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  1. 1

    Stacie Myrex

    Sound like 2 upstanding citizens!

  2. 2

    Roland Da Flow Hill

    He’s been waiting to go back home.

  3. 3

    Verna Dunn

    Lets see how fast we can get a lawyer on the trussville news for posting something that they had no right of posting on Gary a Williams

  4. 4

    Charlotte Williams Bradford

    Excuse me my father’s past has nothing to do with why this man chose to take his life so keep your rude comments to yourself gary a Williams was a son brother and a father who was loved and didn’t deserve this .

  5. 7

    Charlotte Williams Bradford

    He has no bond so get the story straight.

  6. 8

    Charlotte Williams Bradford

    I talked with the Trussville tribune and they agreed that it should of never been posted and deleted that part

  7. 9

    Verna Dunn

    Girl u don’t have to explain shit to know one

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