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    Arlene Hicks

    I saw this… unreal. But not shocking definately not shocking.

  2. 3

    Dan Caudle

    This is also near Birmingham

  3. 4

    Chris Clendenin

    Its 200 yds from huffman high school is where it is!!!!!

  4. 5

    Joe Domnanovich

    In Center Point Red light Scameras are more important than a few murders.

  5. 6

    Susan Thompson Caudle

    It was by Huffman High School.

  6. 7
  7. 8

    Leslie Nelson Martin

    this is not in Center Point…..Huffman but outside city liimits

  8. 9

    Chris Clark

    Does it matter? Stones throw apart. Horrible this kind of thing is so common.

  9. 10

    Kevin Small

    Everyday. It seems like everyday.

  10. 11

    Joe Domnanovich

    Leslie Nelson Martin al.com says Center Point. Al.com is never wrong.

  11. 12

    Jeff Jessen

    It is IN Bham. That’s why Bham PD was there. This area had been Bham for decades.

  12. 13

    Janice Palmer McMunn

    On same highway thru town. Roebuck/Center Point Parkway.

  13. 14

    Philip Sharpe

    Draw whatever imaginary lines you want. It’s all the same unsafe area. Huffman, CP, east Birmingham, Roebuck. All covered in a two mile radius.

  14. 15

    Jill Mulvaney Skinner

    Its Old Springville Rd.. right by the football field for Huffman High

  15. 16

    Janice Palmer McMunn

    Right. Very close to the Parkway. There are lots of murders in the area of that Parkway.

  16. 17

    Sharon Blackwood Wilbourn

    People are so freaking worried that they said CP, worried about bad press???????? Get real people it’s all the same area.

  17. 18

    Sam Modder

    Looks like it could be a murder-suicide.

  18. 19

    Tjo Johnson

    Argument over where it happened…2 people dead and people argue over where it happened…and everyone wonders why our communities are all going to hell in handbaskets. As for me, my heart goes out to the families of these two lost lives and I will pray for them all. This is sad.

  19. 20

    Marlene Little Appleton

    We are becoming the new Chicago! But yes the area is not center point. It is huffman. The lines become blurred! But don’t want to give center point credit for this one. And I do feel compassion for the families who are grieving. But this is just too commonplace. The police do need to concentrate more on crime in the area and less on if someone doesn’t come to a full stop at a 4 way or drives a little over the 40 mph speed limit

  20. 21

    Leslie Nelson Martin

    I am sure people have compassion for these families but there are enough problems in CP without news agencies placing things that did not happen there in CP. People who grew up in the area are just concerned.

  21. 22

    Leslie Nelson Martin

    Chris Clark yes it matters

  22. 23

    Leslie Nelson Martin

    Joe Domnanovich lived there for 50 years….they are wrong Have you ever seen the sign that shows where the city limits are? Huffman High is not in Center Point.

  23. 25

    Trey Isbell

    Jeff Jessen or it could be because the mayor of center point thinks it’s cheaper to contract bham pd instead of creating a center point police force.

    Yeah. We don’t have a police force. Maybe that’s why bham pd was who showed up

  24. 26

    Tjo Johnson

    Leslie Nelson Martin I appreciate your point of view. I live in a small town right next to what is now known as S***Town thanks to some very untrue podcasts. So I understsnd

  25. 27

    Trey Isbell

    Huffman is unincorporated and doesn’t have a mayor or a city council. Center point does. This one falls under center point territory. And it’s the mayor’s fault for caring only about traffic and not about real crime.

    Sure mayor Tom, let’s spend tons of money of traffic cameras and more on contracting bham police instead of creating our own police department. Clay was incorporated after we were, but they already have their own police. So what’s the deal mayor Tom?

  26. 28

    Lisa Park

    Yes it sure does 😭

  27. 30

    Laurie Pryor Brockman

    It was on Old Springville Road, right past the Huffman High football field, before you get to the library.

  28. 31

    Jeff Jessen

    Definitely Bham City Limits.

  29. 32

    Laurie Pryor Brockman

    Right past Huffman High football field.

  30. 33

    Gretchen Vann

    Prating for my peeps down there. Please oh please dont become a lost city like New Orleans.

  31. 34

    Eva Davis Brown

    I believe we contact worth Jefferson County, not Birmingham.

