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  1. 3

    Matthew Fredrick

    Hopfully it moves on north where it’ll have somewhere to survive…. and people won’t bother it

  2. 6

    Megan Parker

    Shayne Benton they gave up

  3. 8

    Scott Wilbourn

    Are they sure it’s a bear, and not really big foot?

  4. 9

    Shayne Benton

    They never found it cuz it was never here

  5. 10

    Ronald Hagood Jr.

    Wonder if it’s any kin to the Roebuck bear from a few years back

  6. 11

    Logan Roberts

    People are so gullible

  7. 12

    Derek Rios

    Please tell Mason’s daycare

  8. 13

    Chris Clark

    Dang southern Yeti at it again.

  9. 14

    Brenda Ashley Crow

    John Angie Durham. Be glad this is not in your yard. They love to swim in pools.

  10. 15

    Janice Archer Thomas

    Is this photo of the actual bear or is this a file photo?

  11. 16

    Doris Alexander Harrison

    File photo, I think. That bear has fattened up for the winter.

  12. 17

    Anna Valentine Bozeman

    Goodness that is an overweight bear.

  13. 18

    Kerry McCormick

    Did anyone check him to see if he’s chipped? Someone might be missing their fur-baby

  14. 19

    Trey Whisenhunt

    Bet you won’t say that to his face 😂 it is for real tho .

  15. 20

    Anna Valentine Bozeman


  16. 21

    Jeff Martin

    It’s BooBoo tha Bear!

  17. 22
  18. 23

    Wallace Wahd

    Hahahahahahahahahhahahahahha! You’ve still got your Good stuff Jeff !

  19. 24

    Cindy Buckner

    Someone shared a picture of a bear in centerpoint last night.

  20. 25
  21. 26

    Matthew Cherry

    If I see a bear around here I’ll be pulling my pistol and fill it with led.

  22. 27

    Rebecca René Byard

    It’s just a bear, chill out. Give him space and you’ll be fine.

  23. 29

    Amanda Leopard

    Don’t do that! The zoo was trying to capture it. I don’t think it has hurt anyone. It’s probably terrified.

  24. 30

    Stacey Cleveland

    Why??? What’s led by the way?

  25. 31

    Matthew Cherry

    Amanda Leopard ook I understand. Stacey Cleveland led meaning a bullet.

  26. 32

    Trent Ferguson

    I’ll avoid it all the way to Archie Phillips.

  27. 33

    Bradley Jones

    Just have 2k set aside and be prepared for possible jail time http://www.outdooralabama.com/illegal-shoot-black-bear-alabama

  28. 36

    Joshua Lee

    You might find it at local maul

  29. 37

    Sara Buchanan Partridge

    Damn Yogi needs to lay off the picnic baskets!

  30. 38

    Heather Marie

    Looks pregnant or like it recently had babies. Or got into someone’s stash of beer.

  31. 40

    Steve Peace

    Anything he wants😀

  32. 41

    Becky Watwood-Gay

    Where did the bear come from? Zoo?

  33. 44

    Debbie C. Lawley

    Not in your yard! Your dogs would LOSE THEIR MINDS!

  34. 45

    Sharon Bond

    Damn that’s a big bear.

  35. 46

    Lamar Adkins

    The bear looks pregnant and that makes them very dangerous.

  36. 47

    Evi Jones

    That is a big Bear

  37. 48

    Lamar Adkins

    The bear does have a radio collar on

  38. 49

    Sissy Denney Ray

    Does anyone know if this is the actual photo of the bear ?

  39. 50

    Kurt Mclaughlin

    Doubt the picture is the actual bear in Trussville, If it was a Trussville Bear it would have a HT hat on.

  40. 51

    Trini Nichols Thompson

    Josh Thompson…its n trussville

  41. 53

    Josh Thompson

    He’s just looking for some picnic baskets……

  42. 54

    Wendell Flynn

    Someone has lost there Bear Pet it seems ive never seen i fat wild Bear

  43. 55

    Zygi Hudson

    And it has a tracking collar on

  44. 57
  45. 58

    Sissy Denney Ray

    Patrick Moates Always a smart tail in the bunch.

  46. 59

    Dave Green

    Obviously he hangs out at fast food restaurants, just look at that gut! It looks like an udder!

  47. 61

    Patrick Moates

    There may be a small sugar bear spotted around, but that 600 lb black bear in the picture is not in trussville or anywhere close to here.

  48. 62

    Will Cole

    If I catch the bear can I have him?

  49. 63

    Will Cole

    I wouldn’t doubt it though all the crazy shit going on.

  50. 64

    Linda Carroll Lockett

    I have to admit Patrick Moates your response made me lol!!! 🙂

  51. 65
  52. 66

    Jill Faucett Clark

    How about this….just let her be.

  53. 67
  54. 68

    Brian Seal

    only one women saw a bear and called the police. What other evidence is there that there’s actually a bear out there This seems like a publicity stunt.

  55. 69

    Rodney Sharp

    People black bears have been seen locally before. This isn’t a first. Social media just puts it in your face.

  56. 70

    Brian Seal

    Warning: if you see this bear do not approach it call the Ranger.

  57. 71

    Tom Steber

    Chris Harris Mark Gualano I wonder if this bear has one of those red dart thingies.

  58. 75

    Precious Baker

    GerquinaDelight Taylor

  59. 76

    Ric Weide

    So the Sheriff s Department don’t think it is important to narrow the search to keep the people safe?

  60. 77

    Robert Henning

    It’s a bear, not a bed intruder. Everyone just gives it space, it will go away. Its not the first bear in the area. It won’t be the last.

  61. 83

    Donny M Hayes

    Just leave it alone a couple more days it’ll be so hot it’ll go back North

  62. 84

    Beverly 'Bev' Taylor

    Where is he eating. He’s fat

  63. 85
  64. 86

    Kathy Goodwin

    I am not sure that is the photo of the actual bear – I think the only shot of it was from a distance as it was running to the woods in a lady’s yard after eating her dog’s food. – this one just is used to get your attention I bet – her quick video it did not look this round – bet it is stock photo

  65. 89

    Kathy Goodwin

    Folks want pictures I guess to draw their attention

  66. 90

    Beverly 'Bev' Taylor

    But still not correct journalism!

  67. 91

    Pat Baty Hicks

    Wow! That is a big bear!

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