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  1. 1

    Kimberly Julie

    2 separate post last night…black bear seen. One Dewey Heights Rd. One Clay Palmerdale.

  2. 3

    Tere Vermillion Sizemore

    Several years ago I had a mama black bear in three babies in my yard in Trussville/Argo. She must’ve been moving through because they were only there for a few days

  3. 6

    Deborah Coleman

    If n I saw it I would die..

  4. 7

    Karen Jones

    The search is on….Jeffco at it’s best….I’d hate to run into this bear.

  5. 9

    Amy Nesbitt Brackett

    Shouldn’t they be searching for criminals instead of a bear? Leave the bear alone and he won’t bother you.

  6. 10

    Ronald Hagood Jr.

    Ole Miss’ mascot is harmless…

  7. 12

    Sharon Lynn

    If you see it, simply go inside. They are not going to attack you unless provoked. By nature, they want to be left alone. Sounds like a male moving thru.

  8. 13

    Jason Putman

    Oh, it’s Center Point so it’s gotta be a “Black” bear huh?

  9. 15

    Amy Nesbitt Brackett

    not even CenterPoint ,it’s really Clay and Pinson , they have that all wrong.

  10. 16

    Amy Nesbitt Brackett

    Seriously, people are making this ridiculous. I agree with you!

  11. 18

    Tjo Johnson

    Some idiot will probably shoot it

  12. 19

    Crystal White

    Well compared to being shot , robbed , or car jacked in Center Point , Id say the damn bear is more in danger.

    Seriously tho , dont mess w or try 2 feed the damn bear.

  13. 20

    Faith Brewster Summers

    This is what happens when you move more into their homes. Stop building !!!!!!!

  14. 21

    Kristy Pevahouse Lott

    NaSharee Flournoy Davenport is this the one you saw?

  15. 22

    Tjo Johnson

    It’s just a black bear. If you’ve ever been tent camping in the smokies or fishing there in the foothills you’ve probably seen one. They won’t attack unless cornered or provoked while their babies are with them. Just go inside and get away from it. No biggie

  16. 23

    NaSharee Flournoy Davenport

    Mrs. Lott I was on Dewey Heights coming from Faucet Cutoff

  17. 24

    David Clements

    Bobby. & you were worried about working out in the woods…

  18. 25

    Lindsay Pear Tree

    Really just leave the bear alone :/ I used to live up north bears are everywhere they will leave you alone if you leave them alone especially black bears

  19. 26

    Matthew Fredrick

    We can’t have anything. Leave the damn bear alone and let it live. Sad these animals are just trying to survive in this over populating world, and we’ve got to bother them.

  20. 27

    James Watts

    They used to be hear. In Florida, I know the panhadle black bears were said to be common

  21. 28

    Sharon Lynn

    Amy Nesbitt Brackett I would feel more threatened driving thru Center Point than a bear encounter, unfortunately. Black bears routinely roam thru parts of Tennessee and North Carolina without harm. Just have to be smart and respect the animal and their space.

  22. 30

    David Logan

    Leave the damn bear alone and it won’t hurt anything. And keep your trash cans inside.

  23. 31

    Danny Molloy

    Looks like he is returning his necklace

  24. 32

    Amy Nesbitt Brackett

    Exactly, CP is more dangerous than a bear anyday!

  25. 37

    Christie Waters Marney

    Debbie Bessiere Stone
    Oh my!!

  26. 38

    Darlene Mussen

    I would love to see it. In side my

  27. 39

    Brittany Marie

    Christian Key go get your damn bear! Lol

  28. 40

    Kenny Denham

    They better not shoot the damn bear like they did to Harambe.

  29. 41

    Debbie C. Lawley

    Mickey Greer…look out!

  30. 42

    Nieshel Pronounced Kneeshul

    Bessie Brown-Williams you see this?!

  31. 43

    Miranda Mauldin

    Brenda Sims I wonder if it’s the same one

  32. 44

    Holly Smith Winslett

    There all over the place . How are they going to tell them apart?

  33. 46
  34. 47

    Laurel Swope

    It’s cave was probably flooded from all the rain. They are usually nocturnal – so says my hubby.

  35. 48

    Amber Bowen

    Unfortunately it’s not safe for it to move into center point. If it would stay in the hills of Pinson, Palmerdale, Clay it wouldn’t be a big deal

  36. 49

    G Les Keyes

    I was able to capture a image of it

  37. 51

    Amy Sweat

    What the hell!! You know my ass ain’t going to approach any animal😂😉😂

  38. 52

    Hillary Sweat Mondragon

    😂😂 just incase he approached you

  39. 54
  40. 56

    Mickey Greer

    Tyler Greer….read comments

  41. 57

    Doris Alexander Harrison

    Those homes have been there since the 1960’s. The bear population is growing, and young males wander a long way looking for girlfriends. This behavior is typical of bears.

  42. 58

    Amy Sweat

    Girl he don’t want none of this in his life😂😂😂

  43. 60

    Laurie Pryor Brockman

    Those two roads are across from the Center Point courthouse/Sheriff’s office.

  44. 61

    Danielle Bruner Langdon

    a coworker said she saw one on tyndall AF base when she was down there a few weeks ago. it was right outside the elementary school. she said it was huge. a patient that was told about her experience said, oh that was Charlie, he’s a regular around the campgrounds.

  45. 62

    James Watts

    I saw one on the Port when I worked security

  46. 63

    Bradley Jones

    $2000 fine and misdemeanor for shooting a black bear in Alabama

  47. 64

    Ronald Hagood Jr.

