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    Lisa N Chad Lind

    Didn’t mean to post on here. Sending prayers for everyone

  2. 5

    Josh Pate

    Probably just blew over a few crack houses

  3. 6

    Jerry Little

    Actually, destroyed a KFC, express oil change, and a whiskey store.

  4. 7
  5. 8

    Melanie Key Bryant

    My husband was delivering for fedex, when the tornado hit in the same area! Prayers going out for those affected.

  6. 9

    Martha Spear Darden

    I have several friends who live in and near Fairfield. I hope they and their neighbors are well.

  7. 10

    Barbara Scharf

    Prayers to all of those involved in this tragedy.

  8. 11

    Laura Long Goolsby

    Somebody’s lack of class is showing…

  9. 12

    Josh Pate

    Laura Long Goolsby lack of class? Give me a break.

  10. 14

    Josh Pate

    Jana Lile wasn’t trying to be. Like you

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