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    Kim Reid

    Oh GEEZE, I hope they fry this scumbag!

  2. 3

    Anthony Catalano

    Unbelievable, what a terrible situation

  3. 6

    Laya Smith Bruton

    Can’t even trust your kids to be at a church Cub Scout even anymore
    Steven Smith

  4. 7

    Martha Swint Sherer

    This should in no way reflect on Clearbranch as a Church! It can happen anywhere. Just saying. It is a great church!!

  5. 10

    Diane Massey Minton

    Oh My Word!!!!! What on earth is wrong with people!!!!! Sick World we are living in these days. Prayers for this young boy & his family.

  6. 12

    Sunny Taylor Love

    You are so right! Home, school, church….anywhere.

  7. 13

    Kelley Amberson Leamon

    Oh how this hurts my heart for the child and his family. I always say it’s not the perverts that are registered you have to worry about it’s the ones who haven’t been caught yet.

  8. 15

    Doris Alexander Harrison

    True. Pedophiles seek out functions and programs where children are present. It could happen anywhere. Also, I hope he cannot make bond; it seems low.

  9. 16

    Emmett Haislip

    If I have anything to do with it my Grandson will never be part of the Scouts. To much of this is happening. This creep is very lucky that the victim isn’t anyone we know.

  10. 17

    Kelley Amberson Leamon

    He’s very lucky the police got him before the boys dad did.

  11. 18

    Charles Vanmeter

    It is not a death penalty case but this sorry SOB should get life without parole. Hopefully the other inmates will take care of him.

  12. 20

    Steven Allen

    I hope the news runs the story so all the inmates in county get a good picture of this guy.

  13. 21

    Dottie Abrams

    This is why my son participates in TrailLife and not Scouts. Christian based and very strict about boys being alone with adults. This is sickening.

  14. 23

    John Hollock

    The Boy Scouts have agreed to allow gay males to participate as counselors and camping leaders. Welcome to our new inclusive society.

  15. 24

    Amber Fox Greene

    Agreed, you can’t “fix” this kind of sick. That poor child and his family. As a mother I can’t imagine someone hurting my child like this.

  16. 25

    Michael Blankenship

    Nah you have to worry about them all.

  17. 26

    Mary Crosby

    So sick and so sad for that child!! Good luck with him ever be my able to trust adults again! Let him sit in jail!!!!!!

  18. 28

    Michael Blankenship

    I say throw him in with the “biggest” inmate if you know what I mean and love them 2 locked up for a few months and let Karma take over.

  19. 29

    Carrie Sarette Williams

    This kind of thing can and DOES happen wether straight or gay. Sexual violence has nothing to do this sexual orientation. This is just a sick individual.

  20. 30

    Anna McLain

    Sexual orientation isnt the issue 😒

  21. 32

    Mark Shoemaker

    Baby face is going to get his due!

  22. 33

    Katrina Hill Burns

    Praying for the young boy and his family. My God!

  23. 34

    Tonya McHan Costa

    Good thing it wasn’t one of mine. freakin” jerk

  24. 35

    Donna Overton

    That poor child. Praying for him.

  25. 36

    Jenny Jones Montgomery

    Has zero to do with the church. The church allowed them to use the building for the week. Just as they do schools and other organizations. Wish they would say that on the news and stop making it sound like it was affiliated with the church.

  26. 38

    Stephanie Harvey

    Yes because all those priests who molest children MUST BE gay. 😐

  27. 39

    Sharon Elaine Paullin

    I have children in scouts and it is a great organization. This can happen anywhere in today’s society. Church’s included.

  28. 40

    Alicia Thorn Chambless

    This child’s life will never be the same. Where were the other adults and scouts when this happened?

  29. 42

    Tanya Coy Richards

    Scouting has a strict policy also. This is not limited to one group. Any group where children are involved. Including churches.

  30. 43

    Judy AndBob Ping

    This incident will forever change this child’s life. This perpetrator has probably done this before and have not gotten caught. Until now. In gods house no less! WHAT IS THIS WORLD coming to?

  31. 44

    Nicole Carlisle

    Molestation has been happening long before this!

  32. 45

    Debbie Mitchell Davis

    I just need 5 minutes with the sorry SOB.

  33. 46

    Tanya Coy Richards

    Ignorant statement right here. Gay men are not child molesters.

  34. 47

    Jane Matlock Reeves

    Church was just the venue. Not affiliated with the church itself.

  35. 48

    Rob Langford

    Sadly the scouts have totally changed over the past few years. More incidents like this are happening more frequently and nationally due to the acceptance of the gay lifestyle choices.

