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    Tina Mayes Vinson

    Ummm. I do not know this person and I don’t live in that section so I never saw this going on. Unfortunately this is in every neighborhood in our country. Great job by Trussville Police. Parents talk to your children and keep a watch out at all times.

  2. 7

    Jake Duncan

    Taylor one of the first cul-de-sacs on Roper Tunnel

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  4. 12

    Frank Boswell

    Blake Mathews Chase Mathews did y’all see that happen?

  5. 13

    Yvonne Moon Carter

    Thank you Trussville Police.

  6. 14

    Shanekia Vashun Mobley

    Great job Trussville Police Department

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    Katianna Brennan

    Kyiah Crum Kiara Brennan

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