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  1. 2

    Robin Cain Yvarra

    Just looking at that steak makes me want to drive to Trussville.

  2. 4

    Michael Saunders

    I’ve tried all of them!

  3. 5

    Jeff Stephenson

    Which one do you say is the best?

  4. 6

    Brenda Graves

    Love Seafood and Chicken Box. Owners run it and do the cooking so you know it’s done right

  5. 7

    Michael Saunders

    For breakfast Golden Rule for dinner Crazy Horse

  6. 8

    Nick Smith

    Chopping Block in Springville.

  7. 10

    Janet Nelson Eubanks

    Crazy Horse has the best filet!

  8. 11

    Joan Creighton

    Agree about the food at Crazy Horse, but when the live music is going on, it’s impossible to carry on a conversation. Is much too loud for me. I’ve asked if the volume can be turned down, but it doesn’t seen to be possible.

  9. 12

    Debbie Carr Jarvis

    What happened to Kens on Hwy 11. Why’d it close?

  10. 13

    Jimmy Berning

    They have one in Trussville?

  11. 14

    Nick Smith

    nope, just in Springville.

  12. 16

    Michelle Quick

    Seriously? Where is Konomi on the list? And the Pinson Munoz is terrible. Chips always taste burnt!

  13. 17

    Yvonne Moon Carter

    Wish we had more dining options in Clay, Alabama.

  14. 18

    Patrick Nail

    my opinion. Did crazy horse for valentines 2017. 2nd most expensive dinner I have paid for in 47 years and not even top ten for food and really horrible service. The staff was highly confused all night. Just my opinion.

  15. 19

    Bianca Judd Allen

    Wing-A-Fish now serves their soul food 11am -2:00pm on weekdays in addition to Sundays. Don’t miss the chance for real home-cooking. Also have the best catfish around.

  16. 21

    Ann Brice

    Where is Wing-A-Fish located ?

  17. 22

    Gretchen Schnader

    Micelli’s in Trussville is amazing! It should have made the list! It’s local and has the best Italian food in Trussville!

  18. 23

    Victor Sanchez

    Gyros Cafe is the place to be

  19. 24

    Mark Burroughs

    What place is the cover picture?

  20. 25

    Brandon Wood

    I’ve never had bad food there. Service has sometimes been questionable.

    It’s expensive, but on par with other restaurants that serve that type of food.

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