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    Janice Archer Thomas

    The article says he was shot in the hip. That means he lay there and bled to death, how terribly sad that some care so little about other human beings.

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    Jules Minton

    Yes thats true…even responding officers didnt apply pressure to the boys wound…from what i heard

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    Brittany Robbins

    Prayers for the family regardless of the crime he was still a kid

  4. 5

    David Echols

    From an experienced reporter that interviewed neighbors.
    “One resident said she was inside her apartment when she heard at least six or seven shots. She rushed outside, and was passed by two armed males running from the area. A nurse, she checked the victim’s pulse but said there was none.” – Credit: Carol Robinson, AL dot com.

    So stop blaming others (responding officers) for this boys death, stop assuming he was left out there to bleed to death, not only was a nurse on the scene almost immediately our Birmingham medics have a typical response time of less than 5 minutes.

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    Jeff Steele

    Agreed. And nobody should be describing wounds that early. No one knows the extent of injuries until an autopsy is complete.

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    Chuck Browning

    He was driving a stolen vehicle and was shot most likely by rivals. Sad but ……..

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