    As long as the bear isn’t dragging a kid around like a rag doll, they won’t…

  48. 66

    Kenny Denham

    Ronald Hagood Jr. he didn’t deserve to die Ronald

  49. 68

    Jerry Stewart

    To catch a . Spread on your ✋, wave at . Run away from to lure him over the limbs over a hole. Warning! do not fall in hole first, with the honey on your ✋

  50. 69

    Dakota Lee Leslie

    He’s assisting his cousin, Smokey the Bear, to spread the word. “Only you can prevent wildfires.”

  51. 70

    Kevin Tyree

    I would rather take my chances with the bear, than Center Point.

  52. 71

    Misti Stupp Garrison

    Hopefully the bear doesn’t decide to head on over to Carrington

  53. 72

    Ronald Hagood Jr.

    Your right, they should have let him kill the little kid instead. Animal lives > Human lives

  54. 73

    Emerson Bigguns

    My lil kitty is inside. Maybe he will get the tomcat who thinks she wants babies. Bastard.

  55. 74

    Amanda Bridges-Dunn

    Kallie Frandsen What if I had run into this bear today? No one would ever believe me. Ever

  56. 76

    Michelle Allen Houston

    Cheryl Allen y’all be careful this weekend – my kids aren’t the only wild things around here!

  57. 77

    Jasmine D Davis

    Brad Jennings just in case you were feeling like a hero on your way home…

  58. 78

    Dana Lardent

    Sorry folks. That was just me walking through the woods…I haven’t shaved for the Spring.

    My bad!

  59. 79

    Zygi Hudson

    It’s sad that the police have to warn us of that because some moron out there is saying “hold my beer and watch me ride this thing!”

  60. 80

    Ashley Nicole

    Audry Jelks-Montgomery

  61. 81
  62. 84

    Angelo Denison Roberson

    For many years I lived on a dead end on Oak Drive in Pinson. The property butted up to the Penney property (480 acres). Bears use to eat out of our compost pit regularly. That was 1979 until I moved in 1997. Got a few out here in Remlap now. This is nothing new.

  63. 85

    Orlando Brown

    Ok, bear with me while I read these comments

  64. 86

    Bryan Bischoff

    Be careful if it’s in Centerpoint it’s probably got a gun.

  65. 87

    Al Wortham

    He’s not a rich bear…staying on his side of the tracks…lol

  66. 88

    William Bebb

    So…. I should NOT have stripped naked and coated my body with honey last night while meandering through Centerpoint?
    Now I feel kinda stupid.
    Guess I best do that in Trussville just to play it safe.

  67. 89

    Randall Garrison

    If we see her, can we shoot her?

  68. 90

    Cindy Coleman

    That is too much funny hahahaha

  69. 91
  70. 92

    Dianne Vick


  71. 93

    Dianne Vick


  72. 94

    Kallie Frandsen

    You’re so crazy!! 😂I would have believed you!

  73. 95

    Linda Hill Duckworth

    I’m glad they warned me not to approach this bear. Otherwise I’m sure I would have.

  74. 96

    Wade Colvin

    If he’s in the market for a new car, send him over to Serra and ask for me!!! Lol

  75. 98

    Kimberly Rich Fulmer

    It’s probably in Pinson,Clay or Trussville by now.If it shows up over here in the woods I have leftover fried fish it can snack on while it waits for the authorities.Which I am sure will either scare it away again or try to murder it.
    Please don’t kill the bear.

  76. 99

    Allen Smith

    I think it was Charles Bobo

  77. 100

    Shane Easterling

    I hope trigger doesn’t show up and shoot it.

  78. 101

    Teresa Trotter Patrick

    I don’t believe this story

  79. 102

    Paul Pinson

    Hey guys it got hot & I took my shirt off…..wondered why everybody was hollaring & running…..lol….

  80. 103

    Susan Varden

    Amazed you would have to post this for people. Hold my beer….

  81. 104

    Lisa Harlan Belcher

    Please don’t kill it. Relocate it.

  82. 106

    Kristi Barber

    Why do you have to warn people not to go near the bear? If they go near the bear on purpose they deserve whatever happens to them. Stupid!!!

  83. 108
  84. 109

    Darlene George McCombs

    Leave the bear alone. We’ve taken over their habitats by all the unnecessary building when there are tons of ghost buildings around. Our first order from God was to take care of the animals and the earth. So do it!

  85. 110

    Darlene George McCombs

    You need to go to BENTON Nissan… They’re great.

  86. 111

    Wade Colvin

    Darlene George McCombs don’t know them but I’ll take your word for it. Too funny

  87. 112

    Darlene George McCombs

    Trust me. Gary can tell you! 🙂

  88. 113

    Erick Gilkey

    Hahahahaha hahahahahah hahahahaja

  89. 115

    Laurie Pryor Brockman

    Maybe that’s the new crime prevention application the city council asked for ! Haha l

  90. 116

    Phyliss Spragin

    I have had a deer and a fox but if a bear comes over this mountain church is out. Lol

  91. 117

    Tina DeLine

    Illegal to shoot it but have they caught it yet?

  92. 119

    Alice Goss

    Don’t approach the animal! Duh! That’s like having to put the sign on the lawnmower “don’t stick hand under mower when it is running”. Some people never learn!

  93. 120

    Ken Armstrong

    Yaw wouldn’t be acting all crazy like this if it was a white bear. Just sayin.

  94. 121

    Russell White

    Says the bear experts. I’ve trained for this

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