  36. 49

    Missy Milligan Morris

    He will literally get out on bond and be set free. Meanwhile there’s people sitting in prison who will likely never get out, or spend most their lives in prison for lesser crimes. I understand the Lord says “sin is sin” but I just can’t fathom this kind of monster just walking away, a free man from all this. You know that 10 year old will be haunted FOREVER. Our justice system is beyond flawed..

  37. 50

    Crystal Buchanan

    Jane Matlock Reeves same thing happens at church…

  38. 51

    Candice Swafford Moody

    Sicko!! What the heck is wrong with people?!

  39. 52

    Sharon McNeal

    This is beyond awful! That poor child. Not only does this make me sick, it makes my heart hurt.

  40. 53

    Jane Matlock Reeves

    Crystal Buchanan It does, but just wanted to say it was not a Clearbranch event. Hate it happens anywhere…this was terrible.

  41. 54

    Crystal Buchanan

    Jane Matlock Reeves agreed

  42. 55

    Garland Brock

    He needs the ass whippin of all time………to begin with.

  43. 56

    Laura Long Goolsby

    Pedophilia has nothing to do with homosexuality…

  44. 57

    Jenny Jones Montgomery

    This child is a hero!! Thankful he spoke up so this doesn’t happen to any more innocent children and gets this creep off of the streets!

  45. 58

    Laura Long Goolsby

    Parents need to stay closely involved in their children’s activities. I learned my lesson when a (very straight) dad who helped coach my oldest son’s tball team got convicted for child porn. I’ve been present at every activity, practice, event and party for both my boys ever since.

  46. 59

    Laura Long Goolsby

    Parents need to stay closely involved in their children’s activities. I learned my lesson when a dad who helped coach my oldest son’s tball team got convicted for child porn. I’ve been present at every activity, practice, event and party for both my boys ever since.

  47. 60

    Tincie Wicks Turner

    He has a younger sister that’s a little younger than his victim. She needs to be checked on!

  48. 61

    John Hollock

    Whatever. Spin away.

  49. 63

    Denise Adams

    I have a 9 year old….I would cut off his ****!!!

  50. 65

    T'Mya R. Cunningham

    Alexandra Ashley Murphy you can never be too careful with your kids. This is awful

  51. 66

    ItsMarlo TwoTymes

    he look like a fucking weirdo hell naw ill beat df out his ass lil sick ass dude

  52. 67

    Nancy Jayne Moya Ivey

    This just breaks my heart. At the same time though I’m so proud of the young man for speaking up! His parents have done a great job raising him.

  53. 69

    Vonna Whittington Jacks

    That is the most disgusting thing I have read in a while. God bless the boy & his family.

  54. 70

    Dottie Abrams

    Our whole troop switched from Boy scouts to TrailLife. I just love the that our TrailLife troop always puts God first. We pray at every meeting. We do bible stories at camp outs. And if they are short troop leaders they want moms to come help out. Yes it can happen anywhere. But there are a lot of things scouts have recently changed that’s not good for young boys and that’s why our troop switched. The whole Christian based part of TrailLife is what makes me love it even more. Having Godly men teach my son how to be a man of god. Also each person that helps has a child in the troop.

  55. 71

    Alexandra Ashley Murphy

    I’m so sick of these sick ass need to put their leg down mf til I don’t know what to do. Somebody needs to stick 3 old wooden brooms up his ass at the same time. We make sure that we attend all of Thirds campouts and as far as the day camp that he attended, his walking den leaders were women. I know they can be sick too, but I trust them a little more than the men. And I didn’t allow him to attend something like that for a brief moment w/o our supervision until after we’ve spent a couple years around these people and have gotten to know them better. And hopefully my child will continue to be the whistleblower as he always is especially when it comes to situations as dangerous and traumatizing as these.

  56. 72

    Janna Echols Alfano

    This is an awful thing that happened. It really could have happened any where.
    Scout have a strict two deep policy (which means of an adult takes a child to the restroom there are supposed to be two adults). This is a severe lack of leadership.
    I hope he gets the maximum sentence and serves every day of it. Until then I will pray for the family and the child.

  57. 73

    T'Mya R. Cunningham

    I’m glad you guys have never had to experience this. He needs his whole ass kicked. Sick bastard. I cannot understand for the life of me how anybody can hurt a child. An innocent child!! It baffles me. Yeah I know you are always present and if you can’t be there you send somebody with him so that’s good too. I’m sick to my stomach reading this.

