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  1. 3

    Dana Simpson

    Thoughts, prayers and love for his family and friends!
    So sad…

  2. 4

    Scha Kendrick

    Praying for peace and comfort for the family and friends.

  3. 5

    Beverly Smith Rush

    I’m so sorry .. RIP ! Prayers for his family

  4. 6
  5. 8

    Debbie Sparkman

    May God wrap his arms around his family, friends, and coworkers!

  6. 9

    Jeffery Byers

    Sad condolences to the family.

  7. 11

    Susan Hickman

    This is such a tragedy.Praying for his family!

  8. 12

    Bonnie Gunter

    So sad. Prayers for his family and all involved.

  9. 14

    Sherrian Coker

    Praying for the family

  10. 15
  11. 17

    Patti Brown Bradford

    I just heard that Jake has passed away.

  12. 19

    Faye Asmus

    This is so sad praying for the family

  13. 23

    Kenny Tyler

    Prayers to his family

  14. 24

    Rita Cope Thomas

    Praying for this family

  15. 25

    Doris Wynette Connell

    So sad!Prayers for his family

  16. 26

    Nelda Praytor

    Prayers for his family and for the others who were injured.

  17. 27

    Debbie McAuley Frederick

    Such a tragdy. My husband is grieving so much. His son grew up with Jake and Josh and he umpired with Terry. Our heart goes out to this family and pray that God will help them and give them strength to travel this road that no parent should ever have to. Praying for you Terry, Judy, Josh…sending love David & Debbie Frederick.

  18. 28

    Leigh Jackson Bailey

    So sad ! Praying for the family !

  19. 29

    Jimmy Goeb

    RIP Jake my favorite umpire. Prayers for the family

  20. 31

    Carol Bromley

    So sad. Praying for all family especially wife and kids, mom ,dad and brother Josh love all
    Praying for comfort ….

  21. 32
  22. 33

    Larry Murray

    Jake was a fun umpire , he made the game fun, but fair. My son and his friends thought a lot of him and his dad. We could also go to the wrestling matches and alway would see Jake there also. He will be deeply missed by every one

  23. 34

    Sandi Wicks

    Praying for Jake and his family!

  24. 35

    Kayla Harris Tracy

    So sorry for their loss! ❤️

  25. 36

    Jennifer Lartigue

    Prayers for this family!

  26. 38

    Karen Poer Gallagher

    Prayers for comfort and peace for the family.

  27. 39

    Shirley Talley

    Prayers for the family and friends

  28. 40

    Karen Millwee

    Prayers sent out to all involved

  29. 41

    Kenneth Pnut Bryant

    Great guy. Him and his Dad were always respectful and fair. RIP

  30. 42
  31. 43

    Kay Saruse Vinson

    God Bless this Family❤️

  32. 44

    Scott White

    Praying for his family

  33. 46

    Lois Grooms

    Prayers for the families involved.

  34. 47

    Raegan Harris

    Prayers for the family and friends!

  35. 48

    Jo Gibson

    Praying for family and friends!

  36. 50

    Jennifer Kyle

    Prayers for thé family.

  37. 52

    Mary D. Blakeney Davidson-Dawson

    Sending prayers for family, friends and all the youth whose lives were touched by this Man

  38. 53

    Lee Denman Smith

    Terry and Judy my heart goes out to you . Praying for all of you .

  39. 56

    Betty Lytle Hood

    Praying for his family.

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