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  1. 1

    Mary Dearing

    Bet Bear is rolling in his grave !!!

  2. 2

    Barry Vickery

    Lol….that would be hilarious

  3. 5

    Cathy Manuel

    Bear was a good man he would be proud no matter where he attended

  4. 8

    Chris Maye

    Does he have a name, or should we just call him Bear’s grandson?

  5. 12

    David Tuck

    Joe I read about this several years ago when Tide was having coaching troubles they started clone research this baby bear is just out scouting for the home team

  6. 13

    Chris Maye

    I think it would be more ironic if he visited UAB.

  7. 14

    Kyla McDaniel Kortright

    Hell has actually frozen over!

  8. 15

    Randy Shannon

    He’s already visited a camp at Bama

  9. 16
  10. 18

    Randy Shannon

    You’re right. As a pro he’ll make more money if he plays at Bama.

  11. 19

    Lisa Cohron

    Bear is rolling over in his grave!

  12. 20

    Rita Wall Wilson

    He needs his bottom beat

  13. 24

    Faye Asmus

    It would be his choice if he did decide to go to Auburn, I am sure if Creat Grand daddy was alive he would be supportive of him.

  14. 25

    Darlene Blakney Murry

    Bear would support him no matter where he plays

  15. 26

    Pam Owens Knight

    I agree, Darlene. Blood before pigskin!

  16. 28

    Danielle Junkins McDowell

    Oregon offered him a scholarship a few weeks ago. He is good.

  17. 29

    Stanley A. Vining Jr.

    please don’t say he is good because Organs offered a scholarship and yes I misspelled that on purpose

  18. 30

    Danielle Junkins McDowell

    No, Im just saying he is a good quarterback.

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