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  1. 3

    Beverly Swain

    Yes. I thought the same thing when I read it.

  2. 4

    Jack Self

    Yep it is Wednesday and Valley Ct is not in Center Point.

  3. 6

    Jesse Cole Bonham

    So this happened tomorrow

  4. 7

    Richard Stiles

    Holy smokes!! Trussville needs walls! We can’t let this happen so close to such a safe community

  5. 8

    Kim Glass

    This is Terrible.
    Prayers for this Man.

  6. 11

    Ginger Kennedy

    This is really closer to Pinson city limits if you look at the city maps but of course everything gets classified Center Point. thanks for the great report The Trussville Tribune for falsely reporting where things happen and hiding all the bad things that happen in your area.

  7. 12

    Roland Da Flow Hill

    You would know you are the Grand Wizard

  8. 13
  9. 14

    Richard Stiles

    Naw just being a smartass

  10. 16

    Roland Da Flow Hill

    Thank u they love to call out Black neighborhoods.They have crime also, that are not publicize to make their neighborhoods seem safe Bull Sh@t

  11. 17

    Deborah Coleman

    Shit b happening in trussvegas to..

  12. 18

    Matt Coleman

    No we call out all neighborhoods! All neighborhoods matter

  13. 19

    Philip Sharpe

    They call out crime wherever it happens. Just so happens there is significantly more crime in “black neighborhoods”. It’s not racist, it’s factual.

  14. 21

    Shane Swann

    Wtf is a grand wizard? Dungeons and dragons has a Wizard I think? Or it could be a lord of the rings reference.

  15. 22

    Shane Swann

    Shocking!!!! Pinson or center point. Whatever you call it. That area is beyond repair. Its a War zone. Let Darwinism run its course.

  16. 23

    Chuck Browning

    They have reported crimes in our city plenty, problem is it’s usually people from CP which happens to be where I grew up

  17. 24

    Michelle McCurry

    DeLane McCurry…this maybe the rest of the story!

  18. 25

    Chuck Browning

    I grew up in CP and never thought twice about riding a bike from one end to the other, but now I would. Sad very sad

  19. 26

    Chuck Browning

    Sadly clay is next then I wonder how Trussville will figure in. By then I’ll be out in the country since my kids our out of school

  20. 27

    Michelle McCurry

    A gun was stolen today from Birmingham Pistol same day …hmmm

  21. 28

    Jennifer Bentley Willis

    I grew up in CP as well and went to HT. If it is in the city limits of CP, it happened in CP. I hate to see the area in bad shape too because it was a great place to grow up but unfortunately crime happens there a lot. TT is reporting what is going on in the surrounding area. I hate to see every article turned into something it’s not.

  22. 29

    Matt Phillips

    Yes they have crimes in their neighborhoods and it is usually perpetrated by blacks from Centerpoint

  23. 30

    Jarrod Hill

    So glad I moved away from that area. Center point really has become a ghetto wasteland. So sad

  24. 31

    Amy Dutton-Sewell

    This is why I’m glad we live outside Pinson city limits. We’re more in Kimberly. I don’t even go to work through CP anymore

  25. 32

    Kevin Small

    In other news, the Center Point mayor is looking at other stop signs to enforce no rolling stops at for public safety, of course . Mayor Tom tells public, “Y’all need to just settle down”.
    Pinson, Clay Trussville, keep in mind as CP leadership continues to ignore their dumpster fire, it affects us all. We need to stand with the people of Centerpoint and demand better leadership for this area.

  26. 33

    Rebecca Leanne Lumpkin

    I know the boy that was shot, prayers are needed.

  27. 34

    Dan Caudle

    This is not Center Point , looks like Birmingham.

  28. 35

    Tim Glass

    Roland Da Flow Hill you can say what you want, but da Purnt is da hood..at one time Huffman and Center Point was the place to live…now it’s the place to get robbed or shot..wont be long til Pinson and Trussville follow suit

  29. 36

    Kem Sims

    Praying the young man recovers.

  30. 37

    Casey Tickle Galvan

    The one who was shot is not ghetto….

  31. 38
  32. 39

    Casey Tickle Galvan

    I wasn’t sure if you were referring to him or both so I was just wanting to clarify. He was actually a young man who has been through some rough spots but he has been on the right path for some time now…just stuck in a bad neighborhood.

  33. 40

    Diane Perry

    I think we need a whole police force for just Center Point. So sad.

  34. 41

    Kevin Small

    Makes you wonder where all the scamera money is going.

  35. 42

    Rebecca Leanne Lumpkin

    It doesn’t matter where the he’ll it happened, a man that is only 22 years old was shot in the face and your more concerned about the damn location

  36. 44

    Georgia Harvey

    Was this at those valleybrook apartments

  37. 45

    Philip Sharpe

    It sure as hell DOES matters “where” it happened. I don’t want me or my family to be the one shot it the face.

  38. 46

    Roland Da Flow Hill

    Do you have the statistical data to prove your facts? or Are you just talking shit to prove a point.

  39. 47

    The Trussville Tribune

    Ginger Kennedy, thank you for your input. We did look at the city maps, and while the shooting location is close to both Center Point and Pinson city limits, it’s closer to Center Point. Also, the suspect was apprehended in Center Point. We don’t “falsely report” anything, nor do we “hide” anything.

  40. 49

    Skip Kittrell

    It’s a shooting gallery in CP

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