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    Matt Coleman

    So it’s legal in half of the USA .which is getting ridiculous needs to be all 50 states either illegal,or all 50 legal . Jmo.

  2. 3

    Randy Shannon

    Federal law says it’s illegal in all 50 states. States can make their own choice.

  3. 4

    Scott Clements

    Too me this is a guy you remind him who he is and that a lot of people hold him in very high regard then slap him on the back and say have a good day sir!

  4. 5

    Mickey Watkins-Goodwin

    just another successful upstanding athlete with a plant. good job

  5. 6

    Jacob Allen Hudson

    weed laws were passed by the left to detain and keep minorities in jail. a plant. a plant that you can smoke all day and not OVERDOSE. YOU CAN EAT AND NOT OVERDOSE. REGUARDLESS of age. but God forbid if i drink a little to much and im passed out being taken atv of….. show me crimes committed related to weed.

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