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  1. 2

    James S Vining

    Can’t find a babysitter? Take the kids with you on your crime spree!
    Parents of the year right there!!!

  2. 4

    Joey Faucett

    I just dont understand i guess but it never entered my mind to say get in the truck boys dads got to go pick up some other people stuff!!!!???

  3. 6

    Nichole McClaran Barksdale

    Bold move. No shame whatsoever.

  4. 7

    Jane Scoggins

    Pray for these children. How sad.

  5. 9

    Cathy Jones Crumley

    Setting examples for your children

  6. 10

    Laura Long Goolsby

    I mean, I would have babysat strangers’ kids for free if it meant those babies didn’t have to experience that kind of trauma. Bless their hearts! The “moms” can rot.

  7. 13

    Calvin Bubba Pridmore

    Teach them babies well, morons

  8. 15

    Kelsey Reed

    And this is the kinda crap she posts on her own personal FB after getting out of jail! Smh.

  9. 20

    Kelsey Reed

    I guess Old Springville is now trussville, and it’s also the “white folk neighborhood.” 😂😂😂 oh Lord, help this ignorant little girl.

  10. 21

    Kenneth Mcintyre

    I see, You are racist when you get caught breaking into someones home ! LMAO ! Gotta play that race card !

  11. 22

    Chris Clark

    Good lord. Had to go read it for myself.

  12. 23

    Stanley A. Vining Jr.

    Were the kids charged with a misdemeanor. Just because they didn’t know that there was a crime being committing a 3rd degree theft charges could be levied. Ask me how I know lol

  13. 24

    Heather Ware

    What is happening to our sweet Lil Trussville?

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