  58. 74

    Diane Byrd Wyatt

    Cut his Dick off then prison

  59. 75

    Emma Belcher

    This shouldn’t reflect poorly on the church because I used to go to the youth program some Wednesday nights and it’s amazing! We had a lock in there too. It was very safe and people working there did not let us out of their sight. Sadly this can happen anywhere. 🙁 Even church…it should never happen in God’s home or anywhere. So sad and disturbing.

  60. 76

    Rob Langford

    Obviously the policy in this case didn’t work.

  61. 77

    Janna Echols Alfano

    As I stated a lack in leadership.

  62. 78

    Wendy Keith Bayer

    Gay men and pedofiles are NOT the same thing, idiot. That’s like saying a woman couldn’t be in charge of a Cub Scout group because she’s attracted to men. Offensive and ignorant.

  63. 79

    Laura Marie Holmes

    People are accepting to gays so more children are being raped? Are you serious? That is ridiculous! More like we have more pedophiles on the streets because Alabama department of corrections has failed us!

  64. 80

    John Hollock

    Gosh, I hope I didn’t “offend” anyone by stating what I think. And name calling by you is as

  65. 81

    John Hollock

    childish as your reasoning.

  66. 82

    Curtis Dean Levy

    He will get paid but in jail

  67. 83

    Chris Berry

    Not all gay people rape children. Pedos do not gays

  68. 84

    Chris Berry

    Not all gay people rape children. Only pedos do. So don’t go blaming the gay people

  69. 85

    Harley Thompson

    Things like this happen everywhere sadly

  70. 86

    Autumn Connell Staniscavage

    I have no words. Praying for the victim and his family.

  71. 87

    Nelda Wood Finney

    Too much of this behavior taking place in America today! Sick! Sick! Sick!!!

  72. 89

    Casey Corcoran McFarling

    Collin won’t be in cub scouts so we shall be safe 😳

  73. 90

    Paige Gardner

    If you look at Justin Conn’s FB page, you’ll see plenty of scripture… and little kids. He worked with various church youth groups. Youre crafting a homophobic assumption to fit your uninformed and bigoted narrative. Nice try, though.

  74. 91

    Tiffany Cail

    I’m not sure as a parent how I would handle this. I feel as if I would end up in jail longer than this guy is going get.. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS SICK WORLD!! ??

  75. 94

    Paige Gardner

    If you look at Justin Conn’s FB page, you’ll find plenty of scripture and children. He’s been working with church youth (not just scouts) for years. You are simply projecting your homophobia on this tragic event in order to support your ill-informed and bigoted narrative. Maybe turn your energy toward prayer for the child and his family, instead of grabbing the mic with your “blame the gays” ignorance.

  76. 95

    Crystal StJohn

    My son is an Eagle Scout. They have helped tremendously with his Autism. IF this is true, scouts are not to blame. My son is also very reverent. You don’t get to blame the scouts for one individual’s act.

  77. 96

    Crystal StJohn

    Considering her brother is in jail, she is probably devastated. I hope no one in your family talks about you like that on social media.

  78. 98

    Chris Clark

    This hurts my soul to the core. I grew up in the Scouts and got my Eagle rank. Always imagined my boys would be Scouts one day and maybe even earn their Eagle. It didn’t take me long to realize it wasn’t the organization I had grown up in. It’s not so much that the Boy Scouts had changed as society in general had changed. I pray for this child. It’s a struggle to not convey the hate I feel for the perp. Special place for that individual.

  79. 99

    Tammy Schuster

    So sad or kids can’t go to a function and be able to be able to enjoy some of life’s Joy without being targeted by perverts. Prayers for family’s and children involved.

  80. 101

    Dawn Staub

    I am so thankful this young boy knew it was wrong and told his parents, or whomever!! Pressing charges is the right thing to do! My thoughts and prayers are with him & his family!! Praying complete healing and peace in their lives! God is Good and can make that happen!!

  81. 102
  82. 103

    Robyn Howard

    Crystal StJohn are you kidding me?!! Her brother is in jail for Molesting a CHILD! He should be UNDER the jail if you ask me!!!
    Tincie was saying someone needs to talk to the younger sister bc more than likely if he has done this to another child, then sadly he’s probably done it before and she may be a victim!!! people who do this to kids are SICK!

  83. 104

    Dottie Abrams

    I’m not blaming the scouts. Where were the other leaders and why was a boy left alone with an adult. I just simply said and stated the reasons why I like TrailLife. TrailLife does a lot of the same exact stuff boy scouts does. Not much different other then they are more strict on the leaders. I never once blamed scouts I simply don’t agree with a lot of their new changes. And I love the fact that TrailLife is the same but Christian based. Which means no transgender and the leaders go through background checks and extensive training. I glad your son had gotten help with his Autism with scouts. That’s amazing. I’m just stating my option just like everyone else and stating why I like the program we are in much better. I can honestly say with out troop I never have to worry any anything when my son is on a camp out and I’m not there. Not trying to start arguments with people. Just stated my personal option.

