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    Wendy Dunn Treglown

    Prayers for him and his family.

  2. 5

    Kathy Sills

    Prayers for all involved

  3. 9

    Kay Hicks

    Praying for these families

  4. 10

    Jimmy Goeb

    Get well Jake prayers for the family

  5. 11

    Raegan Harris

    Prayers for all involved!

  6. 16

    Arlene Sanders

    Prayers for all that got hurt

  7. 18

    Tina Wyatt

    I worked with Jake’s dad for a while, and remember Jake when he worked at Benchmark. Sending prayers to all involved.

  8. 23

    Staci McGahey Rush

    Jeff McGahey Sandy Wilkinson McGahey Chris McGahey

  9. 24

    Renee Cox Walker

    I read in the article that Eric Handley was in the explosion and this is INCORRECT. He was involved in an accident this afternoon.. not related to Jake’s. I just wanted to clarify. Praying for both families!

  10. 26

    Felicia Sampson

    Yes Eric Handley was in a accident at work. But not in that explosion. Eric works at Eastern tree service not Carl cannon.

  11. 28
  12. 31

    Dawn Staub

    Thoughta and prayers for everyone injured!!

  13. 33

    Ann Ruth Eggleton

    Praying for all…….love

  14. 34

    Connie Posey

    Prayers for all involved…

  15. 35
  16. 39

    Evelyn McBride

    I ask God to work mightily in this area of need for multiple people and families. May He work both miracles and healings; body, soul and spirit.

  17. 40

    Brenda Lambert Aldridge

    Prayers for all the families

  18. 43

    Sharon Waine McQueen

    Praying for this family. I know his uncle Paul Jennings. Also praying for the other 4.

  19. 45

    Terri Mara Giles

    Jake passed away , please remember his family in your prayers.

  20. 46

    Pamela Taylor Franklin

    So very sad. Praying for his family and friends and all the others injured in this accident.

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