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    William Kennedy


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    Eleet Wonder

    Truly sad.. My daughter went to school with this kid..

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    Paula Walker Benyo

    Really?! From you very own page on April 3rd. A child lost his life no matter what the circumstances (seat belt or not). A family is grieving the loss of their loved one. In these times hurtful things are not necessary. Do you not think they are going through all of the what ifs already? Pray for this family instead of “judging” a missed call that he had not yet put on his seat belt. Maybe he was about to put it on….maybe he had it on and unsnapped in for a second to retrieve something he dropped.
    Just pray for all involved!

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    William Kennedy

    Yes, really. I’d shout it from the rooftop if I thought it would help. This is a tragedy that breaks my heart, and may have been easily preventable.

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    ChrisMisty Abernathy

    William Kennedy he was riding in the back of his paw paws pickup truck when a teenager hit the trailer they were pulling causing the accident. How about praying for the family instead of shouting about a seatbelt. This angers me so bad.

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    Paula Walker Benyo

    William Kennedy I understand your point that seat belts are lifesavers and yes we should all wear one and make sure our passengers are also safe. It’s just the way you said it in your comment. Those words are hurtful when a family is already tormented by the loss of their child. (Yes, I have lost a child and I know how that feels, preventable or not). I’m just saying ‘don’t judge a misfortune such as this in such a cruel way’. Yes people wear your seat belts, yes watch for motorcycles, yes do ALL of the things for safety. If one person straps on a seatbelt now from reading this article then that message is spreading.
    I would shout it from the rooftops too but just not so hurtful about it.

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    William Kennedy

    I don’t know why you found my post cruel. I’m glad we agree on seatbelts. I’m a quick learner. I only had to have my face smashed once.

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