  32. 35

    Joe Domnanovich

    Leslie Nelson Martin al.com is never wrong.

  33. 36

    Debbie Mitchell Davis

    This is Huffman. In Birmingham city. Not CENTER POINT

  34. 37

    Trey Isbell

    Eva Davis Brown my bad. The point is, we need to stop spending money on flawed traffic cameras, and create our own police force

  35. 38
  36. 39

    Mike Clark

    The Huffman community is not unincorporated , it is in the Birmingham city limits.
    I am not sure if these apartments are in the city limits or not, even though they are near Huffman High,but Huffman is in Birmingham.

  37. 40

    Trey Isbell

    Mike Clark what I meant by that was Huffman has no mayor. No city council. They are under mayor bell of Birmingham. Center Point has its own city council and its own mayor.

    The area in question is still technically under center point jurisdiction, but we don’t have a police force

  38. 41

    Rusty Piersol

    This area is in unincorporated Jefferson County. Not in the city of Birmingham or the city of Center Point.

  39. 42

    The Trussville Tribune

    This location is not in Birmingham. That’s why it’s being investigated by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office. Thank you for reading.

  40. 45

    Ernie Johnston

    It is right down from Huffman High School

  41. 46

    Barbara Shepler Phoenix

    This is entirely too close to home!

  42. 47

    Kevin Wilson

    Used to my beat definitely in the county and covered by center point fire Dept

  43. 48

    Kevin Wilson

    Leslie Nelson Martin it is in the county but is in center point fire coverage, used to be my beat.

  44. 49

    Kevin Wilson

    The apts are in the county and covered by the sheriff office and center point fire district.

  45. 50

    Trey Isbell

    Kevin Wilson thanks captain obvious. I don’t live in center point or anything…

  46. 51

    Kevin Wilson

    Nope it is in unincorporated Jefferson county and covered by the sheriff office hence that’s why we are handling the investigation and it is covered by center point fire Dept.

  47. 52

    Kevin Small

    Centerpoint could be the star if they do an S Town season 2.
    Between a mayor whose response to rampant shootings is people need to settle down. And a president of the council whose response to being questioned by a radio host about the scameras since cp does not have a judicial system why are they charging people for due process…what if they can’t afford it with a flippant “oh well”

  48. 53

    Debbie Mitchell Davis

    This is not in Center Point

  49. 54

    Pat Baggett

    It truly is Jefferson County! Had the same problem with Fultondale, Gardendale, and it will be under Jerfferson County’s jurisdiction, even though you may have a Gardendale address. Lots of confusion with rezoning everywhere these days.

  50. 55

    Marlene Little Appleton

    You can’t run from this crap. I will not hide myself in the cold mountains just to run from reality!!

  51. 56

    Debbie Mitchell Davis

    It maybe Jefferson County but it isn’t Center Point

  52. 58

    Tjo Johnson

    Kevin Small hopefully CP won’t become ST. But you’re right, leadership can induce change. I’m pretty sure people aren’t just going to ” settle down”. You know what they say…attitude reflects leadership ” and it sounds like CP is long overdue for a change in that area.

  53. 59

    Sharon Blackwood Wilbourn

    I live here and I can say CP is already a s-town. It’s sad too because it used to be a great area.

  54. 60

    Mike Clark

    i understand what you are trying to say, but Huffman does have a Mayor and a City Council. That would be Birmingham’s Mayor and City Council. And Kevin is right, the area that it happened is under the County’s jurisdiction.

  55. 61

    Tjo Johnson

    Sharon Blackwood Wilbourn I can remember coming up their with my older sister and mom shopping and it used to be so nice. I came to that area last summer and left… in a hurry. But it didn’t seem so far gone that it couldn’t change. Hopefully you won’t be an S Town podcast😏

  56. 62

    Leslie Heath

    Taira Salter I think this is what you seen this morning! So sad!

  57. 63

    Taira Salter

    Yep… smh. Its vey sad

  58. 64

    Ginger Kennedy

    Center Point fire dept.covers eastern Jefferson County

  59. 65

    Ginger Kennedy

    Trey Isbell Center Point contracts Jefferson County Sheriff Dept not B’ham

  60. 66

    Ginger Kennedy

    The fire dept does not belong to the city it was here before the city, also in Pinson and Clay

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