 5

    Chris Clark

    Do you still need to set out a year or two when you transfer?

  4. 7

    Chris Clark

    Always thought it was odd some kids did and some didn’t. I transferred out of county and had to.

  5. 9

    Joanne Vann

    I thought you couldn’t transfer into Trussville schools

  6. 10

    Chuck Maske

    So now kids are announcing high school transfers like they do their choice of college ? Interesting.

  7. 11

    Mickey Watkins-Goodwin

    Was just thinking the same thing…smh

  8. 12

    Karen Jones

    I guess the family is moving to Trussville since we couldn’t continue to go because our kids were “Out of the Zone” by 2 blocks!

  9. 13

    Darby Eastham

    University of Hewitt Trussville

  10. 14

    Lucy Jackson

    JohnMichael Dawn Wallace

  11. 15

    Carl Musulman

    i thought you moved to trussville….not transfer….transfer is for colleges….no?

  12. 16

    Kristen Roethler Trimm

    Why announce it? This is high school, correct?

  13. 17

    Susan Nold Swindal

    Is Trussville going to be like Mountain Brook now?

  14. 18

    Johnnie Waid

    Why are we treating high school like college now?

  15. 19

    Ricky Baker

    He would have to move to the Trussville district

  16. 20

    Carl Musulman

    better athetically…not quite academically! lol

  17. 21

    Chris Clark

    So they must have moved and TT is referring to it as a transfer. Thanks

  18. 22

    Chris Clark

    Yup Trussville address apparently makes no difference either. Three doors down though.

  19. 23

    Michael Burkett

    My biggest issue is: would they announce this if it was just a random player, who puts in the same work? This is lunacy.

  20. 24

    The Trussville Tribune

    Probably not. But when the athlete in question is a 4-star recruit who has been offered by four SEC schools and two programs that will probably be ranked in the top five to start the season, it’s news.

  21. 25

    Michael Burkett

    And that’s my point. I wish it wasn’t news. Newspapers are a business, and a business must sell, or fold. To sell, you provide what people want. My comment is: “it’s lunacy that people want this”

  22. 26

    Christie Henson Mckee

    Just my opinion, which isnt worth very much, maybe the Trussville Tribune should do a story on if and how many loyal players have quit the program due to being pushed aside. Loyalty means nothing anymore. Also would seem to me that announcing all these transfers would almost call for an investigation by the AHSAA in to the practice of this. Is Trussville footing the bill for these moves?

  23. 27

    Michael Burkett

    No. This is a good kid and super talent whose family made the best decision for him. No one should question that. I believe Trussville recruits the right way. 1. Great academics 2. Second to none facilities 3. State of the art promotion of its athletes. I see nothing wrong with the transfer, legally speaking. Aside from never winning a map, HTHS recruits itself. I just hate the fact we feel the need to be informed about it. I do not believe this kind of scrutiny is healthy for kids. Have we thought about the program and coaches left behind? Why open them up to criticism? Have we thought about the kid who started the spring game just 3 weeks ago, how proud he was of earning that spot, and now it’s in the newspaper that God didn’t give him the talent to hold the position? It’s overreaching; it’s happening all across the country and it’s too much. Where is the article for the kid who sits 1st chair french horn, who transferred to make the marching band that much better? What about the kids who will revolutionize the Scholar’s Bowl squad? It’s not a Tribune problem, they’re a symptom of the American problem: wrong points of emphasis. A reckoning is coming.

  24. 28

    Shannon Harris

    They just had a house come open. 😂

  25. 31

    Joanne Vann

    Michael Burkett All I wanted to know if you can transfer schools in Trussville. Is he moving to Trussville? I wanted to transfer to a different school in Trussville and was denied. I do not know anything about Trussville football, band or scholars bowl. Just asking.

  26. 32

    Allison Jackson Collins

    I hope this 4star safety is still in zone after football season is over…….

  27. 33

    Stephanie Jackson

    And doesn’t get put out like they did a 5 year old with 2 months in school left but in 11 years maybe he can transfer back!

  28. 34

    Michael Burkett

    Joanne Vann, the rules vary somewhat. Bottom line is if a student wants to go to a new school the easiest way is to move in to the district.

  29. 35

    Connie Crenshaw Austin

    I thought you had to live in Trussville to go to school there. Seems you just need to be good football player.

  30. 36

    Tammy McCown

    Yes, I know a child in k5 who had 1 month left and they refused to let the child finish when they moved unless they paid a large fee.

  31. 37

    Tammy McCown

    Joanne Vann Why were you denied?

  32. 38
  33. 39

    Joanne Vann

    Michael Burkett they should not vary in my opinion.

  34. 40

    Michael Burkett

    Joanne Vann, here’s one scenario with which I see no problem. Student lives near Kowaliga Bridge on Lake Martin in Elmore County by about 100 feet. To go to his zoned school he would have to drive 30 miles, around the lake, to get to Eclectic, Elmore County High. To go to Ben Russell would only be 8 miles. I’m okay with that transfer. In Blount County we have mountains that create similar scenarios. Some students who live in Blount attend St. Clair schools because those schools are ridiculously closer.

  35. 41

    Chris Clark

    Happens every year to kids all over the state. Some schools just look a little more thoroughly.

  36. 42

    Jimmy Berning

    The 3rd transfer since December? Wow

  37. 43

    Jimmy Berning

    Scotty Smith Pell City better step up their game. Should have offered the family a house on the lake

  38. 44

    Jimmy Berning

    Keith Etheredge is this normal? 3 transfers in 6 months.

  39. 46

    Deborah Killian Kilgo

    Great! I’d love to see you.

  40. 47

    Bridgette Fomby Kennedy

    Apparently he has put in the work to get all the college offers he’s gotten so far. His parents have right to move wherever they want. All this discussion is about a child who can see everything you’re saying. Are supposed growns ups being bullies now? He’s a good kid with academics and athletics. Let him live his life to the fullest. No weapon formed against him shall prosper. God got your back Mason family. Myles just do it!!!!

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