  84. 105

    Jeremy Everett

    Tolerance did not get us here, rape got him there

  85. 106

    Carol Studebaker Spicer

    This is one reason I would not want my child to stay overnight anytime without a parent present.

  86. 107

    Carol Studebaker Spicer

    Porno with the help of Satan got us here!

  87. 108

    Carol Studebaker Spicer

    At 21, Justin is still a child so where did he learn this behavior! Parents need to monitor what their children are looking at.

  88. 109

    Brenda Green Perkins

    He is NOT a child at 21.. He’s an adult! And you can bet you sweet life , he knew it was wrong! He made the decision to do wrong.

  89. 111

    Victoria Lamb Mcphail

    We have ran across him, so have friends at scout events. He is on the slow end and that don’t make it right, but could have a lot to do with how he thinks. Yes he should get everything coming to him, but I wish he could’ve been taught better and such.
    We will keep extra eyes on our scouts and have more of the parents we trust with our scouts at all times! This could’ve happened anywhere not just at a scout event. If a person has it in his mind to do harm, they will don’t matter where they are at. Sad situation. And upsets me!

  90. 112

    Jimi Coleman

    kelly jerrell Shane AndMisty Jones…….doc?

  91. 114

    Mikki Adamson

    While, as a Christian, I feel sorrow for the 21 year old man….he is not a child. The 10 year old is a child. My heart goes out to the 10 year old and his family because of the selfish act of someone over twice his age. Someone who is old enough to know better….to be a trusted leader instead of a harmful predator. As far as parents knowing what their children are looking at, I don’t know any 21 year old who would allow his parents to do that. So please get off the “blame the parents” bandwagon and lets make people accountable for their actions. I think that could start with $1,000,000 bail.

  92. 117

    The Trussville Tribune

    From the article:
    “The alleged incident happened at an annual cub scout event being held at Clearbranch United Methodist Church in Trussville, but the scout group is not sanctioned by the church. The church has been the location for this event for several years, according to lead pastor Vaughn Stafford.”

  93. 118

    Robi Miller Cole

    yes, it was a scout event using our facilites.

  94. 119

    Janna Echols Alfano

    The camp isn’t an overnight camp, it is a day camp.

  95. 120

    Jenny Jones Montgomery

    I was referring to the local TV news.

  96. 121

    Pamela Stone Valdez

    No, it didn’t. No one tolerates a pedophile.

  97. 122

    Sheryl Lowery

    I agree, Robyn Howard. She needs to know the truth because she should NEVER be able to see him again!

  98. 123

    Matt Phillips

    The original gay rights charter calls for abolition of age of consent laws.

  99. 124

    Patty Thompson Davis

    Not having your kid in Scouts doesn’t mean he will he safe. Things like this can happen anywhere. Sad world we live for sure.

  100. 125

    Angie Beard

    omg how horrible prayers go out to the child and parents

  101. 126

    Casey Corcoran McFarling

    Patty Thompson Davis you got that right–by no cub scouts I mean anytime soon, we have a ways before those extra curricular activities begin 🤗

  102. 127

    Bryan Swift

    Wendy Keith Bayer it would be like saying all public school teachers are pedophiles, just because some do horrible things to kids. You and I disagree on many things, but I agree that homosexuality and pedophilia are two entirely different issues. I’ve known and worked with several gay folks, and they were all sickened by the actions of pedophiles posing as teachers.

  103. 128

    Michael B. Moore

    That was right by our house

  104. 129

    Michael B. Moore

    He will get a low bond and be released by judge chambliss in no time at all

  105. 130

    Kathy Wilson

    Where is this scum from ????

  106. 131

    Kathy Wilson

    Praying for family and the child.

  107. 132

    Carrie Vines Smith

    I don’t think he was saying that all gay people are pedophiles. I took it like..you wouldn’t have a woman leader spend the night at an all boys function and you wouldn’t have a man at an over the night girls function because what “might” could happen. And before you start on me, I am not by any means saying anything negative about people who are gay, straight, black, or white. Thanks!

  108. 133

    John Hollock

    Thank you Carrie Vines Smith. Somebody finally gets it.

  109. 134

    Pamela Stone Valdez

    This had nothing to do with age of consent. This was rape.

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